This is my 20+ year as an elementary special needs teacher in central Illinois. I've always written songs for my own enjoyment, but I had never had the opportunity to record any of them until Apple introduced Garageband.

I love using music in my classroom to promote curriculum. Unfortunately, there's not always a song available when you need one. It is that very problem that lead me to start writing and recording songs for the classroom. Over the years I have written and recorded eleven songs that I use for a unit on peace and for our school-wide behavior program.

Like any educator, I love to share things. Please feel free to use the songs I've uploaded with your children at school, or at home. You can also check out my "Songs For Peace Kids" page on MySpace.

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Children and Family Need a Place of Their Own August 2, 2007
iComp and MySpace have a lot to learn from each other.
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Title Genre Released Plays
1-2-3 Turtle Power! Childrens Jul 4, 2007 2072
The Color of Peace Childrens Jul 15, 2007 1566
Peace Kid Childrens Feb 25, 2007 1502
Peace Kid (harmony remix) Childrens Aug 4, 2007 1444
The Peace Song Childrens Feb 25, 2007 1346
Slow Down, Stop and Think Childrens Jul 4, 2007 1297
The Color of Peace (video) Music Videos Jul 15, 2007 1238
It's OK to Be Mad Childrens Jul 26, 2007 925
Walk Away Childrens Feb 25, 2007 871
Peace Is What I Do Childrens Jul 7, 2007 865
One Leads to Another Childrens Jul 5, 2007 849
Just Me Childrens Jul 4, 2007 816
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Childrens Jul 4, 2007 702