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Welcome to the official page of iCompTV on icompositions.

iCompTV is a new television show on Ustream totally dedicated to iCompositions and their artsists.
Main focus will be on news and music. Your news and your music!
Every friday on 4 O'Clock IOT (iCompositions Official Time) you can watch iCompTV for a whole hour. This will give you all the information you need for the upcoming weekend and the week after and let's you listen to the latest songs by iCompositions's artists. The old concept remains.. so artists do come over an plug your song!

Since we want to include as many icompers as possible so here are a couple things you could do to make iCompTV a succes.

In General...
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Here is the program schedule. Click on the names to be forwarded to the blog section of each of the individual iCompTV features.

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Notes From iCompositions
Video Of The Week
Broadcasters Events
CD Releases:
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iCompTV is an unofficial and independent project produced by Djev Asnew and can be watched here every friday 4pm IOT (icompositions official time, scroll down to any page on icompositions)
Also it needs to be addressed that iCompTV is a silent artist. This means it will not respond to comments on uploads by iCompTV or leave comments on uploads by others, nor will it participate in the chatroom and other forumtopics or blogs (its own forumthread and blogs excluded).

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
BOTW 15-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 22, 2010 1221
iCompTV Season 2 intro Music Videos Oct 1, 2010 963
NAOTW 01-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 14, 2010 1086
NAOTW 08-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 20, 2010 1150
NAOTW 15-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 21, 2010 921
VOTW 08-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 14, 2010 1138
VOTW 15-01-2010 Collab Music Videos Jan 20, 2010 1632
WTT 01-01-2010 Music Videos Jan 13, 2010 1593
WTT 08-01-2010 Music Videos Jan 14, 2010 894
WTT 15-01-2010 Music Videos Jan 21, 2010 886