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little lord by Lapskin 7 years ago
Dig the hard scrapin grunge.
Loose guitar and vocals make this sound like a hangover waitin ta happen!
no mind no controll by Lapskin 7 years ago
Diggin it!
Some Aphex Twin craziness!
Lizard Sandwich by pharmakeus 7 years ago
This one's a lot of fun!
Very playful, sounds like it was fun to make.
Great mix of electro and acoustic, hard and soft, active and passive.
LOVE the vocals!
The long road by elder 7 years ago
Voice is actually Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!
STARLESS (a King Crimson cover) by revoltington 7 years ago

Great cover. Haven't heard these in a long time. Usually heard through a purple haze...
Orbital Drift by chasinglight 7 years ago

A really great spacey jam.
In the old, low fi, ARP and Moog tradition.
Lean on that Mod wheel! Never too much reverb and echo.
Really enjoyed this
Meditarranean Vibe Merchant. by chasinglight 7 years ago

Another great collab in ambient improvisation.
Great synth pads and backing with smoooth bass and warm guitar.
Really nice improv, moves ahead with the frequent changes in synth timbre and lead switching.
There is a click/dropout about 1/3 way in.
other than that a really enjoyable jam!
Again, wish I was there for this one!
Air Glide by chasinglight 7 years ago

Wow, this really takes me back.
Everything here is what I like best about ambient music.
The spontaneous movement, great depth of field, excellent synth and sweeeet live fingered instrumentation.
Reminds me of David Torn- Cloud about Mercury.
I just wish it lasted a little longer!
Great collab- really talented musicians, wish I was there!
Wake by Lapse 9 years ago

wow, this is intoxicating
Slow build, otherworldly
buzzy things bother at first
became entranced
reading poetry and drifting
through walls
round the dust and strings
cyclopian blocks in hoary netherworld forgets

am i elder i am
Heartache Blues by pharmakeus 9 years ago
listening to this in a thunderstorm
seems fitting somehow
Engine Room! Where the h*ll's my drink!
now I have to go see a Quentin Tarantino film about vampires in a road house!
Well played by all!
HiatUs by AspersionDetergent 9 years ago
Poking around lately, ran across this gem.
First comment I've written in quite a while.
Love the minimalist structure.
Vocals intertwining with the punctured 1-hits create a delightful little mini puzzle.
not a simple thing to create a really short piece that works!
Many have tried, but this really works, gave me a chuckle...
Could be my theme song; On hiatus.

(oh yeah, made me think of Godley and Creme!)
Self Entitled by AspersionDetergent 9 years ago

Residents, Beefheart, Negativland, Orb, with overtones of Reznor.
Homebrew retro lowtech and a dash of techno create a truly unique soundscape to illuminate your nightmares like a soundtrack to a brothers Quay film.
Lyrics are engaging like a good wood burr puzzle thats been in the attic for decades.
Purple prose in iambic pentameter from an hoary Lovecraftian tome.
Good to hear true creative craftsmanship and not just the latest remix cover reissue of somebody's teen angst tune.
So mode it be!
Knowledge As A Weapon by StepChild 9 years ago

2nd favorite.
Intro is again too long before the fun starts.
Nice tidbits floating around.
When the bass finally starts it dissappears, need some more from halfway on, its good stuff.
Really like the stuttering bass, need more.
Explore that synth rhythm in the background that has ring modulation on it. Bring it to the fore here and there.
This one really reminds me of the Orb.
Compulsive by StepChild 9 years ago

Been enjoying listening through your stuff.
I think I like this one the best.
Yes the bass is overdriven- its nice to have edge, but keep it just under the red.
General comments on all tracks:
The long, slow intros seem unsure when to cut loose.
When you do cut loose with reckless abandon it really makes the piece. Lots of juicy loops and raw leads.
Try leanin' on that pitch bend, I bet you'd be good at it.
Choice vocal clips keep things interesting and moving forward.
Great synth sounds, good use of effects- some raw in your face upfront sounds with loops effected with cutoff and verb/echo,
all make a good depth of field.
The generic PowerPuff Girls drums need some work, they appear in all tracks. Try chopping them up when you they are finished and add effects to some. Negative space!
The bass is best when it varies and gets really raw and spontaneous.
Overall you have a really great style and feel for the genre.
This is the kind off stuff I too would buy on itunes.
Dervish Dance by MickD 9 years ago

Holy S**T this is good stuff!
Excellent guitar, approaching mideatern dervish very well.
could have been a tad more abandon for my taste.
Vocals top-notch!
Nights With The Elder by chasinglight 9 years ago
Well, well!
Nice to see you here old friend!
Always liked this one.
You still have that cover I did ages ago.
Well now, everybody-
you're going to hear some stellar stuff from this guy!
Watch this space!
Phases 3 - JAX by MMI 9 years ago
And Steve Reich.
Ever hear Pat Metheny doing a Reich composition?
Cool stuff.elder
Phases 3 - JAX by MMI 9 years ago
Another interesting experiment.
You should try the same thing sans drums and use wider, softer sounds. Try to get some real otherworldly environs.
Ala Jon Hassel. Search out Tuu on itunes.
Phases 2 - Darkness by MMI 9 years ago
Nice build, has the feeling of Walter/Wendy's Timesteps.
Chuffy trumpet-like sounds reminiscent of Jon Hassel.
Phases 1 - Dirge by MMI 9 years ago
This is the methodology Eno/Budd used.
Looping simple phrases at different rates.
Very icy sounds.
Glitch Anthem by MMI 9 years ago
Loving this glitchy stuff.
I'm looking around for more now.
Sounds like the old DX7 Hammarimba sound.
Could use a bit more glitchy bits, like percs or clipped samples.
A little Burroughs sample here and there would be cool.
Why don't you try some narrative punctuation elements, some spoken word mangled and clipped into fragments?
Ambiglitch by MMI 9 years ago
OK, wait.
PP says "sucker for glitch music"
I didn't know about this genre.
I just searched found it all over the place, how did I miss that!?
Ambiglitch by MMI 9 years ago
Enamored by this piece first time I heard it.
I am well steeped in Frippertronics, Terry Riley and all the other techno method mantra creators.
I really like the slow build of echo repeaters.
It could have gotten even denser for my taste.
Read your notes, fascinating software.
I've done some manual cassette and reel to reel loop work.
This sounds like lots of fun, will have to try it.
Bad Part of Town by MMI 9 years ago
I once walked home through the city after a very late night of imbibing after i missed the last bus.
This has that feeling.
Echoing abandoned streets of sharp, grimy things and danger.
Excellent use of effects and mixing.
Very deep and wide aural field.
Almost tactile.
Never Will - remix by MMI 9 years ago
Where's my beret?
We have a thing here in Philadelphia called First Fridays.
Its a celebration of the arts on the first Friday each month.
All the Galleries and small clubs open up for an evening of art, poetry and wine.
this is very much like that.
LOVED the reading.
Enjoyed this!
Painting with Clouds by RoboScott 9 years ago
Again lovely composition.
A bit icy.
See comments on After You Left.
Clear reverb guitar is a nice touch.
After You Left by RoboScott 9 years ago
Lovely composition.
Choice of voicings are a bit icy for clouds.
Square and sine wave based voices instead of saw might have been better choices for the theme.
Of course there are clouds at the poles as well.
Perhaps these clouds reflect the northern lights!
Reminds me of some old Tangerine Dream or Shultze ambience.
Aspects of Spring by RoboScott 9 years ago
Having been weaned on classical music rendered on synthesizers by Walter/Wendy the classical/electric sound is close to my heart.
You have done an excellent job of carrying this tradition.
This is an excellent composition in conception, realization and production. Excellent use of orchestral voicings.
Is this truly an original composition?
Obvious homage to Stravinsky and others like Sibelius.
I don't mind at all the electro-symphonic sounds.
A bit bombastic in the second movement.
Did I catch a whiff of "be it ever so humble.."?
Again an excellent composition. You really know your way around strings and woodwinds.
I really, really enjoyed this.
Do some more please!
Are Cars Electric? by RoboScott 9 years ago
I have always liked Gary Numan.
Bought Cars when it first came out and that really dates me.
Interesting juxtaposition.
Rhythms get a little jumbled here and there.
Cerebral Combustion (Feenixx Finish) by RoboScott 9 years ago
First song I listened to of yours.
Really exploratory and engaging.
Creative use of loops and gritty sounds.
Love the plodding rhythm. Good production.
Reminds me of old Severed Heads- specifically a song called Harold and Cindy.
I like the meolodic changes and even the screaming ending.
Probably a little too over the top but appropriate given your aim.
Well done.
Longing by RAVENS 10 years ago
Delightfully twisted and gritty.
I agree with J0J0, a counterpoint would truly round out this piece.
I don't think it needs anything more musically. The little tidbits and crawly things skittering around are quite enough to accentuate the disturbia!
Ode To Dad by RAVENS 10 years ago
So brave to take on such a visceral subject.
Well executed.
Everyone has such dark, unswept, spider-ridden corners in the dark recesses of our minds.
Wonderful, sensitive music, well rounded out with a compelling story.
Until I Find You by RAVENS 10 years ago
Been lurking around your pieces for a while now.
Spoken word poetry has always struck a chord with me.
Your work is excellent in every respect.
Great writing, performance, mixing and arrangement.
It reminded me of one of the later Myst games journals.
Did you create the background symphonic track? Its beautiful.
Comments from others that struck me as accurate:

obsession on a love that could be, rather than a focus on the beauty that's likely right at hand
secret journal entries of a lusty vampyress
sacred, and a gift... and completely worth the kind of absolute commitment
creepy internet stalker
intense, visceral subjects

well done
THE DEPARTED by Bampot 10 years ago

really good mood enhancer.
I too have lost friends, i miss them terribly.
Excellent composition, its simplicity belies its depth.
I agree with AshleyBeanHead, except for the length. I like the length.
Gives a good chance to really get into reflection and introspection.
I think what the piece needs is a human touch. Either soulful vocals- which would be hard to get just right. Better would be a nice soulful guitar a la Gilmour.
Not just wall to wall licks, but a good phrase artist who knows when NOT to play and let the phrase sink in.
A guitar melody would allow the listener to add their own vocals in their head and make it a more personal experience than pegging it with lyrics.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful, sublime piece.
Dream .01 by nothing 10 years ago
Well that was fun!
Like a soundtrack to a Hayao Miyazaki dream.
Lots of strange alien imagery.
Really nice melodic and rhythmic exploration.
Keep this stuff going!
shouldn't I be crying? by lilichi 10 years ago
Two of my favorite artists together again!
Really enjoyed this.
Bad-a** bass line and rhythms.
Sublime poetic vocals.
Vox a bit overdriven in places, but love the fx.
Kept waiting for something more to happen compositionally, though.
But it stands up well as a sparse, industrial piece.

ANCIENT MOTHER by itiswotitis 10 years ago

As above
so below
so mode it be

OTM: the last hundredweight by ponkey 10 years ago
The lord is my shepard
he makes me down to lie
through pastures green he leadeth me
the silent waters by
with bright knives he releaseth my soul
and maketh me to hang on hooks in high places...

enjoyed it.
The Wood Between the Worlds by itiswotitis 10 years ago
OK, you can work on it, just don't lose that dreamy core loop!
Ever absent
wall dive by IanCarey 10 years ago

Really nice piece.
Reminds me of Brian Eno's On Land.
Creates a very immersive, peaceful environment.
It's hard to achieve a minimal piece that is interesting and keeps moving, but this one does it admirably.
The percussion is a little too technical and blippy for the environment.
I listened to the piece several times and also Ian's remix.
I think this piece stands on its own very well.
Nice job!
(Gaping) CUT by nothing 10 years ago
Love the sounds.
Nice and gritty.
The resemblence to NIN is undeniable.
Someone like Aspersion should put vocals on this.
Maybe mix in a little Birdmix.
I could add some scaryghostvox but its been done.
This could be taken in a lot of dierctions.
Thank you for offering this solid rhythm to play with!
SLOW DIRT by itiswotitis 10 years ago

Love the groove.
Love the rhythms.
Love the vocals.
Especially like the cut-up vocals and layering.
not to follow by tomtomR 11 years ago
Welcome back to GB and on an imac too!
Solid composition.
Good use of loops, even the oveused ones.
Nice lyrics and vox. Nice harmonies.
Good use of effects.
But only an OK song.

Three things to experiment with in GB;
1) Track volume and pan- that little arrow in the toolbar in the first column.
I always lead in segments with a rise in volume and push it when the groove is high.
Pan some instruments in left channel a little and others in right.
This does a lot to well engineer a piece in aural space.
2) Track effects- especially EQ and reverb- under Track Info/Details
Deep verb on single percussion hits, reduce low EQ on boomy bass and synths, remove unwanted hiss from samples, percussion and vocals.
Also makes a well engineered piece- expand that aural space.
3) Edit those synth patches
There are some really, really great stock patches, but you can create your own flavor pretty easily. Plug-Ins synths also work well through GB if you have enough memory.
I like Absynth a lot.
Click on the pencil next to generator or effects and adjust away!

As I've told other people and I'm sure you know this:
You can't break it..so tweek those knobs!
a new wave (rawkmix!), ft birdmix77 and DigitalGreyOrchestra by Ignoramus 11 years ago

This, too is an excellent remix.
Probably closest to its original intent (?)
Guitar is awesome, fits really well with the vox.
I can truly imagine this live at a club, stage diving and all!
I'd like to hear some elements of Aspersion's version in here for punctuation.
I wonder if we could pull off a remix remix involving pieces of all the mixes?
A New Wave Farewell (A Birdmix unfix) by AspersionDetergent 11 years ago

As I haven't been around for a while I just discovered this.
Great hulking Shoggoths, I love it!
Nyarlathotep's beard its an engineered remix at the cellular level.
Brakuje nam by MonikaEvans 11 years ago

This song sounds like it was written on the piano.
Your own piano is like the closest lover you could have.
You pour all your soul into it and it gives back the empathy you need.
Vocals are great.
Need de-esser.
Really nice first GB track!
Kochaj mnie by MonikaEvans 11 years ago

Listen to Alanatomic. He knows...
Another great song.
Very creative use of loops. almost don't notice them.
Nice keys accompaniment.
Beguiling melodic tapestry.
many overlapping melody lines creating a beautiful fugue-like matrix.
keep it coming!
Nie mam zalu by MonikaEvans 11 years ago

OK, now you're my new favorite artist.
VERY good voice. You sing with style and ease.
Lots of emotion and inflection.
PErfect harmonies, not too much, just accents where needed.
Wonderful melody and arrangement.
Simple, clean, well mixed.
Again reminds me of the crush I had on Bel Canto.
Mantra by MonikaEvans 11 years ago

BEautiful song.
I love your voice.
Reminds me strongly of Bel Canto and Anelli Drecker's vocals.
Always mesmerized me.
great job, off to hear more.
Human Experiment / Modern Day Messiah by SoulSurvivor 11 years ago

I'll add my accolades to an already large list.
Great job.
Always loved the music.
And now set to video it really drives the message home.
Definately my style.

Its nice to see a video with a purpose and not just stupid human tricks the web is full of.
Every Now and Then by ChamberlainKillpage 11 years ago

Nice intro, building up those fascinating rhythms through a murky haze of FX, gradually clearing.
The Aphex Twin style rhythms, arranged at the cellular level really shine.
The song itself has such strength that the rhythms do not overwhelm.
The warm sub-bass grounds and gives direction.
And of course the smooth ambrosia rhodes establishes the melody.
Vocals are very personal and give narrative to the journey.
Vocal mix is a bit tinny compared to the buttery warmth of the bass and rhodes, but I suppose it is a complement to the sharp rhythms.
Overall a really satisfying piece, over too soon.
Siva by vos 11 years ago

would have rated this earlier but icomp having trouble.
I listened through the piece on your under construction web site, though I didn't know if it was this one.
I was really mesmerized by it. I sat there staring at the home page just listening.
So minimal and yet very emotive and lush. The production is stellar, very wide field.
From that grumbling bass pad throughout to the pointed, icy synth stabs. Nice Wah guitar sample. Grooving rhythms, needs more melodic bassline.
I can just barely hear a bassline in there with a little pitch bend, it would be nice to hear that take the front here and there as Ian said.
The vocals sound like Itis, very restrained though. Maybe just repeat the phrase one more time somewhere.
Really nice piece!
Rectum Infection by AspersionDetergent 11 years ago

An amazing technological achievement in bodily functions!
Great noises, record them yourself?
As always stupendous sound engineering.
Every sound and rhythm works towards emphasizing the gurgling methane eruptions.
Brought a chuckle right away.
Well arranged right down to the outro- you got my attention!
Hollywood Bungalow by Kill_Bot 11 years ago

I'd have to say it does have a vintage feel.
It's the clean simplicity of the bass, melody and rhythms and the electro-synth patches.
Reminds me of Kraftwerk. I always liked Kraftwerk.
But it also has a very modern clubby/world feel, and a kind of Brazilian beat.
Although all loops does get a little repetitive, the arrangement keeps it moving.
Nice mix, well selected fx on each track gives it depth without becoming muddy.
Doubling up a house kick or bass on the down beat would fatten up the low end.
A little punctuation with some odd sounds or vox here and there would be nice.
It also needs an outro.
A nice piece, I enjoyed it!
itiswotitis (the underground hubby) D&B ala OA by tomtomR 11 years ago

Actually did not like it till it got about half way.
The first half is all rhythm, sharp and frenetic. Hurt my ears a little.
But then the rhyhtm dropped and that ultra-cool synth vox came in.
The piano with verb added a real mysterious air and set an entirely different tone.
I like the whole second half much better.

Perhaps you should structure the arrangement differently and begin with the mystery, then punctuate that with the rhythms here and there.
I think it would make a better structure and mood for Itis to sing on.
I can hear Itis voice and froggy clips mixing with rhythms and synth vox really well.
just make sure to use a different set of verbs on vocals so they can stand apart.
A nice smeared vocal loop (to mix with synth vox) and some close cropped, no verb vocals on top would fit nicely.
One Day... (ft Choirbox) by FractalGarden 11 years ago

Nice one, nice airy feel.
well written and arranged
Great guitar, great vocals,
but it does seem very hissy at times
mix is too mid/high range
very, very good production otherwise
LOVE BOMB!!! by itiswotitis 11 years ago

great arrangement
very original sound
and frogs too!
Blue Silk by DigitalGreyOrchestra 11 years ago

Well, since everyone's said all there is to be said...
Nice track
stands alone
great pure electronica and chill vibe
slow intro and outro would complete it
YOU TOUCH ME!!! by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Very unique sound- a sort of World-Trip Hop.
cool funky, low-tech song and rhythm.
Great vox. Nice venture into Ska!
It would be nice to hear a spoken vocal track over top, mixed real close-up, no fx, like youe are whispering in a lover's ear. Especially trailing into the break where everything drops out. A nice sexy ssssiiiiigggghhhhh!
OA is so tough isn't he? smiley
But I have to agree with him.
Its really great on the surface, but it lacks a little something to really polish it off. Beside another contrasting vocal track perhaps a midrange melody line to contrast the blurping, low tech bassline. maybe a sexy saxophone?
Vid for Le Funky HoneyMooners by alanatomic 11 years ago

Another great one.
Your vid style really fits this great frenetic, chopped-up piece.
Looks like you are making some effort to really fit it to the music and beat as well.
Some nice new fx in there as well, I like the B&W chopped up dancer and the grainy, spotty photofx.
Could use a fade intro/outro and some more beat/arrangement matching.
But otherwise gread vid!
systems of scansion by IanCarey 11 years ago

Very nice chillout piece.
Very sparse and rhythm based.
Reminds me of the early days of New Age Fusion- Mark Isham, Patrick O'Hearn and such.
I listened through some other pieces to get a sense of your style.
You seem to have a naural sense of voicing (synth sounds you pick) and of rhythm.
Using the back-beat of echo and verb a lot- nothing wrong with that, I do it to. Just make it work for you, don't rely on it.
You also have a good natural sense of mixing, there is very good depth and variation here.
It tends to be a little too sparse and choppy. focus on arrangement.
A theme or melody would help.
OA and IR noticed this on other pieces.
You have a great sound starting here, definately keep it coming!
TRANSCENDENTAL RHYTHM ( Beniras 'discordental' edit ) by Hunksten Proudfoot 11 years ago

We have a gathering in the States out West called Burning Man,
a tribal gathering similar to what you describe. www.burningman.com
never been myself, but have friends who have.
Perhaps I will make it when the fates allow, definately my kind of thing!

This piece does have an infectious rhythm. Reminds me a little of Gabriel.
It has a very positive vibe due to the vocals.
But it did not have that hypnotic effect on me as some pieces do. (WBtW)
It's very dense but yet doesn't lose that core rhythm. Great arrangement and mixing!
Nice little bits buried in there- did I hear some chopped up vox?
You could even pile on some more stuff, love to hear timbale, djembe, kalimba, digeridoo, and some other stuff placed here and there.
I love all those tribal and "native" intsruments. I actually have small collection of them.
My kids love it when I pull them out and we have a jam session!
Nice job.
PS check out a band called "Tuu" (on itunes), rather quiet but lots of native instruments.
FALLING APART by ghost 11 years ago

Nice one.
Some really great sound engineering in here- the little vox clips with heavy FX are cool.
I liked the two bass arpeggios overlapping and intermingling- and used as percussion.
The grimy scratching sounds lend creepy air.
Nice mixng and arrangement too. Layered nicely with great depth.
Although it is repetitive, there is enough mix-up to keep it flowing.
It sounds unfinished though, perhaps that's the intent.
But it would sound great with some soulful crying vocals on it.
It needs a narrative to tell the story of heartbreak.
SnowFlakes by jkane 11 years ago

This makes me actually like winter.
Great song, has a real peacful vibe, and even a shush like the quiet of snowy day.
The crystalline guitar picking supports the theme and has a Cocteau Twins feel about it.
Vocals are great, nice lyric, nicely arranged, great harmonies.
As I've said before, I don't really dig male vocals, but JKane is one I can really listen to.
My only gripe is that the engineering is a little flat. I'd like to hear the bass dig-in a little more and the guitar to be crispier. Drums are a little flat as well.
But it does actually support that quiet, close sound of a snowy day.
Excellent collab!
I Get What You Deserve (Tuneflow Entry) by AspersionDetergent 11 years ago

I can only say excellent.
OK, I'll say more...
Amazing engineering, as always, but this is even smoother.
Stereo imaging is fantastic. FX, VOX and sound engineering top notch.
Arrangement is really good, no chopping into new songs in the middle. Good establishment of theme and meoldy. Good positioning of changes and bridges.
Everything builds and supports the theme. It has an intro and an outro.
This really as good or better than some of the "published" artists I've heard, (like Trent).

OK, what's TUNEFLOW?
Should I be there?
Too bad its almost Winter and I can't create now...
Number O....I am none.. by woodguy32 11 years ago

Just going through the contest postings:
This really brings it into the Morton Subotnik, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk frame for me.
Experimental electronica.
Scary and alien, sounds like a human spirit lost/trapped in a digital world.
A good attempt at imposing a melody on the piece.
Starts a bit abruptly, could have lead into it a bit more subtly.
The blend happens towards the end with the random -sample-hold sequence, but it ends abruptly.
Would have liked more blend of vocals in the melody.
In my top two with VelVeTiGeR's.
The Number Zero Remix by VelVeTiGeR 11 years ago

Just going through the contest postings:
Nice mix.
That very Euro club D&B rhythm has a Fifth Element soundtrack quality to it.
Tons of mixing work eveident here. Lots of drum rhythms and FX added.
Perhaps not enough thread or theme to carry it through and emphasize the original.
In my top two with Woodguy's.
None and One by Drastic 11 years ago

Just going through the contest postings:
Interesting mix. Nice jet FX.
Poor loop choice. Repeated too much.
Didn't add enough of your own unique style.
The NUMBer 0 by Mystified 11 years ago
Just ran across this.
Normally this would be really my kind of thing,
but too busy right now to take it on.
I really like the track a lot.
I'll check out the results.
Stomp! by FractalGarden 11 years ago

I am a BIG fan of power synth!
(old TangerineDream fan, remember them?)
This is my cup of gigabits!
Really like the bass line and melody.
Powerhouse synth sounds! They hang around a bit too much in bass, though.
Love the kickin guitar. Fits in great and mixed well, it lives on its own layer.
The beginning didn't really establish the piece well enough for me. i would have done one measure of bassline then added a killer sequence to establish rhythm, then bring in drums.
The drum loop gets repetitive as used throughout, it could have used some drop outs and replace with sequences.
It just about takes your breath away in powersynth pieces when you drop out drums and bass leaving only sequences, then build back up again. Its like jumping off a cliff. This could have used one of those.
Overall a great tune, glad to hear somebody is still into heavy synths, they can crack mountains and out-crunch any instrument alive!
I'm a Fractal Garden fan for sure now.
She's Your Amphetamine,, by itiswotitis 11 years ago

I'm with joloffson, the last couple were a little disjointed.
But this one seems to hit the mark.
That minimal Orange rhythmatic really works to feature Itis great vocals.
The two mesh to create a languid shuffle that fits perfectly with the lyrical subject.
Arrangement is well restrained, just when it seems to build up to breakbeat, it drops back into slow build again.
Comment by splifford is accurate, lyrics could use a bit more metaphor. But I think Itis' layers of vocals and FX kind of makes up for that.
Mixing is excellent, including the vocals, Itis-if the vox mix is yours, you are getting really good at layering!
You are a great team- keep it comin!
Stealing From Tomorrow by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Sounds like sombody really pissed off the Ents!
I liked the original track with its Matrix soundtrack quality.
Vicious synth bass and rhythms.
I like the vocals added a lot. Interesting lyrics, nice FX.
I must kindly say, however, that I would expect a different kind of vocal and lyric for this piece. Something that supports the violent, intense, screaming nature of the music.
Plants are generally not fast-moving, violent sorts.
They can break concrete and steel with their slow, inexorable growth.
But it takes an awful lot to raise the ire of the ents!
ORANGE TECHNO LOUNGE 3 - Tattoo remix by tomtomR 11 years ago

Its a strange mix between Brit house techno with the stereo string-synth arpeggio loop and hard acid techno and trip hop with low-fi arpeggio loops.
It strikes me as a bit disjointed.
Rhythms are mixed well and have a lot of variety but are a bit conventional.
The FX on them help but they could use a little more variety. Not just stopping.
The most interesting part for me is the low-fi loops with barely any drums behind them.
Sounds like that part could be built into a longer piece with a quirky sound added.
This one just didn't have that signature Orange "hook" for me.
on the sofa with Jesus by tomtomR 11 years ago

Didn't hear this till I saw the song in the plugging thread, Thanks Richie for the heads up.
I really dig this piece. The sequential nature of it, with a twist, is what got me hooked on electronic music in the first place.
The sound you used is intriguing, it sounds like a modulated sample of a guitar. It has a slight pitch bend in it that has a beguiling tone.
Then following that through with other sounds and rhtythms works really well.
The vox sample is well used and does have a tongue-in-cheek kind of humor.
The backwards stuff is a real strike of artistic muse. Makes this a very interesting piece, driving forward even though the core sequence is repetitive.
I would compare it to Byrne and Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.
Dreams by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Missed this one
Enjoyed it but...
I agree with OA, it needs something.
It is very dreamlike, but not as hypnotizing as "wood"
Either it needs the vocals to come forward as narrative,
or it needs a melodic interval that repeats to carry it through.
ORANGE (in)balance by tomtomR 11 years ago

I'm diggin it.
A contrapuntal fugue with groove!
OK, its a unique Orange techno synth fest.
Very different and engaging.
I especially like the denser arpeggios and sequences.
Very unusual sounds mixed together in a unique way.
It does have a stuttering, traffic and work stress kind of vibe.
Greatly cathartic!
The Wood Between the Worlds by itiswotitis 11 years ago

I sat completely rapt with my mouth hanging agog for the first listen.
Absolutely hypnotizing.
I hope that core vocal loop is yours, cause its the magick in this piece.
Gee, I'm kind of speechless.
I want to say that its a bit repetitive, there should be some variation in the core loops.
But I tell myself to shutup and be hypnotized.
The vocals and narrative do keep it moving forward.
All kinds of vocals in there, some barely percieved the way they mix and interweave.
The keys and rhythms are perfect accompaniment. Well woven loops.
Huh, CS Lewis, figures...another of my core philosophy. "Mere" CS Lewis!
You have tapped a true rabbit hole here. Perhaps it is that ancient rock you live on.
Perhaps it is the ancient peoples who have lived on that rock.
Perhaps it is the collaboration across the larger rock we all live on.
Its like skype for dreamtime! Aussies got it goin on.
Must set foot on that rock for real before I move on.
I could go on, but I'm just goin to space out for a while...
The Space You Leave by FractalGarden 11 years ago

Really nicely done. Listened about 6 times while writing.
Great tune with lots of depth and feeling.
Yes, they are very positive, major chords,
but its your style and there's nothing wrong with that.
I've said it before, the style reminds me of Kitaro.
The only thing missing is tympani.
Both Guitars add a whole lotta human edge to it.
It would be cold in deep space without.
It is almost there, but Lead Guitar could have used a recurring phrase, there were lots of one measure licks that could qualify. But that's a minor thing.
Keys are sublime, the piano with space verb is sweet.
Synth pads add a nice flavor and widen out the space.
Drums are conventional but do have life and a live feel that supports the mood.
Production is very pro sounding. very smooth and seamless.
A great many tracks mixed together yet all of them can be heard in thier own space.
I wouldn't be surprised to hear this taken very seriously as television or movie soundtrack.
It is very well written and produced.
Body Search (Joanna's voice) by archie7777 11 years ago

Wow, you two are become quite an item!
Great work over skype.
Someday we'll be saying "remember when skype was free?"
You just have to hook up a morning person with a night person.

Really nice trance rhythm, always liked trance.
Good beats, arrangements.
Really deep layering keeps it interesting despite repetitive loops.
A nasty, buzzy synth lead voice would sound good on this.
Nice stereo effects and mix-ups on the vocals.
I noticed a lot of natural pitch in some of the spoken vocals-
Nice use of that but perhaps ould have done a little more with them.

But I really like this piece, very dreamlike trance rhythm with otherworldly melody and sounds.
Keep this stuff comin guys!

PS: stick some frog sounds in next time!
Shining Stars [ Joanna's voice Remix Long] by archie7777 11 years ago

So it seems you took OA's advice and did a long version.
The original was pretty good as a club style dance rhythm.
The addition of Itis' voice takes it to a new level. It has a more complete quality now.
Although I would have featured Seles' guitar a little more prominently.
It needs that in some places to keep it from being too repetitive.
The break-down in the middle is a good device, classic dance break.
But it never really builds back up towards the end. The guitar could help that.
Overall a great groovin dance floor track.
Joy by LWinston 11 years ago

I get the impression of a woman/girl laughing and giggling.
It has a very bubbly rhythm and playful melody.
A female vocal on here would fit perfectly and Rinca is a good choice.
A very summery sound. Bright and clean. Almost has an island feel with marimba and steel drum. (though I don't think I'd actually add them)
Nice work with the loops, they fit together really well. Its a great groove.
I think the transitions work well, the beginning that establishes the rhythm could maybe be a lot shorter. It makes me think its going in a different direction, until the melody starts.
That quiet drop-out transition right in the middle is where a girl giggle would be perfect.
I think there is just enough rhythmic variation with the drop-outs, but it could use some fill or live played accents.
The synth backing is well back as it should be, as well as some interesting arpeggios filling it out and giving it depth.
Mixing is very good, clean and wide field. Bass kick has lots of power in my Sennheisers.
With some tweeking and vocals this would be a real winner. (it already is)
ORANGE skin or 'Jesus was watching me' by tomtomR 11 years ago

That muse is fickle and fleeting, catch it while you can!
I also think it could use melody.
But that said...
I understand its purist rhythm nature.
Well arranged and succinct, the rhythm becomes its own melody.
It is very much like a story, or a performance art piece. I can envision dancers moving to this, not in a club but onstage in a performance. Akin to Stomp or Blue Man or more artsy perormances.
Lots of work evident here, cleanly produced.
Keep it comin!
Dance with Spirits by archie7777 11 years ago

Wow, absolutely LOVE that David Torn sounding guitar!
Fantastic. That made it for me from the first note.
I want some of that to play with!
Cool, sparse rhythms. What is that cool muffled synth rhythm?
Mixes with the modulated drums really well, gives it an earthy, yet alien kind of mood. Which also fits with the Torn guitar.
Arrangement is good in some places and odd in others.
Nice break ups and drop outs, but...
The vocal from Itis is great but repeated too much, too close together. It is a tasty clip, better to use sparingly, leaves you wanting more. Or you could have used a few more tracks of it heavily modulated, ghostly, or chopped and percolating like the rhythms.
Also the ending should have been the last guitar twang. Leave the percolation to fade out.
Love, love, love the piece, though, favorited.

Die Laesterzungen mix alla flaut by flaut 11 years ago

nice mix.
I like it.
But hard to say anything else in English.
A strange kind of vibe. Dreamlike.
Aveyron Beat by Polyglot 11 years ago

Noice piece. very very enjoyable.
Liked it instantly.
Verrrry comfortable chill track.
Delicious backing vocals.
Good rap, tame, but well written and spoken. Fits the mood well.
Groovy rhythms, like the variety and little additions.
Tasty guitar solo, perfectly fit and restrained.
Bass could use a little more variation, sounds loop-ish.
Nice synth pads, but could use some variation.
I like the clean, sparse rhodes. Needs support in break.

Here's what I hear in addition on this tune;
an icy, hissy pad swooshing through subtly, panning and flanging like ocean waves, only at the ends of chorus "no hurry" and select other spots. Not too much 'cause it has nice air now.
During rhodes, some synth bass support, hit down-beat with single note that evolves into fx (Like guitar end). During key changes in break; bring in the icy pad and bass support to emphasize the new keys. Also double the rhodes with an octave down or double bass with rhodes. Then transition out with a long dissolving heavy fx pad, the icy one. It can also be used at the end.
WE SHALL BE FIRST. DnB by ghost 11 years ago

I also thought this was a great piece.
I love the subject and JFK narrative.
Makes a real entertaining listen.
Fantastic rhythms as always.
Real depth and variation.
Along with some other references here, reminds me of Orb or Yello.
Yet, it's very original, very Ghost.
I agree with Orange that the bass could use a little more edge. Although the main sound is great, i would double it with another voice with a grittier edge in some spots, not throughout. Or, if you have access to the voice's filters, play with the cutoff and resonance, or ring modulation.
GREAT stuff!

LOVE>>>(meet the girls) by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home.
Bill Cosby

They sound wonderful. Its great to record your kids when they're young, so you can remember those times as they grow older.

Fun piece!

OMM HOTEL BARCELONA REMIX [Joana's voice] by archie7777 11 years ago

It works.
The vocals are great and really complete the piece.
It has great rhythm and movement.
Nice Euro club feel.
Nice arrangement, minimal invasion by synth leads nicely done.
Lets the vocals carry it.
I'm not sure about the choice of fx on the vox, though.
With so much high end in the rhythms, it didn't need more hiss.
I'd like to hear the vocals a bit more brown, mid and low range.
It would be much more sexy.
I Like Your Vibes [U Make Me Want] by archie7777 11 years ago

I like those vibes too.
That's a great bass and rhythm.
Real primal and sexual.
Nice shouting vox and fx.
The Mac voice is cool, but to get some more expression out of it try adding "..." after "your". Or some other punctuation. Sometimes spelling things phonetically can get a different sound out.
The bass and rhythm is really powerful and could be pumped up a bit by adding a sub-bass hit on the down beats. Or adding a pitch bent phrase.
This is a great get sweaty on the dance floor track.
S O L A R F L A R E DnB by ghost 11 years ago

Wow, nice sound sculpting!
Amazing sounds, deep and wide space.
Fan the solar winds and get to lightspeed.
Very visual image you've created.
Great rhythms as always but,
It gets a little tedious with no variation in the rhythm in first half.
Till it gets to the middle and changes.
Aftre that is where I really can visualize solar windsurfing.
Slicing the curls and such.
That one really cool organic, airy synth sound could be varied by moving it around in the stereo field or using filters to vary the bandpass. That could further the effect of surfing.
Overall I dug the ride!
Kognitive Intercourse by AspersionDetergent 11 years ago
Nice aural experiment here.
Interesting stereo separation fx.
Very wide field approaching Quad.
You are quite an engineer.
If you did this on unreliable equipment,
I shudder to think what you could do on a real rig!
And yeah, I'm still waiting to get into the dark side with ye!
In his house in R'lyeh dead Cthulhu lies dreaming!
Lets wake him up!
Streaming Consciensceness Mind Expansion Programme by AspersionDetergent 11 years ago

My you've been busy.
Sounds like some Utter Mutter bits in there!
Is that the secret?
Well done.
Amazing sound engineering here.
A little less musical and more industrial.
Still has good rhythm and movement.
Great vox and fx. Like the Flintstones brakes at the end.
A very deep, dense piece. New stuff pops up on each listen.
Hard edged and scary enough to rouse old Cthulhu from his sleep!
iCompilations III by MoorNoki 11 years ago

Interesting arrangement.
Definately a unique compilation.
A sound like no other.
Such short bits of each piece don't allow you to get into anything.
Which is OK as it gives an oscillating kind of flow.
I would have mixed in a different order so that each style leads into a similar style or instrumentation. Gradually moving from more ambient into more lyrical.
Sounds like you used similar pitches to match up, though.
Beat matching, while difficult, would have helped in some areas where the transitions are a bit jarring.
Don't quite know what to think of it, honestly.
It seems like a completely new sound, a new medium.
Song for the itiswotitis's frogs by Luttor_Grosvernoff 11 years ago

I grew up at a lake in the mountains in Pennsylvania.
There was a great big Bullfrog leading a chorus of peepers that would lull me to sleep.
Wonderful memories.
This piece is a lot of fun.
I think the frogs could have been used a bit more rhythmically.
But I enjoyed this all the way.
Long live Litoria rothii!
Dancing with snakes {[Horny Remixed] by archie7777 11 years ago

What a great Darshan! Dirvish! Diatribe!
You like snakes and can sing too.
Seriously, a great track. Reminds me of Gilli Smyth of Gong.
This is a real entrancing piece. Nice mix of vox, rhythm and synth.
Could have used a bit more power in the rhythms, a la Gabriel- Rhythm has my soul!
I know it was an improvisation and it has that power.
But it ends abruptly, breaking the trance too soon!
I was just about to achieve Nirvana!
Frogments of my Imagination by itiswotitis 11 years ago

This is my kind of tune!
Using natural sounds as an instrument!
Fascinating piece.
Nice rhythms created here. Good choices in samples,
with the little pitch curls and patterns.
Is there one that says "oh yeah"? Or is that you?
Hard to tell sometimes where the percussion and synth ends and the frogs begin.
Yeah it could have been made into a "song" but it is fun and adventurous as is.
So you live in a rain forest surrounded by frogs and cicadas?
How fascinating. I am envious!
I've had to create my own little natural oasis in the suburbs!
Two ponds, 20 Koi and lots of birds, rabbits and squirrels!
Keep making music Mother Nature!
Acoustic Rush by TheTiler 11 years ago

Really enjoyed this.
I am normally not an acoustic guy, my taste is in synths.
But I always have liked this style of picking.
Very refreshing! Nice long tune, doesn't get repetitive, nice variation.
Other artists I like in this realm are Steve Tibbits and Carl Weingarten.
Love to hear some tabla or conga along with the pickin.
Veracity Video is so done by alanatomic 11 years ago

Now that's entertainment!
Loved the video, great timing and transitions.
Very downplayed, cold and futuristic, just like the song.
Good muted colors and slow effects.
Only one thing could have been better.
You could have used my version of the song!
Enrobed by elder 11 years ago
Thank you all for your kind comments.
It is a very personal piece. But a puzzle.
Definately NOT easy listening!
I think Etgilles got it closest.
It is the subtle theme of my album.

Here is the key:
It SEEMS as if it should mean something.

It has such potent power and puzzling intricacies.
It has real life in it, questions unanswered.
But it is veiled, enrobed.
Muddied by human experience, the world, which is not us, intrudes upon our own singular experience. We are truly alone in it, yet we are all in it together, and a part of it.
A truly tangled knot. I am obsessed with untangling it.
This is the puzzle of life, the universe and everything.
It ought to mean something...
shouldn't it?

Starting Yesterday by etgilles 11 years ago

Wonderful heartfelt song
in both lyric and melody.
Fantastic vocal performances!
Very professional songwriting.
Really Great fretless bass!
Nicely mixed, very clean and spare, fitting for the subject.
Nice slow rhythm leaves lots of room for vocal and instrumental expression.
However, the drum loop could use some variation and human feel.
Although this is a piece that needs to stay downplayed as that is its nature,
I would have liked to hear a bit more expression in the keys and guitar to match the vocals.
The piano does some of that nice expression towards the end.
Overall a really great emotive piece!