Great Free Logic Pro Youtube training
December 29, 2014 | 4:20 am

I would like to recommend a great free Youtube training from a guy called Musictechhelpguy

I have the past months been subscribing to a Youtube channel from a guy called Musictechhelpguy.

He has posted 78 tutorials on Logic X. He starts off with a nice overview of Logic which in itself is a great beginner training.

He then goes through each and every aspect of Logic Pro X.

I like these tutorials because they are
- Entertaining. He has a good voice. He talks in a nice tone and in a good pace. Not too slow or fast.
- He has clearly scripted each tutorial well. There is always a storyline in each tutorial
- He shows things on screen very well and adds all these small personal hints
- His tutorial is not focused on any specific music style

And best of all - it is free.

You can see the whole collection on this playlist



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thank you so much, Kenneth! i'm gonna check it OUT.
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Thanks for the link. I checked out a few and agree with you description.
The guy (musictechhelpguy) has made an excellent job.
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What an excellent recommendation Kenneth! Thank you. And happy new year to you my friend
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Thanks Ken, I'll check it out!
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I've been looking for a way into LogicPro for a long time now; thanks for the recommendation!
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I agree with everyone else - what a great share! Thanks Kenneth - really helpful and much appreciated. I just keep stalling with Logic every time I try to get into it more deeply.
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Yes I have watched some of his video tutorials and they are really very well done. Thanks a lot Kenneth.
Artist Page Send Message January 17, 2015 | 3:32 am

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