I've played bass for years in a variety of settings and styles, and I've finally been overwhelmed by a desire to get some music of my own out there I'm working on an album of frenzied eclecticism, as much as anything as an exercise to get my recording/ producing chops together. My big plan is to integrate DJ sets (something I've been doing for a year or so now) with live performance, where I'll play stripped down mixes of my stuff with whatever musicians I can find (or fit in the venue) filling in the gaps.

Watch my blog for regular progress reports on the album: I'll post some rough mixes here whenever they're finished enough for me to dare.

My current bass playing duties are with singer songwriter Al Lindsay. Check him out, he's very good.

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The latest lowdown on el mundo de Polyglot
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Update on the last few days' work
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Some progress… September 24, 2006
Update on the album
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Title Genre Released Plays
Methane Electronica Oct 14, 2005 1220
Event Horizon Electronica Oct 28, 2005 899
Aveyron Beat Electronica Sep 26, 2006 1409
Speaking in Tongues Hip Hop/Rap Sep 29, 2006 2043
Rabble Rouser Dance Oct 6, 2006 1551