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Tablist Vivek Bhurtun is an emerging figure in the Indo-Western fusion community. Born into a musical family Vivek started learning classical tabla at the age of 5 from his teacher Sri Shib Shankar Ray, a well known tablist of the Punjab and Farukhabad gharana at the Bharati Vidya Bhavan (Indian Academy of Musical Arts) in London. Vivek's stage experience with classical music includes yearly performances at the academy , and also performances at the Croydon Music Fesitival, Queen Elizabeth and Royal Festival halls. Indian music has been the pillar on which Vivek bases his own fusion compositions.

Since the age of 9 Vivek has regularly played Tabla at the programmes of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi accompanying bhajan groups and solo artists that come and perform for Amma at various locations including Mauritius, India and Europe. In the US alone Vivek has performed in front of large crowds with various bhajan groups and artists in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Iowa, Washington DC, Boston, Toronto and at the Manhattan Center in New York City. The time spent in this environment has given him a unique edge in bhajan playing blending classical Tabla with bhajan styles.

Vivek is currently studying at the University of Bath in England, UK, pursuing a MEng in Chemical Engineering.

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Concerning Tabla. May 6, 2006
What tabla is, and what they are about. A bit from Wikipedia, see what tabla mean to ME in my up coming blog.
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The Blog of Tabla May 4, 2006
Any Questions regarding tabla, how i record etc? OR would u like tabla in your songs? I would be glad to help. Post here.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Parallel Portal World Aug 2, 2004 2924
Laws Of Gravity World Aug 3, 2004 1796
Ode For Love Classical Aug 24, 2004 1712
Meltdown to Machinery Rock Aug 25, 2004 1677
Splinter Of The Mind's Eye Electronica Aug 27, 2004 3268
Journey to the Beach (Documentry) Other Sep 18, 2004 1344
Weekend in the countryside (documentary) Other Sep 19, 2004 1244
Delirious DJ Electronica Sep 22, 2004 1598
Site of Serenity Electronica Sep 24, 2004 1381
A bit of technofunk Other Oct 9, 2004 1262
Down the mountain Other Oct 9, 2004 1308
The mind of a philosopher Other Nov 5, 2004 1244
Tabla Matrix V. 2 World Dec 26, 2004 4050
Virtual Vortex Electronica Apr 9, 2005 1402
Metropolis Electronica May 1, 2005 1125
Classical Tabla Duet with Myself Classical May 7, 2005 5391
Journey to the Beach Redone Smooth with No FX Electronica Jun 1, 2005 1252
Interdimentiality Electronica Sep 19, 2005 1045
Tabla Nuclear Fusion Electronica Mar 26, 2006 5248
Underwater Tabla (Native American Influence Mix) Electronica Apr 6, 2006 1668
Androidic Tabla Electronica Apr 30, 2006 2037
Synthetic Tabla Electronica May 25, 2006 2096
The Synth Song Remix Remake Electronica Mar 12, 2008 1106
Hope (Excursions into Tabla) Electronica Mar 18, 2008 1584


Title Genre Released Plays
2nd Cadavre Exquis Group B Final Other May 9, 2006 3240
Ramayana-14: Building the Bridge to Lanka World May 22, 2006 7462