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Post your best song for the iCompositions Compilation CD 9 years ago
OK, I'll bite, just under the wire.
here's one I'm still proud of:
Welcome Back 10 years ago
Welcome Back!
A testament to the solidarity of the site and its resident artists!
And a testament to the fact that technology isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
Thank goodness there are acoustic instruments!
Official Song Plugging Thread 11 years ago
The title track to my album Enrobed.
An encapsulation of my strange, twisted spirit.
A very long piece, very long in the making.
BTW, that odd horn sound is a Diaphone, an old style fire or emergency alarm horn. I heard it at my grandparents home in childhood and it gave me chills. Its also the type of horn that makes the classic foghorn sound.
Please take the time to listen all the way through.
OK, y'all owe it to me to be ruthless in your reviews!
Have at it!
Stoner Music: NEED HELP! 11 years ago
Oh man!
A plethora of pyrotechnic plasma has already been perported. Notice how Pink Floyd consistently shows up!
I could add some very off the wall stuff!
OK the elder's picks:
Anything Zappa will get you laughing
Beatles White Album
Bowie (Low)
Genesis (Trick of the Tail)
Pat Metheny Group (as Falls Wichita...)
Jean Luc Ponty (Cosmic Messenger still the best)
Adrian Belew (Lone Rhino)
Mahavishnu Orchestra will get you thinking that our solar system is a molecule in a larger being. (Birds of Fire)
Gong will make you realize that psycho-chemistry can lead to enlightenment. (You, Angel's Egg)
Ozric Tentacles- THE stoner band! (Erpland, Spirals in Hyperspace, or anything)
Kate Bush will get a lump in your throat. (Never Forever, Dreaming, Hounds of Love)
Mike Oldfied (Tubular Bells is a must)
King Crimson (I would recommend Discipline)
The Orb is very entertaining (UFoff, Orblivion)
Cocteau Twins (Blue Bell Knoll, or anything)
Getting esoteric now!
Loop Guru (Duniya)
Fripp and Eno (No *****footing, Essential Fripp and Eno is a good compilation)
Wendy Carlos (Clockwork Orange-Original soundtrack-not movie soundtrack, Sonic Seasonings, Beauty in the Beast)
Sangkala (A modern Gamalon group- very hypnotizing)
Jon Hassell (Dream Theory in Malaya)
At this point, either you've gone through an ounce or you're asleep!
SoundCircus / ThroatFair / OralCordCollaboration 11 years ago
It was a blast!
The most inspired I've in a long time!
Thanks to all involved!
Look forward to the next one.
SoundCircusII/Heaven vs Hell/Rest or Torment 11 years ago
I'd love to participate of course!

We need to establish some framework such as BPM standard, rules of clip use, how much we can add ourselves, etc.

iCompilations....Do you wanna be mixed??? 11 years ago
Sure, include some of mine...
if you dare!
Anything but collabs.
Cadavre Exquis - 3rd time is a charm? 11 years ago
Just back from Vacation (or Holiday as you like it.)
And just discovered this post.
Another Cadavre eh?
Well, I'll play again Sam.

Yes, I know who I am! heehee! smiley

Welcome to iCompositions 3.5 11 years ago
I applaud the tireless work of the team who keeps this site running and for continually seeking to improve it.
I know we are all grateful for the FREE site and community it engenders.

The improvements are generally for the better and I have not found its usefulness diminished in any way. Only improved.
That said, I know some are dissapointed or even dissillusioned with the continual changes. I know of at least one artist who is leaving the site because of the changes.
But you can't be everything to everyone!

Regarding the ads, well, it is the way of the world that we need to somehow pay for services. But that coupled with volunteer support makes this a worthwhile endeavor.

Regarding the colors; as a creative professional myself, I find the bright colors disconcerting and distracting. I have found through experience that muted colors work better when the content is of more importance. Especially behind text. The muted gray/teal blue of the main logo header and bottons is excellent and easy on the eyes.
Colors that complement that blue would give the site a more cohesive look. A simple solution would be to reduce the saturation of the other colors by about half.

Overall my complements on an engaging and welcome refresh.

Call for Electronic Synth artists 11 years ago
I am a synth devotee from way back.
Check out some of my stuff and see if it inspires.
I also can offer advice and suggestions on patch manipulation and mixing techniques.
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 12 years ago
I'll take a shot also.
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 12 years ago
Definately well worth the effort.
Standing "O" to Lili for actually making it happen.
Some very good suggestions here to help pull together a more cohesive piece in the future.
I missed the forum entry and was too late to contribute (my own fault for not looking)
And for my ignorance in flippantly commenting too soon, I apologize.
I would surely be interested in contributing to the next incarnation (or should it be exhumation?) of the dead guy.
downloads 12 years ago
I think it should be optional.

Allowing artists the option further disavows the site from responsibility of pirated or unlicensed music. It puts the owness on the artist. Anything else would make the site liable for piracy.

If discussions ensue regarding license rights we could be getting in over our heads due to the amount of "covers", "borrowed tracks" and all else on here. Even GB loops have catches. It's best left as is for this community to thrive.

The beauty of this community is its grass roots nature- if we feel like sharing, fine, if we don't, fine. We are in this community to share our music and get comments from our peers so we can improve. Just listening achieves that.

If someone wants to keep the music on thier ipod then it behooves them to ask for it if it isn't available. If the artist is creating music that will eventually be for sale, then I can understand why they would not want it downloaded. At the same time it's nice to get those peer opinions before going to market. So you get the best of both worlds sharing and comments without fear of piracy.

Lets face it, piracy still happens; I could record every piece I listen to with Wire Tap, master it with Peak and burn disks. But in general we don't because we respect the community that we are part of.

BTW, Creative Commons is a great grass roots organization and I think it should be supported.

cruizing contest 12 years ago
I'm not much into competitions,
it requires you to be creative on demand and I get enough of that at work (Creative Director for large candy company).
I can only compose when the muse strikes.
But a great idea and I'd love to hear the results.
Can't option-drag convert sft ins trk to real ins trk 12 years ago
Thanks fo r the reply.
The problem isn't memory.
I can't do what they say is possible:
to convert software instrument to real instrument.
You can look it up in help. It gives you instructions on what to do, but it doesn't work.
problems with synth sounds 12 years ago
This sounds like a "stuck note" MIDI problem.
This happens frequently when there is a lot of MIDI data being transmitted.
The last note played will remain playing continuously until either that note is struck again or the MIDI manager is reset.

I keep Apple's "Audio MIDI Setup" control panel up when recording in GB. There is an icon along the top row that says "TEST SETUP" You click on the it and then click on the icon that represents the offending synth then click back on the test setup icon to turn off.
This will always remedy the problem.

Of course you have to have put together a setup to do this. Its very simple- just pick an icon to represent your keyboard and MIDI card, then connect the ins and outs.
I'm not sure it actually does anything to the connection, but the Test Setup works.
Server performance 12 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
I know its hard work, especially for a free site
we all appreciate your work
this really is quite a vast, vital community you've built
Server performance 12 years ago
I love this site and its community
I also like the redesign very much but...
Seems very very very slow and down frequently past couple weeks in January
I have given up several times waiting for response
have you bought and installed the new server that we donated to?
You should post news of this type on the home page
What Do You Want To See In The Next Version Of GarageBand? 12 years ago
Shaine has some really great suggestions, I agree with all of them. especially expanded MIDI, and softsynth support.
Remember what OMS used to be able to do.
I would add:
an expanded loop editor, so you can crop, cut, paste, stretch, reverse and beat-match imported or recorded audio loops.
There are a lot of standalone, freeware loop editors that could be easily incorporated.
Can't option-drag convert sft ins trk to real ins trk 12 years ago
I've been having a problem with getting too many tracks and system overloading. (I have read the "GB bugs" thread with Yomar's advice to mixdown tracks to itunes and reimport, but I want this to work...)
GB help says to convert software instrument tracks to real instrument tracks by option-dragging to timeline.
Option -drag does not work for me. It simply refuses to budge. The loop slides back and forth but does not drag into the timeline and create a new track like it's supposed to.
When I just plain drag, the cursor changes into a green note icon but when I let go of the mouse button, nothing happens.
Anybody experience this?
Display of song length 12 years ago
I to, miss the song length in the description section.
It's a good way to gauge first whether you have time to listen before clicking play.
No Artist Search, favorites gone 12 years ago
Thanks. I understand what a monumenal undertaking this is. I'm currently managing a website reconstruction, it's a boatload of headaches.
This works surprisingly well on the whole, good luck to all.
No Artist Search, favorites gone 12 years ago
Ic3 has a wonderful new look. Congrats.
Although it shows better in Safari than Explorer.
I'll reserve judgment on how it works till I work with it a while.
Just two problems I noticed right away, maybe it's just that I haven't found this stuff yet...

Where is the search field on the Artists page? This was a handy feature for quickly getting to known artists pages.

And where are my favorites? My list has disappeared under ic3.

Article about icompositions 12 years ago
I only joined icompositions relatively recently, but I have found it a truly rewarding and fulfilling community of musicians.
I have been composing and sharing music since before the internet (we used to call it "hometaping").

I have had the good fortune of being involved with several communities over the years including a newsletter I co-created and published for 7 years called SYNTHESIS. Having interviewed people like John DiLiberto of ECHOES and artists such as Chuck VanZyl, Kit Watkins, Jonn Serrie, Klaus Shultze and others. One thing that kept coming up is that artists tend to create on their own islands, but having created the music, feel compelled to share it with others. There have been a lot of small, scattered communities over the years. But icompositions has world wide 24/7 reach, and allows us all to share our music, art and thought easily. All the arts are better when shared. For personal fulfillment, approval or just a simple connection with another person. Something that says "I enjoyed making this, I hope you enjoy it to."

Thanks Agatarco, Slothsmolder, Yogi, et all.
Three cheers to icomp and it's very human community of artists!

BTW, I'd like to read the article and blog but neither are referenced here. I must have missed it.

strange vocals wanted 12 years ago
Well I've been dredging through archive.org for the past three days and I can't find anything of use there.
The interface is confusing and doesn't work properly.
The search engine is poor and I can't save anything I download.
Maybe I'm using it wrong.
any other ideas?
strange vocals wanted 12 years ago
thanks, very deep source.
It'll take a while to sort through all of this!
strange vocals wanted 12 years ago
Looking for "found" vocals, spoken, sung or otherwise for use in ambient/electronica compositions.
Strange, off the wall, found, story telling, or heavily processed.
No rock and/or roll lyrics, no rap or rhyme, just interesting vocal meanderings.
Influences are: ORB, BT, Loop Guru, Enigma, Balligomingo, Art of Noise, Cocteau Twins, Bel Canto, etc.
To be honest, I would like to just use them outright, but collaborations are welcome.
Check out my stuff and you'll get it.
The Use of Loops Only 13 years ago
Remember that a Garage Band is just a group of folks getting together to jam and have fun. You can be a solo musician and write plenty of great music on one instrument, but it is infinitely more enjoyble to get together with other humans and make music.

When you don't have other humans to jam with, loops can be just as fulfilling. I don't have a drummer or guitar player to jam with, so setting up some loops and jamming to them is fantastic. It's great therapy!

Some loop combinations can suggest themes you haven't thought of, which you can then expand on and play with other humans when you get together. Loops can be played just like an instrument also. Very much like arpeggiators or simple feedback echoes. Patterns emerge which are more than just the sum of their parts. A musician can recognize those patterns and expand on them.

Loops and the patterns they create can be a give and take just like in a real Garage Band!