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all your christmas songs! 4 years ago
I covered this one with Joanna a few years back...
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

What Are You Listening To Today? 8 years ago
Meolody Gardot and Dumpsta Funk
Melody has a voice crossed between Blossom Deary and Norah Jones.

Dumpsta Funk is the latest, baddest, and funkiest band out of New Orleans. Ivan Neville and his crew will carry the torch from here, thank you very much....
Microsoft acquires iCompositions 10 years ago
Well, PM, it was fun while it lasted, but eventually everyone goes over to the dark side. Why just today, after loading Leopard and having it not recognize my interface, I gave up. I called Dell, and they are building my dream machine using some amazing new OS called Vista. Have you heard about it? You should check it out, dude. Or dudette. I still haven't figured that one out, but I digress.

PC's are way cheaper than Macs, and come in all sorts of groovy colors, with all kinds of supernifty things like LED's and bubbles and stuff. I've never seen a MAC do that. Mine just sits there and looks all brushed aluminum. Boring...

So, I hope you take all the piles of cash Billy is sending you, and do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself a Dell.

You can thank me later.
Your pal,

PS Dell makes disposable servers, too. With blades. And a screwdriver and a can-opener. Very slick stuff....
iCSoftball '08 Official Program 10 years ago
I wanna be on pete's team. So there.
McCartney v McCartney 10 years ago
Poor Paul. ( he was my favorite Beatle )

He got suckered on the rebound, and now he'll lose most of his cash to to a gold-digger, who's half his age. It's not the first time it's happened, but it will be the most famous. He'll be hounded about it in the press, and he'll most likely be miserable. Look, we're talking about it here....

I'll shut up now
End Of Copyright? 10 years ago
There are a few different types of royalties that can be received from a song.

If the artist is still alive, they will receive an Artistic royalty. This royalty is based on radio plays, TV, movies and in some countries, incidental music. If they also own the publishing rights, they will receive a separate Artistic royalty. This usually a 50/50 deal, but not always. Bigger writers usually have a publishing company, and they get the publishing share.The family can own publishing rights, but after the artist is dead, thats it for the artists share. I think there may be spousal consideration, but that depends on the country.

Depending where you live will determine how much dough you get. In the UK and Europe, the radio pays everytime they play a song, and the artists get a much healthier percentage. In Canada, they take a sampling which doesn't work as well, and American artists receive the least amount. Thats why successful North American acts will re-locate in the UK if they sell well there. They will get a lot more cash, as the UK rights gathering organisations don't recognise North American legislation, and will not pay North American artists until our NA legeslation is equal to theirs, and that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon. But they will pay it if you reside there. The re-located artist still collects the North American royalty while having European residence.

Then there are mechanicals. These are per unit sold royalties, and the record company usually owns most of these. TV and movies fall into this slot, too but the scales are different for each deal. These mechanicals can be paid to whoever is in on the deal.

As to whether a royalty should live on past the artist, I would say no. There is Sci-Fi writer named Spider Robinson who very eloquently covered this issue in a story called Melancholy Elephants. Basically, there is only so much harmony out there, and we will have to repeat ourselves.
Boosting vocals without getting a dirty sound 10 years ago
Check out this, rusty..

Jeff Healy Dead At 41 10 years ago
Here is the press release...

Jeff Healey, arguably one of the most distinctive guitar players of our time, died today (Sunday March 2) in St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto. He was 41, and leaves his wife, Cristie, daughter Rachel (13) and son Derek (three), as well as his father and step-mother, Bud and Rose Healey, and sisters Laura and Linda.
Funeral and memorial arrangements are pending.
Robbed of his sight as a baby due to a rare form of cancer, retino blastoma, and he started to play guitar when he was three, holding the instrument unconventionally across his lap. He formed his first band at 17, but soon formed a trio which was named the Jeff Healey Band.
After his appearance in the movie Road House, he was signed to Arista records, and in 1988 released the Grammy-nominated album See the Light, which included a major hit single, Angel Eyes. He earned a Juno Award in 1990 as Entertainer of the Year.
Two more albums emerged on Arista, with lessening success as the '90s passed. Various "best-of" and live packages were released, and he recorded two more rock albums, before turning to his real love, classic American jazz from the '20s, '30s and '40s.
By then, however, Healey was an internationally-known star who had played with dozens of musicians, including B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and recorded with George Harrison. Mark Knopfler and the late blues legend, Jimmy Rogers.
A family man with a three-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter he preferred to stay close to home. "I've traveled widely before - been there and done that," he told friends, determined to avoid the lengthy, exhausting tours that marked his life in his twenties and early thirties.
A long-running CBC Radio series saw him in the role of disc jockey - My Kinda Jazz was a staple for a while, but in recent years he had hosted a programme with a similar name on Jazz-FM in Toronto. A highlight of his broadcasts was always the use of rare - and rarely heard - music from his 30,000-plus collection of 78-rpm records.
As his rock career wound down as the millennium came, he recorded a series of three album of early jazz, playing trumpet as well as acoustic guitar in a band he called Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards. The most recent was It's Tight Like That, recorded live at Hugh's Room in Toronto in 2005, with British jazz legend Chris Barber as guest star.
At the time of his death he was about to see the release of his first rock/blues album in eight years, Mess of Blues, which is being released in Europe on March 20, and in Canada and the U.S. on April 22. The album was the result of a joint agreement between the German label, Ruf Records, and Stony Plain, the independent Edmonton-based label that has released his three jazz CDs.
Mess of Blues was recorded in studios in Toronto, with two cuts recorded at the Jeff Healey's Roadhouse in Toronto and two at a concert in London England. The backup group on the upcoming CD - the Healey's House Band - played with him regularly at the downtown Roadhouse, and at a previous club bearing his name in the Queen-Bathurst area.
Early last year, Healey underwent surgery to remove cancerous tissue from his legs, and later from both lungs; aggressive radiation treatments and chemotherapy, however, failed to halt the spread of the disease.
Despite his battle with cancer, he undertook frequent tours across Canada with both his blues-based band and his jazz group; he was set for a major tour in Germany and the U.K. and was to be a guest on the BBC's famed Jools Holland Show in April.
Remembered by his musicians - and his audiences - for his wry sense of humour as well as his musical playfulness, Healey was a unique musician who bridged different genres with ease and assurance.

I met Jeff early in his career, and he was one of the most gracious artists I've ever spoken with. No trace of ego, always encouraging, and an incredible player. He always found time to put the spotlight on other players, and had many good friends in the Canadian music community. He will be greatly missed.....

Need Suggestion Building Studio on Budget 10 years ago
For an awesome interface, try the Apogee Duet. They have the best clocks and great sounding mic pre's for about 500 bucks.

If you are only recording one or two tracks at a time, forget the console. Do it virtually.

If you buy Logic Studio, you won't need any effects. It has a ton of high quality plug ins, and for a LOT less than rack stuff. Behringer is mostly noisey and harsh sounding. They have a few useable products, but not many. That is why it is so inexpensive. M Audio make OK monitors. They all have to be relatively flat, and seeing as we compress everything down to mp3, you'll have to learn to listen to the compressed mixes, so you can correct the obvious flaws.

If you looking for a good all around mic, try finding a large diaphragm condensor mic made in China. They are cheap, and the East Germans taught them how to make them. You can get them for the same price as an SM-57.

Some kind of MIDI controller is a good idea, but a workstation might be a bit much. A good stand alone controller with at least 66 keys and a pitch and modulation wheel should cost you about 350~400 dollars. M-Audio makes those dinky little things that are too short for my needs. I like a weighted keyboard, too, but that costa extra.

If you want to stay on budget, get your Power Mac, at least two gigs of ram. ( you WILL buy more...) Get Logic Studio because it runs so well on Mac's, get a firewire interface of some sort. I like Digidesign and Apogee. The Apogee is designed by the Apple guys and it is so very fine. Expensive, mind you.

Most folks who do remote recording usually don't record more than two tracks. 90% of most remotes are live captures, and if you want more, there is usually a mixer involved. So if you are dragging along a mixer, you might as well bring your tower, too. I would recommend a small digital recorder like the Zoom H-2 or the H-4 for remotes, and just dump the WAV files into your box when you are done. About 350 bucks...

If you use your effects at a gig with your keyboards, a lap top might be a good answer. Logic Studio includes Main Stage which is a live music library of all the plugins in Logic. Nice big screens that are easy to see on stage. Logic also has a bunch of great mastering plug-in's, too. They do require processing, so make sure your Mac Book is crammed full of RAM.

If you get a PowerMac, I would suggest at least one additional drive, and maybe two. One for your operating system, one for audio files, and one for streaming sample audio if you are into the MIDI thing. I am currently running about 100 GB's of samples, and it free's up disc space, if they stream from their own drive.

You will find that hard disc recording can be done with a mouse and keyboard as well as with some kind of control surface or workstation. Everyone has different needs, and you will be no different. Get the basics, start recording, and very soon you will know what you are missing and what you don't need.

A widescreen display is a good idea, too. There can be a lot going on in a session you will want to see.

You will find that there will always be a piece of gear that will next on your wish list. Good luck!

Onyx 1620 and Pro Tools 10 years ago
If you are running a Mac, you would better off running Logic Pro. Logic is a 64 bit program and P-T is 32 bit. I run both and Logic is far more stable. There are also a lot of extras with Logic Studio, which is probably the best buy out there. You should also be able to use your Onyx as an interface. Before you buy Pro Tools, do a bit more research. I have found that Pro Tools users don't like Logic for a whole bunch of lame reasons, none that make any real sense. Pissed that they didn't but Logic, most likely.

Audio files can be imported to Logic from P-T, but none of the automation. I recently did back ground vocals in Logic, for a Pro Tools project. I just made the start point the same as the P-T files and everything was hunky dory.

Logic also has some world class plug-ins that you would need to buy later in P-T's later, anyway.
Happy Birthday, iCompositions! 10 years ago
Congratulations on four years, PM!! iComp is a wonderful community and an incredible site. Thanks for being here.
Well.... 10 years ago
Hey Enrique,
Here in Canada we have much less tact than the rest of world. We also have a saying for insightful fellows like yourself.
Piss off...
Your fave microphone? 10 years ago
I like my Neuman TL 103. I run that into a Neve mic pre amp and I'm happy.
Official Song Plugging Thread 10 years ago
Jr has couple of new tracks from his band LITTLE BOY BOOM. They are a very solid, funky, talneted bunch. You won't be sorry to hear SIMPLE LIFE
or BIRD SONG, (an incredible ballad)
iCompositions 3.6 Ad-Tastic Edition! 11 years ago
Last year, I got sucked in by GBC, and you did it again. Very funny.
Still, it's nice to know that you have a sense of humor PM, albiet skewed.....

your fan
10 million plays! 11 years ago
Congratulation, PM! Thank you for keeping iComp a constantly improving site. This dedication you show us makes us feel part of the family, and the standards you set keep us coming back.

Thanks to all the administrators and the moderators, too. This is a great place to be!
Latin/Spanish Cadavre 11 years ago
Ok, I'm in.
A simple trick - Unblock your ' block ' 11 years ago
Heres another way to help getting the ideas flowing. Brian Eno, tha conceptual musician, created a deck of cards for the very purpose of getting past a block. It is also a WIDGET! Here are two versions of it.

go ahead, click it
NEWS FLASH on doddster and OA (for all who care :) ) 11 years ago
Congratulations you two. My two children have been an unending joy in my life, and I'm sure your lives will be enriched more than you could ever hope for. Congratulations to Sally and Mrs. Tommy, too. ( they actually do all the work )
Audio problems with Logic Pro 7 11 years ago
First try to open the GB file directly in Logic. There is no need to export as they are the same platform, unless of course you downloaded some third party plug-ins that Logic doesn't have. My personal faves is digital fishphones. They have a sweet, free de-esser. But I digress.If opening the files directly doesn't work, and you get the same plug-in prompt, try this.
Go to prefernces in Logic and open the AU manager. Find your Ducker, or whatever it is, and turn it on. If it is a ripped plug-in, Logic won't see it with out the iLock code. You might want to go into GB and turn off the ducker before you open it in Logic.
logic express vs garageband 11 years ago
Logic express is like Pro Tools le. They are an introduction to a professional product. They are designed to do all the things you can do in a real studio, plus all the things you can do in a real digital studio. They are both platforms on which a digital inreface is needed if truely high fidelity product is your desire. GB is an entry level software that provides the hard disc environment to the average Joe. I bet it has sold a lot of Logic programs which is owned by Apple and is the basis for GB. It was a coup for Apple to include a recording package software in iLife.
But, if you want to do more ambitous projects, with far greater editing capabilities, the ability to synch to video, the ability to create surround mixes, plus the ability to get files of a reasonable size, get Logic. Try doing a lot of editing and automation with some loop creation in the mix. Add a few audio files, and suddenly, you are dealing with a massive GB file. GB isn't really meant for big projects. It's for getting you started down the road of expensive audio gear and ram and bigger Apple computers and to this we're all slaves. Logic should really be called IRONY because theres no logic to the music buisness. And there is no logic in spending all your disposable income on Steve Jobs instead of that megalomaniac Gates. Stevie is way cooler in a geeks nano-seconnd. But I digress.
Logic IS confusing. At first. The MIDI environment can make men cry, but it makes sense after a few stabs at it, ( like marriage ) and it is the best way to maximise processor power when using multiple sounds from one source. Like Sampletank. ( un like marriage ) Logic runs very well on the 64 bit os of Macs, and that means more tracks, more plug-ins, and more fun. But it is for people who desire more of everything, and have a deeper understanding of signal path, and gain structure.
There are a million different MIDI sequencers that you can use with GB to enhance the experience, some better than others. But you will always be tied to the audio limitations of GB.
I have Pro Tools, GB 2 and Logic Pro. I use a DIGIdesign 002R interface, and have a selection of microphones and pre-amps. I have been home recording off and on for 25 years, and I find Logic to be a great product. For anyone to say Logic isn't worth it, it's because they purchased something that was far more than they needed, or could comprehend. GB is far more user friendly than Logic in this respect. GB is designed to make assumptions based on what usually happens in a recording. If you want to think out side of the box, you can't. And when you just can't do it in GB anymore, you'll make the ...logical... choice.
Get it? ..Logical choice....
The Criminally Overlooked 11 years ago
Thanks so much for all your kind words and comments, Julian. It is a real honor to be recognised for the things you love to do, and I am glad to have the oppurtunity to share my music in this community.
It takes people like you to make this place feel so welcoming, and on behalf of everyone here at TEAM LANDRETH, we salute you!
Canadian Icompers 11 years ago
Me and the boys are holding it down in Winnipeg. And thats as Canadian as it gets. It's almost TOO Canadian for most Canadians here. Which is too say, TOO cold.

Greetings from the sub-arctic....
where who day! 11 years ago
Ask the Doctor to lighten up your meds....Oh, and I finally decided, too.
Baboon is 40 today! 11 years ago
Happy Birthday Babs! You're still a young pup! I get to turn 48 in exactly a month, and I'm still a pup, too! ....apparently. Enjoy your bi-focals, dude!!!!
GB to LOGIC ??? 11 years ago
Gee, This seems to be a hot topic. Logic is not anywhere near the same class GB. GB is a tool for people who know nothing, or very little about music production, and it allows them to express themselves IMMEADIATELY. It does a great job at that.
Logic is for those of us who really want to get in deep. Logic is far more MIDI friendly than Pro-Tools, and far deeper than GB, in the MIDI department. It is a total music production suite. You can synch to Movies and video, and it is a leader in that field. It is designed to run on the 64 bit Mac platform, and functions far superior than Pro-tools in the MAC environment. Has anyone mentioned that you can do surround sound sound mixes in Logic Pro? You will have to spend 16,000 dollars for Pro Tools HD to do surround. Logic is 1,200 dollars. Canadian dollars. Seeing as how music is leaning this way, it makes Logic attractive.
Yes, you will have to read the manual. Yes, there are a million more menus with all kinds of confusing terms. Chances are, when you need them, the functions you look for will be there. As far as being intuitive, it behaves like any studio I've ever worked in. The question of sound quality isn't really a software issue initially. You need a good A/D converter first. I use the the DIGIdesign 002 rack system, and will be upgrading to the Apogee ensemble for it's superior clocking, and it's soft limiting function. As soon as Apple ships them to Canada.
If you choose Logic , it will be far deeper than you need right now, but it will grow as you do. It will work with all new plug-in software, and is eclipsing Pro-Tools in the mid- production market. Almost all TV and radio stations are using Logic now, because it works so well. And all the producers I have talked too have made the switch or are makinf the switch. Logic Pro also has some of the coolest plug-ins you could want. The B3 emulator and the electric piano emulator are to DIE for. The spacial reverb is the most amazing tool to create ambiant spaces.
I had Pro-Tools LE crashing all the time under the load I heaped on it. I would have compressors, eq's and reverbs going, along with a bunch of MIDI tracks driving various samplers, and a hand ful of audio tracks. In order to record with out latency, I would have to turn off all the MIDI stuff and half the plug-ins. I run a PowerMac dual 2 with 4.5 gigs of ram, in case you were wondering.
Now that I'm running Logic, nada. No problems. NO LATENCY. It hasn't crashed once in 6 months. I have yet to have too much of any thing going on for Logic.
The best thing about Logic is the fact that I can still collab with my iComp mates and drop their GB files right into logic, and all the automation and plug-ins remain true. Try THAT with Pro-Tools. Oh, anf Logic files tend to be a bit smaller than GB files, too.
I do tend to run on........wal
Homage to jdwyer05 -- it's due 11 years ago
Julian, You deserve all the nice things every one says. People like you are the spirit of this place, and we respect you for it.

We're here for you, buddy! -wal
The Amen Break, an essay on sampling and copyrights. 11 years ago
I discovered this the other day and found it to be very well researched. A lot of very cool observations about the ethical difficulties of sampling.


Yes, do fight the power.
Freedom of speech is an often overlooked right that used to be vehemently defended as a fundamental American privilege. It seems that most Americans find a point in their lives when it is not such a good thing. Cyberian has a strong political voice, and Macgawd has a strong counter opinion. You both have a right to your opinions, and neither has the right to censor the other.
If neither one judged each other, these feelings wouldn't be expressed. Couldn't be expressed. The fact that you both have such strong feelings says that something is VERY wrong in your world. You both feel it, and you each represent a different view of the same problem.
The miracle here would be two people expressing their concerns to each other as valid views from different experience, and trying to see from the other guys eyes.
Not an easy task.
AJAX Comment Posting 12 years ago
I love this!! Gnome is definately the gnome. You are also the man, you have the right stuff, and we like this AJAX person, too!
Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago
Wal4u on wal4ujr.....

I think you should listen to what my son did, just because I'm his dad, and thats what dads do. He doesn't sound like Prince, though. He sounds like me. Just younger and better.

A message from the YO.. to everybody out there.. 12 years ago
Yohmar, I agree with you. You seem to have opened the proverbial pickle jar. Atta boy!!!
downloads 12 years ago
I also concur with cyberian. We shall demonised together.
I feel that to do a cover song is a tribute to whoever wrote it. Flattery is the best compliment and all that. But I would never post a cover unless I was sure it could NOT be downloaded. It is not my song to give away, so I like the choice to be mine. The idea of sharing music is a listening pleasure. If you want to add it to your playlist in your life, why not buy it? There are some of us who have made a living of sorts playing music, and it is nice to be compensated for sharing your craft. It is getting harder and harder for young and even older musicians to make a living. Support what you like. I for one would stop posting my music if I wasn't given the choice to have a download buttonor not.
Behringer DSP2024P VIRTUALIZER PRO 12 years ago
Behringer products are all entry level at best. Most have unacceptable noise floors, and 'You get what you pay for' is definately the adage to apply here. I do a lot of work for a large music retailer, and the general consensus is Behringer is cheap crap. I have purchased a couple of their products, and I would have to concur. Junk. A DSP for 129US? C'mon. The price tells you what you are buying.
cruizing contest 12 years ago
I'll take that challenge, orange. Except, sunday afternoon in malta is really early in the morning on the Canadian prairies. Which time zone is noon?
COVERS -=the definitive answer=- 12 years ago
You missed your meds again.
The Cadavre Exquis Collab (or Dead Guy Song) 12 years ago
I'm assuming that the dance crd is full. But, if not, what the hey, I'll play, too. If there isn't room, thats OK too.
outlawing Explicits 12 years ago
We shouldn't have to take a poll to exercise a right we already have. Slippery slope, indeed. When the need to question a freedom arises, someones agenda is always being served. And not for the people. It always surprises me that a nation of freedom lovers are so willing to give them up. iCompers are obviously not from those numbers! I am honored to part of this thoughtful community.
Revising the Genre List 12 years ago
Hey PM. Roots is my pick. Closer to the porch. And acoustic, too, maybe? I have been recording a lot of acoustic instruments, and feel a bit over looked. Wah. I'm better now.

I love this site, too!!!!
looking for Dire Straits and Pink Floyd style music 12 years ago
I'll see what I can do. Maybe i can play some loops for you, and you can build your own thing. Any idea of tempo? Other wise I'll give you the old 85~90 BPM. How's that sound?wal
anyone know how to export tracks to protools? 13 years ago
To import into Pro Tools from Garage band, open Pro Tools, open a session ( new or existing ) and in the File menu select Import audio to track. You can see what to do from here. This will convert the import into a wave file. Good luck!