vocal sounds, singing and communication
January 24, 2006 | 10:02 pm

The human voice has eveloved over a relatively short period of time but has an incredible range virtally unmatched in the animal kingdom.
Some interesting notes I found on human speech. I'll post more as I find them.

The Neandertal ritual burial of their own dead implies a belief in an afterlife. This is basically a rudimentary religious concept. Likewise, the ritual burial of cave bear trophy heads is consistent with a supernatural belief system. The transmission of such beliefs from generation to generation very likely required a spoken language. Similarly, their tool making skills and other technical knowledge would suggest some sort of sophisticated communication. Since the Neandertal brains had speech centers (Broca's and Wernicke's areas) that were as large as our own, it is reasonable to assume that they were capable of language. In addition, the shape and position of the hyoid bone in the neck of Neandertals was essentially the same as in modern humans. This has important implications for speech because the hyoid bone supports muscles in the jaw, tongue, and larynx. Its high location makes it possible to produce the extraordinarily wide range of human vocal sounds. However, since Neandertal mouths were somewhat different in shape from our own, there is a question as to whether they would have been able to produce all of the vowels and consonants that we use today. Based on this evidence, the current consensus among paleoanthropologists is that the Neandertals probably did have spoken language, though it may have sounded a bit odd to our ears.

NOTE: modern and relatively modern humans, such as Neandertals, are the only primates known to have their hyoid bone high in the neck. While this helps us produce a far wider range of vocal sounds, it also allows us to more readily choke on food and suffocate because it allows the entrances to both the trachea and the esophagus to be open at the same time. The fact that nature selected for this potentially disadvantageous trait suggests that the evolutionary advantage of speech was very important



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