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Wayfaring Stranger (final take) by Dadai 1 month ago
Thanks @oakenbras

For taking time to listen and comment. Drums... in the ear of the hearer... 😎
Wayfaring Stranger (final take) by Dadai 1 month ago
Thanks, @falconep
Yeah, I hear you. This would work without the drums. Better without? Maybe... so subjective. But maybe. Still, in my ear the drums add a texture and an element that adds interest to the song. Viva la difference! I appreciate you taking to stop by and listen. Regards...
The Drift... (tenor sax/guitar improv) by Dadai 1 month ago
Thanks for your support... @Calchas @pharmakeus @Telemetry

It's just music. But yes, it's my music. So, I appreciate that you have taken the time to listen and respond.
The Drift... (tenor sax/guitar improv) by Dadai 2 months ago
Thanks for the gracious comments, @Dorothy_Wilson @falconep @thenownows
Mixed Signals by Calchas 2 months ago
Mike, you obviously still got the goods, musically and lyrically. Slipping in that philosophical/biblical thought. Nice. Great guitar riff. Amazing what comes from fiddling around on the guitar! Best...
A Diplomat's Lament by thenownows 2 months ago
Oh, I like this. I want in this band. Reminds me of the the jazz group at a little pub I heard not too long ago in the D.C. area. Thanks
Rocking with the Harp by Dorothy_Wilson 2 months ago
A wild and crazy retro tune. Well done, Dorothy. Thanks for the ride in your wayback song machine!
Quasar 2 by falconep 2 months ago
Phil, Quasar meets classical guitar with energetic orchestral musical stabs. Very cool composition! Thanks...
As Time Goes By ( live ) by Dadai 5 months ago
Happy New Year @falconep Phil. Best to you and keep making music...

Hallelujah (live rendition of the Cohen song) by Dadai 5 months ago
Thank you for stopping in and for a thumbs up, @rogerboreham

Hallelujah (live rendition of the Cohen song) by Dadai 5 months ago
Thank you all for listening and your supportive comments for Julia. @Telemetry @falconep

Happy New Year!
And To All A Good Night by falconep 5 months ago
Brightens my day. Lovely work!
O Come, All Ye Faithful by falconep 6 months ago
Faithful rendition... Merry Christmas!
Silent Night 2017 ( folk rockish) by Dadai 6 months ago
Thanks @Taluyaq @jibes @falconep @becwil for stopping in! From the Silent Night boys!
RING AROUND THE MOON by jibes 6 months ago
Smooth and easy - so nice, Neal. I agree with a precious comment, the bass anchors and just seals the deal in this fine music arrangement; and your vocals fit in perfectly as the wearied soft-hearted traveler. Just enough reveb to give it that cool nostalgic feeling... So nice

Some Children by ScottCarmichael 6 months ago
Hello Scott,

Lovely song. In fact, Beautiful. Hints of James Taylor, only better. No surprise about where your heart is in this song. Thanks!

Hallelujah by rcandrews 6 months ago
Golden cover of the Cohen classic. Thanks for the Message, Rob... Stayed tuned for our Silent Night collab of Christmas past...

Drifting Today... ( folk rockish ) by Dadai 6 months ago
Roxylee's harmony vocals make every song sound good. Thanks!
Drifting Today... ( folk rockish ) by Dadai 6 months ago
@jibes @Dorothy_Wilson Thanks for your gracious comments!
Frisco Feel (instrumental) by Dadai 6 months ago
Thanks much for stopping in... @KCsGROOVE @falconep @jibes
Going Home by Dorothy_Wilson 6 months ago
Dorothy, this is a lovely tune... a musical pause that allows one's thoughts to settle and wander enjoyably...
Texas Tango (country-rock instrumental) by Dadai 6 months ago
Thank you for taking time to listen and leave a response... smiley
@cacciamai @falconep @KCsGROOVE @Dorothy_Wilson
Drifting Today... ( folk rockish ) by Dadai 6 months ago
Thanks! @Calchas and @falconep
Nice groove... A shame to waste it on a Trump riff. No politician deserves such a sublime tune...
Love that keyboard and bass!
Learn It From The Free by toveco 6 months ago
Female vocalist sets this off quite well with a solid intro that makes me want to listen. Her distinctive voice fits the evocative instrumental accompaniment which wonderfully supplies its own groove in the break - great guitar work! Cool tune...

IEDER VOOR ZICH (#2) by KCsGROOVE 6 months ago

The mood... evocative... This lyric for me captures the song
"Searching for the light
In the darkest of the night"

Top drawer song and production. I like it!

Cloud Gig - Psalms 13 by awigze 6 months ago


Doubt in your eyes by jibes 6 months ago
beautiful song beautifully played and sung.

Freedom's Child by Calchas 8 months ago

Thou Art More Lovely* by Dadai 2 years ago
Thanks, KC!
Go Away Sam by Dadai 2 years ago
@Kaverley, thanks. Not surprised you hadn't heard it before. As I wrote above, this song has no links anywhere, as if King for some reason removed references.
These are the days by jibes 2 years ago

One of my favorite Van the Man songs (so many). So, yes, I like this - not only 'cause it's a Van song, but you give your own jibe-vibe. Kudos and endless amens.........
Sweet Julia Grace by Dadai 2 years ago
pharmakeus wrote:
Lovely smiley

Thanks, mate...
GONE, GONE, GONE by jibes 2 years ago

All the grief of writing and revising brings forth a pearl of song. Love this laid back tune, Neal.
- Jack
Sweet Julia Grace by Dadai 2 years ago
Neal, I'm hardly doing any music any more - just the season I'm in, I guess. This is an oldie but newie, the last version that I had never posted. You're such an encouragement with your comments. I still would love it if I could do a collab with you, though my time is limited of late. Maybe... Blessings felllow traveler...
Sweet Julia Grace by Dadai 2 years ago
Good, very good memories, Richard, of these last 12 years, especially our heyday of collaborations. Best to you and yours...
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (live 1968) by Dadai 2 years ago
Thank U, Mr. Moderator. It's always good to have memories brought back, most especially when there're good. Cheers...
Silk and Shade (tenor sax improv) by Dadai 3 years ago
Thanks Ricardo... smiley
Frustration by jibes 3 years ago
Funny how a song about Frustration can bring such a peaceful, easy feeling to the listener. Nice... Another cool tune with shades of the Dead again...
Glittering Arrow by jibes 3 years ago
Neal - Mellow sounds and an enjoyable listen. At first I picked up some Grateful Dead instrumental vibes and then it developed from there. You keep turning out such cool tunes.
Acoustic Nightshade by Dadai 3 years ago
Bill, PG - too kind. Thanks much...
Mercy... by Dadai 3 years ago
Thanks much, Bill. Good to hear from you.

Connections and Disconnections (v1) by Mungo 3 years ago
he lives on... nice listen to your tune. smiley
Lia Sophia by jibes 3 years ago
Ok... you got a really good song here. First off, I'm thinking Tom Petty. Yes. The vibe, the guitars, the lyrics, and your vocal all rise to that level. If Petty and the Heartbreakers did this tune on one of there albums, it might well be a favorite. Guitars are lush... And your heartfelt pedestrian vocal reaches the common man (me) as he listens. Kudos. 5 stars...

I'm so away from music this last year or two. I still count it a privilege if I could do a song with you. My life has moved away from music due to choices (life demands choices)... Maybe "before we're in the grave" (now there's a lyrical refrain!) I'll get my *ss in gear and send something to you. Blessings...
Guilt Lingers On by jibes 3 years ago

I'll trade my voice for yours any time. Great tune. Kudos to you both.
On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai 4 years ago
Thank you, pharmakeus
On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai 4 years ago
Thank you,Tom!
On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai 4 years ago
Ah, my faithful friend. I thought I'd post this one from 2009 as we approach Good Friday and Easter. Blessings!
When The Rains Came Down by Dadai 4 years ago
Thanks Vixen and merlino!
Late Nite Spaghetti Sauce by Dadai 4 years ago
Kenneth, thanks for stopping by. Glad you my little italian noodled tune.
Your Moonlight by Dadai 4 years ago
@<a href="]sprkymrt[/url]

Joe, thanks much for stopping in and listening to our little tune!
ICARUS by SISTERS 4 years ago
The music and your vocal communicates a mythical quality. Really puts me in the mind of a far off place beyond the every day. Beautifully done!
DIRTY (featuring Jack Miller on Harmonica!) by ronnielong 4 years ago
Great mix, james...
Sweet Lorraine (final) by Dadai 4 years ago
merlino wrote:
Nice work on this tune boys.
There is a longing in the vocals, the harp and the slide.
Nice blend..
Thanks for sharing

Thanks @<a href="]merlino[/url]
Blue Skies by Dadai 4 years ago
@SISTERS- thanks Anne and Marty. To have you like my little BS smiley cover is the bomb...

@<a href="]Vixen[/url] - thanks Vixen for the nice comment. The H2 is a handy and powerful recording tool, indeed.
Incognito by Dadai 4 years ago
Test @<a href="]becwil[/url]

For some reason when I type in the correct code it converts to the removal of " then ] after the link, followed by [/url] after the typed in name.

@"<a href="]becwil[/url]"

Incognito by Dadai 4 years ago
@ SebastienGabriel - Hey, thanks for stopping by!

@ becwil - Nice that we can still remember those days. Glad this one gave you a smile. Thanks!
Ultimate UJB by alanatomic 4 years ago

Luscious guitar sounds. Great mix kudos on the guitar work and soloing. Really like this.

Incognito by Dadai 4 years ago
Thank you, kind sir. Hard to get the sixties era out of one's blood... cheers.
What Child Is This? by Dadai 4 years ago
This is from a few years ago. I had put it up at MJ but never hear. Thanks, bro...
Not Enough Windows by BossHook 4 years ago
Wow... indeed top shelf tune. I like everything about this song. Thanks for commenting on my last tune and bringing me over here. Excellent!
Sweet Lorraine by Dadai 4 years ago
Jack @davisamerica, I thought you might lime this. We've run in the same crowds over the years. Thanks!
Sweet Lorraine by Dadai 4 years ago
Neal @jibes ... What can I say? It's an honor that you like my amateur songs. Really, thanks so much...
Sweet Lorraine by Dadai 4 years ago
Thanks, Stan @lagusaya2. Glad to know you liked this offering.
Old Friends and Margaritas by Dadai 4 years ago
Thanks, Tom. Richard carries this with his harmony. A great vocalist, he is...
A Day In Her Life (Never So Lonely) by Dadai 4 years ago
Funny thing... This may be my best song, yet hardly a notice. Thanks to the both of you for stopping by and listening.
Sweet Lorraine by Dadai 4 years ago
Yep, I'm here... actually since 2004. But my participation has been intermittent especially for several years. It seems MJ is close to giving up the ghost. Too bad. Maybe I can find a music home here... Thanks for listening and the nice comment. Hoping you have a more than blue Christmas smiley
Christmas Blues by Gadzooks 4 years ago
Stan, love this one. What a mellow mood you are vibing here. So cool. Loving your expressive vocal and sweet guitar playing. Great stuff...
City of Light by davisamerica 4 years ago
Some jim morrison leaking through your vox, and a little timothy leary schtick? Heheh... Very different than anything I've heard from you. Cool track. Keep on tracking....
THE BOMB by Lagusaya2 4 years ago
Wow, such expression in your vocal. Really compelling performance. Sometimes the simple presentation of a tune is the most powerful one. This one certainly makes that case. Kudos!
Sweet Lorraine by Dadai 4 years ago
Thank you, Mike. I agree about the backing harmony. I think that element is what makes the refrain, gives it a hook of sorts.
Moody Doodie by jibes 4 years ago

Neal, I have to agree, you're singing is reminding me of Knopfler. Digging your guitar playing. This entire tune is so easy to listen to. It draws you right in to a comfortable vibe that you don't want to end. Love it. Kudos to you and Stan.

Stepping Back From The Edge by Dadai 4 years ago
Kenneth, thanks for the listen and the gracious comment.
Stepping Back From The Edge by Dadai 4 years ago
I should have added, the empty throne? Another metaphor would be the emperor with no clothes.
Stepping Back From The Edge by Dadai 4 years ago
Hi Rich,

Regarding the stanza that troubles you, it's a shot at a certain kind of religion... that kind of secular religion that puts its hope in a fallible man of false promises. I wrote this in the late fall of 2008 after a certain election...
Side By Side with Dadai by Joanna 4 years ago
Oh yeah... Well sung by an unsung heroine of singing >>> Joanna. Much fun and enjoyment for me to do this collb with you.

Never To Grow Old by Dadai 5 years ago
Thanks, all, for the kind comments...
Are you crazy? by jibes 5 years ago
Dang... So good. I love this song. Kudos, my friend - and thanks.
I'll Just Sing Another song by Dadai 5 years ago
I think you're right on regarding the need to bring the vocal more upfront. Thanks. You underlined what I tend to minimize due to my lack of confidence in my voice and my mixing.
What Will Be by Dadai 5 years ago

What Will Be by Dadai 5 years ago
Thanks - Maurice, Kenneth, Lardo (heheh), Neal, and ffej55...

You've given me some smiles of appreciation. I'm sure Vic would concur.

What Will Be by Dadai 5 years ago
Thanks, Anne -

It was a fun song to record with Vic, who is the master of fine touches when it comes to a good groove.

TWO by jibes 5 years ago
Hey there,

a plush soundscape you two have created. Very reminiscent of late sixties, early seventies tunes. Way to handle the minor key thing, Neal. Kudos to you both.

This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover) by michael2 7 years ago

The Zombies... enter now the way-back-machine... yes. They struck gold on a number of tunes.

Archies?... not at all. Actually, this is - in my esteemed humble opinion, one of those occasions when the cover exceeds the original. I must say your vocal has a bit of a David Bowie feel to it, which can't be a bad thing.

Excellent recording... you have my vote.

Ukulele Dreams... by Dadai 8 years ago
Thanks KennediKing and Mungo... I appreciate that you checked this out.

Bill, I'll fiddle with the mix... I think you may be right; I had the same thought a couple times after posting it over at that other place smiley

She's Out of My Life (Michael Jackson Cover) by hiphopmoses 8 years ago
A really fine tribute Moses... A tender vocal, heartfelt. I sense some pathos in your vocal... not just at his passing, but maybe at what could have been... the sadness of the last number of years for MJ.

Kudos and thanks.
Hittin' The Road by Dadai 9 years ago

We all thank you for your vote of confidence.

When Is The Day? by Dadai 9 years ago
Barretok, cool picture of Richie Havens. He gave a great performance that day at Woodstock. My fictitious scenario was based on what happened to him that day, as he was asked to go on stage early to start the concert (he was supposed to be the sixth performer). And then they kept asking him to go back out on stage and sing more, as the other performers weren't there. He had already performed for 2 hours and 45 minutes when he went back out and gave us "Freedom." The long intro was him stalling as he figured out what he was going to sing. Incredible!
Lonely Nights, Lonely Songs by Dadai 9 years ago
Much thanks to Sloparts (Ed Wemmerus) for giving me some helpful feedback on the first version of this song and then enthusiastically jumping in with his bass guitar and adding a real pro sounding drum track.

COOL CAT by KCsGROOVE 9 years ago
Heartfelt song. Beautiful piano and tasteful guitar,KC. Best regards.
Late Night Sax by Dadai 9 years ago
And muchly appreciated for your generous comment!

Tenor Sax Reflections (35 years later) by Dadai 9 years ago

The suave bass and and nicely accented keys are loops. I don't want any undue credit. Of course I claim the tenor as my own smiley

Tenor Sax Reflections (35 years later) by Dadai 9 years ago
I'm glad to know my reflections are resonating with some of you guys. Thank you very much for the generous comments.

I've Been Working on the Railroad with Dadai! by Joanna 10 years ago
She's MAD I tell you... MAD!

A lot of fun, Joanna.

Just Being With You by Dadai 10 years ago
Much thanks Bob... and Mark and Nuute. Sometimes simple and straight forward works best. I'm glad you all like this one.

Last Sail (The Goodwillys) by Dadai 10 years ago
I guess I should have added some more info... I was sailing a Cheoy Lee Robb 35... a full keel 10 ton sloop. A severe summer storm hit us in the Gulf Stream sailing north off the coast of Georgia and lasted for about 2-3 hours. We knew it was coming from marine radio reports. The Yanmar diesel and a steady tiller kept us going directly into the wind and waves as we hobby horsed for most of that exhausting, seemingly endless time. One of our biggest fears was that the fiberglass dingy would break loose and come crashing through the dodger. The picture above with the song is my boat a day and a half later, after we safely docked at Cape Fear. The song title is true. I was delivering the boat to a new owner in Long Island, NY. That two week cruise was my last sail on her.

Thanks so much for listening and commenting!
Dreamers Like Me - 2007 by Dadai 11 years ago
Much appreciated, emanuel! Johnny Cash... hmmm. smiley
Dreamers Like Me - 2007 by Dadai 11 years ago
Thank you Barretok! I very much appreciate that you took the time to give this song a listen and to leave your comments.
So... you like the blues, eh? Cool.
A Final Moment - Video by drakonis 11 years ago

It doesn't get much better than this. I enjoyed the final moments of that day at the beach. Fine production all the way around Drak. And you can't go wrong with Patrick's music. I think I'll head down to the beach a little later with my wife and catch the sunset...
For All The Many Things by Dadai 11 years ago
Thanks Tobz...

Yeah, I don't get much action here at iComp, though I don't participate much by way of commenting on other songs. Still it is nice to read your words. Take care.