On again off again host of Virtual Garage on KSVY 91.3fm. Hack musician...actually, decent musician, limited skills. The music posted here runs the gamut from solo projects recorded to tape more than 25 years ago to various arrangements and collaborations with others.

Currently on a bit of sabbatical while I formulate my new on air persona and reorganize the Garage. Love promoting all the great music, and musicians I have met out here...out there too, but mostly here. Musicians here have always been very supportive of my less than polished approach to my own playing, thank you, thank you. I know they're just kissing up so they can get on the show, but hey, that's ok. smiley

No plans to be a rock star, no shattered hopes or snuffed out dreams, just love to play whenever I get the rare chance. I record everything as quickly as possible, if I didn't, nothing would ever get uploaded. Everything I do is improv, or based on loosely organized bits of improvised improvisations. Actually, it's almost all live. I don't have the time or the equipment to get too serious, although it would be nice.

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Back on the Air! April 1, 2008
I'm back, and so is your music...
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Title Genre Released Plays
l'ispirazione di Satchmo Alternative Jan 27, 2005 1748
Segment 3 Electronica Mar 26, 2005 1235
Grand Central Remix Alternative Apr 12, 2005 1211
BlueGreenJazz Jazz May 25, 2005 1356
Segment 4 Electronica May 25, 2005 875
Improvisation for Nino #1 Classical Jun 1, 2005 942
oK2b3 Funk Jun 23, 2005 1765
Resurrected Electronica Aug 2, 2005 1711
Left2Chance Electronica Aug 2, 2005 1009
UnAltered Electronica Aug 2, 2005 956
Dub Shack iRiE Mix Ska/Reggae/Dub Aug 4, 2005 1114
Be Undone Folk Nov 8, 2005 966
BTMC_FCAS03 Other Nov 26, 2005 1388
BTMC_FCAS05a Other Nov 26, 2005 864
BTMC_FCAS09 Other Nov 26, 2005 820
Alzie's Garage Other Nov 26, 2005 1039
Blue Shoes Blues Dec 13, 2005 795
Rapid Cedar Other Jun 27, 2008 501
Desert Rose Other Jun 27, 2008 544
Spiral Alley Other Jun 27, 2008 555
June Other Jun 27, 2008 553
Crystal Alternative Jun 29, 2008 1052
And Still I Am Alternative Aug 6, 2011 417
Minute Memory Other Aug 11, 2011 754


Title Genre Released Plays
Still Waters - on KSVY Sonoma California Rock Jun 6, 2009 2631


Title Artist Genre Plays
Live at Hammersmith CygnusX1 Rock 7314
Darkness Zenith Rock 2516
Indian Mix BamBoo World 3808
Planet Metal aktm Metal 9709
Two Minute Warning toots Latin 1917
Bite the Hand - CONTEST WINNER joel8x Other 7186
StrongBadZone (v2.0) deputydoofy Electronica 2369
Frühling (Days are passing by) BamBoo Rock 1651
Island Reggae SHARP Ska/Reggae/Dub 1331
Barbie's Letter Blacklilyorchard Rock 3705
Ghostriders_in_the_Sky simgo99 Country 1912
When She Walked In (featuring JM & HJ) DaveM [+1] Rock 2199
Send_me_an_Angel simgo99 Rock 1344
03_Illuminati corkscrew Alternative 1292
Splinter Of The Mind's Eye Tablamaster Electronica 3246
Family Affair (COVER) saxman Other 1274
A Bar's A Bar network13 Country 1833
We Go Irie (Island Version) snailshel Ska/Reggae/Dub 2535
laff at it (my fav) woodguy32 Alternative 2236
gum (my 7 year old sings) woodguy32 [+1] Surf 3247
Jasmine network13 Rock 3925
Brain Dance JimiDiaz Electronica 1499
The Grass is Always Greener in Amsterdam verge999 Ska/Reggae/Dub 1551
Familiar Planets verge999 Electronica 1218
Neural Crest RedLunarSkywalker Electronica 1346
dieLiebenden fuga Alternative 6539
Paul and Mr. Muschi brotmaschine Other 1061
send the tv home badcopm Country 2094
Khao_Lak telebender Other 1112
Fog_on_the_hills telebender Electronica 970
poscht! anDroidfrisBee Alternative 1386
Not So Perfect HayleyDeakin Rock 2683
Hayleydeakin's Women are from Venus (featuring me - Lilichi) lilichi Other 2124
You Can't Buy it Blacklilyorchard Rock 1970
Questionaire zallaz [+1] Rock 4463
Forever Hennessey Other 1140
Go For the Moon Hennessey Electronica 931
Lost in Metropolis Hennessey Electronica 2020
This Sound teddyelliot Rock 2637
I'm So Cynical JHarley Alternative 2001
What you wanted lilichi [+2] Alternative 2421
Dancing on Clouds guitar55 [+1] Other 3309
Blaine Transue's Dishwasher with Spittalfield Bell Warp Ambience particledots Other 3089
Wood and Cancer... No.3... Chaos Mix woodguy32 Other 3043
For Michael Filmscorz Jazz 1366
LOSE CONTROL (burn my soul) Barretok Rock 4548
Hang In There guitar55 Jazz 960
Eclectic Filmscorz Jazz 1143
Tzu on Horizon Filmscorz Ambient 1009
IONS Filmscorz Jazz 1377
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