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Artist Icon Reaniment - Eva EP by RMulholland (3 days ago)
Now Available
Artist Icon Naos by Narananda (4 days ago)
new album
Artist Icon Unearthed by Komit (6 days ago)
pretend video game soundtrack
Artist Icon Book Stories EP by ConcordiaDiscors (8 days ago)
An album of instrumental music the inspiration for which came from books.
Artist Icon Anhedonia - NEW FREE EP by exemptfromgravity (11 days ago)
The sequel to last years Vignette EP is out.
Artist Icon I'm forced to be away by artneuro (23 days ago)
Don't know how long but it's going to be a little while before I get back.
Artist Icon Liszt and Chopin (Chopin un amor imposible) scenes by Chanti (24 days ago)
Artist Icon Culminate by RMulholland (26 days ago)
Artist Icon It Came From Down Under by Komit (1 month ago)
Artist Icon Mac reboot by irok (1 month ago)
I have reset it all, all gone.
Artist Icon Another Friendly Yearly Check-In by musika (1 month ago)
Artist Icon Visual Novel 5 by Aamp (1 month ago)
Legacy Sisters™
Artist Icon New Project - Machine Society by RMulholland (1 month ago)
New Project - Machine Society
Artist Icon Shred!!!!..... "I Thirst".... by DarkShredcerto (1 month ago)
One more song....
Artist Icon Visual Novel 4 by Aamp (1 month ago)
It's not out yet?
Artist Icon small studio upgades by Lapskin (1 month ago)
a studio update
Artist Icon 3/30/18 "The Torn Veil" by DarkShredcerto (1 month ago)
Part II to "A Darkened Sky"
Artist Icon Dark Shredcerto - "Shredtata Demo Almost Uploaded!!..." by DarkShredcerto (2 months ago)
Artist Icon Dark Shredcerto Lives!!!...... "Shredtata For Electric Guitar And Piano" by DarkShredcerto (2 months ago)
New demo cd slowly being uploaded...
Artist Icon Demo recording by irok (2 months ago)
2 days of recording done Yeah!
Artist Icon "Shredtata - For Electric Guitar And Piano" by DarkShredcerto (2 months ago)
Latest opus.. (3/11/18)
Artist Icon First Entry by gold6821 (2 months ago)
Felt Like Posting
Artist Icon Interview with Audioxide by musika (2 months ago)
Artist Icon Visual Novel 2 by Aamp (3 months ago)
No, not that I'm working on a second one, this is just a continuation blog about it
Artist Icon If it ain't broke by zincshed (3 months ago)
Our precarious relationship with hardware and software.
Artist Icon Visual Novel 1 by Aamp (3 months ago)
Hey guys! Just wanted to come here and ramble about a project I'm working on!
Artist Icon Hey hey soon a brand new song from my new project :) by jonalynkrauth (3 months ago)
Artist Icon a snippet from rehearsal by irok (4 months ago)
iPhone recording during rehearsal
Artist Icon Wicked Game - Long time ago by irok (4 months ago)
So I made a cover of Wicked Game..
Let me know you are out there!!....