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Collaboration request! 3 years ago
a good reference of what i have in mind is the Blue Camus by Ben Sidran for song structure/arrangement and style, and Star Eyes by Pius Baschanagel's latinworld for (if applicable) lyric, very simple, just one main section with vocal.
Collaboration request! 3 years ago
as of now. I have not establish what song structure (form) i want to write on (it is still a sketch). So I want to hear as many version as possible, just to get it going. The chord progression and the melody there, are gonna be some sort of main section or a foundation of what the key of reference is. If you are lyricist/songwriter, then my guess is you will be either write your song in section form (verse-chorus), or could be 32 bar form. it would also be nice if you could write your chord progression along side the lyric. Though i would like it to be some kind of mix of standard section with some form of improvisations here and there.
Collaboration request! 3 years ago
Just click on my latest song under my username
Protan (Open Collab) 4 years ago

Vocal is for demo purpose only. Open collab for arranging. Preferably Logic User. Must have GOOD knowledge on Electronic music. Talk to you soon
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
a rough mix
Constructive Criticism, Please 5 years ago
insight please
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago

Thank you smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago

Just another demo
Sopa and Pipa 6 years ago
Well at least you'll be the older generation smiley
I don't know squat and I could use some advice. 6 years ago
lummie wrote:
Yup. I agree with Moses here. If you are, as you say, picking up hum via the microphone it may be that it is not a ground hum but something else. It may be the fan noise of the laptop/computer that is being picked up. Heck, it could be noise from the lights in the room - especially if you have florescent lights. It could even be other electronics in the vicinity of the microphone.

You might as well sing in the dark smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
open collab
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago

another dance
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
Another Semi-mastered demo
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago

Any Vocal or Lead, and mixing whatever you feel 6 years ago
For those who have some experience with house
Eric Prydz @ Annexet, Stockholm - 25.12.10 7 years ago the Official Site event on Facebook

Found this on Lotti Bäckman's FB page
thought would be nice to share it here
im thinking of attending since it is an indoor event

There is also a contest *TWEET TO WIN VIP TICKETS* for all you tweeter smiley
you can find the info on the official site
Official Song Plugging Thread 7 years ago

I Got The Boogie
what´s up in the chatroom? 7 years ago
student in 3 different classes, i suppposed that's why
Happy Birthday CarlaJpatterson! 7 years ago
Happy B-Day ^_^V
Nominate iCompositions - Mashable Awards 7 years ago
(cmd+D) and voted
Official Song Plugging Thread 7 years ago
Demo Version!
WOW US version 8 years ago
oh Songstar, that's cool , i also had account on EU server, i think it was called Runetotem chac human warrior called Hydranea, and another is Aerie Peak chac human warlock called Astarth, still level 12 though, on US server i forgotten what was the server name hehe, but i have one character name Hydranea too
WOW US version 8 years ago
anyone playing?
which server?
Swing, baby, Swing! 8 years ago
heck.... Swing around the world ..... too good
Cancer hits iC bro "sloparts" Ed Wemmerus 8 years ago
still have his piano playing tunes here on my itunes,
my prayers with him and his family
iComp UK Meets Vixen May 13th 8 years ago
too soon LOL
Who has influenced Your Music the Most? 8 years ago
BladeKemp wrote:
Nobuo Uematsu - end of :L hes just talent lets be honest; just check out his tash!

ooh i am surpried, that you know him, i couldn't agree more , some of his works on chords has a great influences
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
Best Listen with Headphone
could use some help on master on some part, (not sure)
Excuse Me! 8 years ago
you have to take the medicine regularly , i know it is uncomfortable but you just have to take it. do what the doctor says, hope you'll get well soon
Orchestrion (awesome video) 8 years ago
Using Loops Well 8 years ago
loopy_loop wrote:
IMHO it much more challenging to create a
song with loops, than recording your own parts.

agreed big time
iComp Collab, Musician, Producer/Artist, Database 8 years ago
Vote yes, easier access is better
Is Application a program? 8 years ago
and did the local studio use any program for live recording? i think at this present any studio use program, for mixing and mastering of course studio use hardware as well, but they do also use software for it, that's what i know from most studio here (in my country) , so maybe you could ask them what program they use smiley
I'm new here.... I write this kind of stuff.. 8 years ago
welcome to icompositions Aeromecca....
Thank-you For Email Notifications - Good Idea 8 years ago
funny how most of us didnt even concider that as a fact
Word Association game 8 years ago
Roll Call! Where In The World Are You? 8 years ago
half part of the world, Jakarta
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
Translators needed please! 8 years ago
One World : Satu Bumi

One Community : Satu *Perhimpunan

One Song : Satu Nyanyian

The Global Conspiracy Project : Rancangan Konspirasi Global

Many Hands, Many voices : (*Banyaknya) Tangan,
(*Banyaknya) Suara
But it could also be like this :
Begitu banyak tangan - tangan , begitu banyak suara - suara

it is all depends on the context

* adjective word

Bahasa Indonesia
Hello everyone! 8 years ago
welcome mike
The Grammys 2010? 8 years ago
i would have to agree, i don't feel like it was a good grammy at all, there is no energetic atmosphere, some of those singer wearing really bad clothing LOL , didnt fit at all with what they were singing hehe, also the sound system too (could it be that is just my speaker wasn't good ? smiley

at least now they wouldn't let winners speak their speech too long hehehe
Misheard Lyrics 2 8 years ago
this thread has been created before, by our moderator zallaz

it is fun for sure smiley
Wedding Bells, iComp match making service 8 years ago
thanks RRH, HHM, Yosl
Wedding Bells, iComp match making service 8 years ago
thanks FATTTT !!!!
Should artists bother to sell music these days? 8 years ago
lol i haven't thought about it, all i know one day i wanna write one song where everyone (all ages) will dance to it smiley
FL Studio 9 - Tips & Tricks 8 years ago
lol blade hahha, anyway he could be mean the groove machine in the riff machine ..... i think hehe,. or ... dont know
but believe i agree with u, this time FL 9 does let you have fun with it .... hehehe
Asio drivers wont work in FL Studio 8 years ago
yep i do see some posted same issue on imageline forum, and most of them say the same think as what mesiah says, which try to tweak the latency on asio
and as for windows 7, personally i would wait a year more before i decide to install it, since it will take some times for all other software to update theirs to be compatible with W7
New Movie AVATAR a MUST SEE :) 8 years ago
i think the story was good, not the best , but it is really rare to watch any 3D animation that has drama, comedy, sad, romance, and with army stuff goin on too, watched week ago with mikkel
we enjoyed lot.
and for the 2010 i would have to agree with blade, i personally dont recommend it to watch smiley
FL Studio 9 - Tips & Tricks 8 years ago
9 is way way better than 8, lots of cool feature and tricks, i even founded some cool tricks on 9, but with english barrier i don't think im able to relay the information properly hehehe
Word Association game 8 years ago
Michael Gorbatjov
Happy Birthday Macoco 8 years ago
happy birthday NaTa de Coco best wishes for you from me and slupper smiley GO WILD
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago

playfull 4/4 with 1/4 slow tripplet transition to the end
Active Commenters 8 years ago
i agree with that too, although if you are the type of people like me, that saying phrase such us "that is great" or "very enjoyable" make you feel like you were just being polite because the related artist got so many support around, then you intends to avoid on commenting at all, because you realize you can't just lie like that just to be polite , but i do know that i will only give more than just a nice comments on songs that i know i have a bit basic knowledge about it, or let just say on songs that the artist has disabled the ratings , which is according to icompositions means the artist is looking for constructive feedback.
but of course sometimes i do leave small comment on type of songs that i rarely hear on my daily life because i know every person want a feeling of importance, and all those nice comments is like a prizes that gave a person a feeling of importance
Active Commenters 8 years ago
that could be, since some of us are also use other site such Facebook ,etc to promote posted song on icomp... so i guess it is a possibility smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago

We just tryin to get the funk out
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
Minimal - tech - house (open collabs)
Attention Everyone !!! 8 years ago
ahh really? well that's exactly what happened to me, i wasn't able to log in to my email account and yahoo asked me to change my password because there's a recent suspicious activity in my account
well i guess it is the best solution to change your pass regularly
Attention Everyone !!! 8 years ago
gettn spammed is better than gettn hacked, at least you got beauties knocking
What is the True Meaning of Life? 8 years ago
i think it is individual matter, everyone has their own thought based on what are their experiences in life
to me i don't know.... still searching for the answer
Attention Everyone !!! 8 years ago
ahh okay Djev, happy birthday btw smiley
Attention Everyone !!! 8 years ago
it's happened before, and it was used for really bad ads, this time is also for ads
Attention Everyone !!! 8 years ago
If you happened to received email from me ( contained suspicious links, please do not open, apparently there's someone creep out there (after being tracked down by Mikkel (Slupper), we found out that the IP address is from Poland) hacked my email and sent links to all my yahoo contacts, please forgive me for the inconvenience ...
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
OP collab
Best Music Mixer for PC 8 years ago
Propellerhead Reason, in my opinion is like semi GB semi FL studio
just a personal opinion
Goodbye Omar 8 years ago
pm wrote:

Remember that your membership here is an agreement between two parties: iCompositions will provide you with all these services---services that I and many others have spent thousands of hours creating--if you agree to follow the rules we supply up front. You don't have to do anything else. You don't have to pay or turn over the rights to your songs or anything else. All you have to do is agree to and follow the rules. That is not asking a lot.

well then, if i set more bigger amount contribution every month, will that make me free to do whatever i want ? hehe
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
a six minutes long electronic mix
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
Jesus Blood (Remastered)

back when i think i can sing
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago

it's demo, will someone help me rebuild the tune?
Contest ideas. 8 years ago
house music contest would interest me
Help Kenya.. 8 years ago
thank you, it is always a good call (to reminds us)
Hard Criticism Zone 8 years ago
Slupper wrote:
what does simon cowell has to with this? The very limitid amount of time i have seen him in shows he mostly gives out senseless BS comments like "you suck" - thats not constructive.

Just wanna say something about Simon Cowell.. as you know he does the judge on a big music event
and this is not just a music event it is also an entertainment show, which means if all goes with constructive comment, then it wouldn't drive lots of audience, i am pretty sure he does that just to make the show more interesting, there we have three judges, each judges have their own character's role play on the way they judge the contestant.
Randy is the one that always wise (so to speak) always give the constructive comments, Paula is the one who always play save (most of the time always say nice things whether the contestant was good or bad) and then you have Simon that will always and only say the harsh stuff ... so you see.. this is i believe just some of the way to make the show more interesting .
If all three judges play same character role then audiences will get bored pretty easy cause there's nothing to make audience feel anxiety waiting and wondering about what will happen on the next episode ... now if you ask me why ... i can only say this... people love the Drama hehehe
since there's lots of different kind of show out there , then the director of the show must think of an idea to make it interesting but still related to the show
though i must say , after watching AI, AGT, and BGT i begin to ask myself, "Why ... the one that plays the "Mean Character" is always the British ?" LOL ..... well anyway just wanna say my opinion about those judges
yesterdays MJ tribute who was it? instrumental 8 years ago
and the closing speech by Paris Jackson (MJ's daughter) was the most touched speech ever
Usher performance, when he walk down the stairs and walking to the MJ cascet and then touch it, it is really makes me crying really hard
all and all, since the memorial service was starting till the end of the show, i cried .... nonstop
Who was the King? Elvis or MJ? 8 years ago
of course they said Elvis is the king, because Michael Jackson now is no longer King of pop, he is now have new tittle, The Greatest Entertainer in the World
with multiple Guiness Book records achievement, always the one who started the first original idea about anything
the Most given charity by pop artist
and the list will keep on and on
and from his music side, read and sing his lyrics, for sure you can tell no one can made it done as beautiful, as smart, as different as what he did
and MJ is the one who made MTV started to showing afro america video clip on it's music program (i don't mean to be rasist here, just saying a fact about one of music history)
his influence , you can find lots in almost all great singers at the present
i know i have English barrier, so i hope im saying it in the right away
if some of my words was sounded offended , please don't be, cause i have some problem with writing English in the right way
but one think i'll do say
MJ, is the only artist that ever made me felt down , crying almost everyday since the day he was pronounced dead till his memorial service day
also his song "Earth Song" until now still made me crying when i listening to it....
when he perform, sing the lyric, his body language , all fit together with all of his music video clip
USB Condensor Mic Advice 8 years ago
well i guess it's back to self choice, some prefer USB some aren't
Skypenames 8 years ago
mine : argaless, and for mikkel (slupper): slupper1977
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago

Best Listen with Headphone
An open collabs song, right now it is an idea
i need someone who can rebuild the song beginning to end, 5 minutes longer (arrangement, mixing : vol, vel, pan, low and high cut, mastering) will send the each track as midi file
send me pm or email is better (you can find my email on my page) since i rarely log in to icomp.
Where Did The iComper Go ? 9 years ago
lupiroz wrote:
....wanna tell you my little story 'cause I yet consider very strongly belonging to this marvellous environment even if at the moment I'm only frequenting it at 5% of my usual rate.....well having spent the most part of my life on iCompositions during the last 3 years (posting music, forums, blogs, crazy chatting, iComp radio and so on) what happened was that I simply missed the REAL life connections, loosing interest and interaction with some of the dearest persons in my life.......when I got the "wake up call" (as Bernie named it, love ya man! smiley ) I realized my balance between virtual and real stuff was wrong and from that moment on I fixed it turning energies towards those other very important the time I'm dedicating to music, icomp, facebook, skype and so on is very very shorter than before but the general balance of my life is luckly very very richer ...... that's all folks!!!!! smiley

oooou yeaahh lupi, i know what you mean hehe, and do ask me for idea , i got plenty smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 years ago
is not a house, nor a dance, grab your headphone
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
that is true lol, i mean it was an idea about new look, nothing about how to get listed lol
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
and btw, this is many times i actually say this, this post has nothing to do with people wanna look for the best way to get listed on top 10, it was an idea of generating new look on icomp, it has nothing to do with finding a way to get listed
why when people suddenly hear the word "top 10" they only came to one conclusion, which is "it is must be a bout a way to get listed" gee
and btw , no ones is telling everyone should listen to all genre, just pick the one you mostly hear on your daily life, it is that's simple
i just can't believe that saying the words "top 10" can bring so much negative vibe and thought , it is not a taboo words.... lol
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
I thank you all, for understand my English barrier
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
and im sorry if my explanation post got everyone misunderstand the real reason of the idea of poll
i have no intentions nor wanting to bringing up other issue that related to the top songs issue such as compete
it was just an idea about another way of showing top ten concept smiley
well i didnt say we should follow the same coding, just the concept only smiley
and if i was talking about the compete issue , that merely just because i wanna say my point of view about compete in music matter as a personal opinion about the "compete" issue (and it has nothing to do at all with the poll)
well anyway, i was just giving an idea, people might agree might not agree with the new idea, that 's why the poll have two choices, Yes or No
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
yeah i have no problem with that at all, lol
except i never said anything about compete with each other on the first place , i was just given an idea about better look on icomp lol
but some take it the wrong way and started to talk about compete and stuff
and so im trying to tell them that "Hey even though there is gonna be a competition between each other then that is a not a sin at all to compete"
so basically im just sharing my idea about better look on icomp at first place , not compete issue
or was i sounded like i was talking about we should compete with each other on the post thread? if it does sounded that way, then im sorry i dont mean to misunderstand anyone
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
well believe me , if you ask me that question , i can't answer either , but for sure we see lots of fact that there is a competition in music, well just like American idol ..etc...
anyway there is always a competition whether there's a prize, scoring or not.... because the desire to compete with others it has been build inside our mind / emotion since we were kid anyway
but again, this is just an idea. Idea are the root of creation , right?
don't you think at least it is connected with each other?
Top ten for each genre means more place for others means it will trigger others to write more song, means the more they practice to write good music, means less bad music on icomps, less argue about some genre never show up on top ten... it means they will compete with each others, and without they realize , it have help them to become a good songwriting /composer/musician , because the more they write song and let say they manage to get one of the list position , that will trigger them again to do even better, and together will all those progress they have learn their music program / instruments more and more and more
it might didn't sound that connected
but i think i have to say it is like a chains
even though we only make music for self pleasure that doesn't mean we should stop learn more.
one day if some of them success and become pro, they will say "I am glad i joined icompositions"
that will gave some benefit to icomp as well smiley
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
artneuro wrote:

Maybe you're doing the wrong thing by posting music on this site.
Maybe you should be playing 'Guitar Hero' with your friends instead if you're as competitive as you say you are. You might find it more satisfying hanging with competitive kids your own age.
The rest of us here are here for the music. Not some competition.

do you 100% sure that all users here are completely don't want to compete with others?
well then, what about those contest in the past?
they posted tunes for it, which is mean they do compete with each other
and btw , this is an individual case, so that means you just have accept that there is people who love to compete, we shouldn't deny that the more we compete it is actually trigger us for writing even better song ....

even now we competing with each other.... don't you see the fact? we competing about our opinion , others are pro and others are contra , so as i said in every circumstance.. we always compete with each other without a notice

and for Pink , no im not saying we should make a page look like that, it is a page where it is only show genres, and you can just click one of the genre choices then you'll get the lists

beside it will make icomps looks much more better i supposed

and as i said the top ten on the "Music" main page should be listed with (position) number one song of each genre

that sounded more like a fair for those who write (song) genre that never show up on top ten song before

less argument and question right? smiley
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
yes fine, but as i said, at your aged maybe you don't have that much desire to compete, if you aks me i do have that desire but of course only if i will gonna win prize (sorry but i love to compete for prize only)
and you know... good thing that you make good music as well, other actually enjoyed, but what about those who made worst music ..... ?
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
and btw on a live chart show on radio and tv it is true you have to listen to all of those chart and genres , but in here it is much more better because you can choose what you would like to hear and what you dont like to hear
me , myself only like to hear dance / electronic stuff, because i love it, and i have better knowledge on those two genres .
now that is only 10 ten show on the main page let's just use that to list that with the number one song of each genre
and then how about make new page (tab) called top ten with available choice of "famous" genres on music .
beside that makes things more organized , better choice of listen, and trigger people more to become better and better, because now they can get more available position on it
those who can't compete is those who always end up fighting , but those who know how to compete , they will compete fair and square (or whatever you spell that)
also im tired of reading and listening to people kept talking bad about how worst is some users music in here (behind their back) i do talk about it sometimes , but i think these people have a change to make better music, it is never late to teach them
since we called this "Family Site" then act like it, help those who can't make good music, share your knowledge, don't just called this "Family Site" when someone made harsh comment or when someone used bad language on chat...
and for those also who got critique comment i also want to say, just accept it , it is the consequence of you posted your song here, and everyone made mistake, not because users here most aren't pro artist who make income of it means they dont have knowledge on music
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
Fat dont get it wrong, maybe you are not a type of competitor, but hey you need to respect others that is young and eager with position, young people intend to like challenge alot , and if the top ten can make them even create / writing better song then why not, instead of just kept getting fake comments "nice song" etc... while it is actually worst song ever , but since this is so called family site , people dont dare to tell the truth (at least 90% users in here dont speak the truth) beside this is is all about empowering musician, if there is alot of available method can be done , then why not??
beside just because this isn't commercial site as Reverbnation , that doesn't mean people shouldn't compete for it, believe me the more people compete the better they create music, and that will put people to respect music much more better, not just putting a bunch of few notes that is not even worth hear, i mean come on.... if you said you only make music for the sake of personal pleasure then why bother posted here anyway, it can only be mean you want other to also enjoy your music, so that no more "crap" music , cause music is art, art can't be a "crap piece" and btw, in every circumstance there is always be people who want to compete just to get better and better and better, and please if all of you who dont like top ten list, then fine others respect that , but we also have to respect others who wanted and love challenge, it is what you called a desire, and young people got more desire to compete than the eldest, since it is all because whatever young people do they involved emotion and temper more ...
and please no personal offense , this is open topic, and it is always be a daily issue no matter in which subject is, even on office there is people like that too.... beside it is a good method because it will also teach those who just started to create music to learn more about music, respect more ....
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
yep that is true DeathNougat, that pref is for new songs not top songs
i know that some don't bother with the top songs, but we shouldn't close our eyes and pretend to see nothing about those users that has been discussing about this issue for long time now, i merely just trying to give an suggestion so that no more questions and argument about it anymore , i mean people these days trying so hard just to get their song listen by others, and some of them even use chat all the time to promote, all that because there is only top ten songs list, if we could divide by genre, then you would have top ten songs for each genre, just multiply 10 songs with each genre, then you get more songs up on the lists, that would make other users feel fair enough smiley
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
I voted yes , because i think that way people wont keep ask questions about it, means less argument , less Pro & Contra on the "issue"
Should we have Weekly Top 10 Songs divide by each Genre? 9 years ago
This is just an idea about new look on top 10
Just an Idea
Example : Weekly Top 10 Songs
-Pop is ...... (10 artists)

-Rock is .... (10 artists)

-RnB is .... (10 artists)

and so on.....
iCWeekly Video Podcasts - Interested? 9 years ago
only on itunes
Should iComp support Creative Commons licensing? 9 years ago
yep never trust internet for that
one site i know is FB, without our knowledge they changed their Terms policy service, where they can owned all of your stuff you have posted there even you have deleted...
pretty annoying , that is the same as fraud
well i know it has nothing to do with this post, but that is one of the reason we shouldn't trust whatever on the net
Word Association game 9 years ago
athletes (?)
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 years ago

Need more help on mixing and mastering, as well as vocal too (i dont write lyric though )
A Great Vocal Exercise from......The Three Stooges 9 years ago
ahh i see, so with me getting the effect of the exercise means i have a pretty good chance huh? hehe too bad though, i have been having expectorate cough since January till today, it hasn't heal yet, don't know why, i have to stopped drink medicine cause it has past 30 days
Word Association game 9 years ago
Thank you .. i am
A Great Vocal Exercise from......The Three Stooges 9 years ago
ok lol, after i done it, i was seating quietly reading some article, and slowly i dont know when i start notice this but, while im reading i can tell something felt wrong around my forehead to front of my neck, and below my jaw and tongue area, could it be the muscle ? (no clue) but something felt strange and i dont feel comfortable with it, and i felt only slight headache
i think now i know what you mean Moe hehe
New Show after icweekly? 9 years ago
sure atoooooomiiiiiic
xixixixi (Chinese's giggling ) smiley