What The World Needs Now Is Love
May 13, 2010 | 2:30 am

A gospel version of this well known song based on the Dionne Warwick version from her 2003 album. In phase 1 I arranged it for a rhythm section & now completing a full big band version.

I took on a project to take the Dionne Warwick version of this song which included a full gospel choir and substitute a big band (specifically 5 sax parts, 4 trumpet parts, 4 trombone parts, a flute, a clarinet and a rhythm section) for the choir.

The rhythm section was completed first and you can watch the performance of that part of the arrangement at:

(dont forget on the bottom right to change it to high definition - either 1080p or 720p if your Internet connection is jerky)

Two of the performers were from the big band - Steve Hagar, the bass player and Bufford Noris, a wonderful guitar player.



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Very cool... I liked the singer.. I liked that the drummers mix fit well.. yet I didn't see any mics on his kit...

arrangement sounded great...

Very interesting.... and cool to see one working in the real world.... I feel that needs to be apart of all of this...
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