Recently moved to a small town in Canada and thought Id try some online music collaboration. Mostly into punk rock stuff, but am also interested in some metal, rock, alternative and even some alt country.

I can play a bit of bass and have done vocals in various punk bands. I have a Warwick Rockbass plugged in via Line6 GuitarPort and a recently acquired CAD GXL3000 condenser mic with a Behringer MIC200 preamp.

Music rss



Title Artist Genre Plays
Cliche Drinking Song smellabeach Folk 310
He Ain't Comin' Back celtpunk Alternative 467
You Can Ride My Surfboard Shadownight5150 Surf 1061
A****** with No Sleeves smellabeach Punk 429
Brain Damage PunkFloyd Punk 1407
Spanish Bombs (The Clash cover) Dyl [+1] Rock 4273
SELF - DESTRUCTIVE - SPECIES chadvickers Punk 640
Help (Evil Beatles Cover) thenownows Rock 5731
Saturated ++ RAVENS Other 3988
Undone PinkFreud Rock 1897
Goofy's Concern (Butthole Surfers cover) PinkFreud [+1] Punk 1394
Friend of the Family Clown_Stigmata Industrial 875
Sheltered Life Clown_Stigmata Industrial 868
Test Ten (Instrumental) XTT Metal 777
Leavings' Hard-Open Collab Invitation SteveScott Rock 1507
I Wrote This Song In Pencil thenownows Alternative 2215
Clizzy Beat (Instrumental) XTT Metal 813
Generator (Bad Religion Cover) duck5577 [+1] Punk 4797
Fat **** Clown_Stigmata Industrial 1005
I Get Money (50 Cent Cover - Heavy Metal Version) XTT Metal 1694
Orion Fioretti Metal 921
Generator _ Bad Religion Cover (Needs Vocals) duck5577 Punk 558
In Your Eyes {Acoustic Cover} RAVENS [+1] Rock 7315
Master of Puppets (acoustic Metallica cover) PinkFreud Rock 9282
Thrash GaryLester Punk 960
Tricky Wicked Woman (remix ft. taylormade) PinkFreud [+1] Rock 2333
Search & Destroy (The Stooges cover) robby_reverb Punk 1185
Sufferin' Suffercat ThisIsLife [+1] Rock 649
SWEET LITTLE KITTY chadvickers Other 688
Purity of Essence (no vocals or leads) PinkFreud Metal 1524
Fantastical Horror RazbaqueDirge Industrial 905
LITTLE DEMON GIRL chadvickers Other 576
KEEP ON ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD ( neil young cover for the icomp-planet!) dr_elvis01 Rock 3318
[Nightmare] 03 Nightmare darkhatred Metal 979
reunion (remix, remastered) telecaster29 [+1] Punk 1102
Body in a Box (Dallas Green Cover) livelargemusic Folk 4448
Nightmare (Demo) darkhatred Metal 628
Industries 11 Transmission Restored zykik Industrial 644
Lockjaw (open to collab) PinkFreud Metal 1708
Wheezer - Pork and Beans (Cover ((NEEDS VOX PLZ!!!))) The_Gryson_Orchestra Rock 849
Kick Out The Jams SteveScott Rock 882
down where the drunkards roll telecaster29 Folk 856
For Fatchance Blues allanirvine Blues 849
El Scorcho Masterpiece Alternative 611
PrEtTy VaCaNt (sEx PiStOlS coVeR) robby_reverb Punk 1133
Plan 9 from Outer Space pharmakeus [+1] Blues 1977
Sorrow (acoustic Bad Religion cover) PinkFreud [+1] Rock 2000
WHatEVer PinkFreud Electronica 969
Across the universe (cover) Masterpiece Folk 1130
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