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What do I need to plug my mic into my laptop 13 years ago
I'm a student too, so I know what money is like. Depending on what quality you want it's easy to spend lots of money. The other people have mentioned getting an external usb card, however for the bare minimum, I'll have to agree with nickblake. If your mixer has a 1/4" output, you can get a simple 1/4"->1/8" mono adapter for about $3 if you already have a 1/4" cable. I used to do this before I got my rp200 which has a headphone 1/8" jack, so right now, i'm just plugging that into my computer. I've talked with our sound guy at the church I go to, and he said you need to be careful about blowing the card, so make sure everything is turned down when you first plug it in. It also matters whether it's a microphone port or line-in. I'm not sure of the exact difference, but the gain is different. You can adjust this in the sound control panel. If you need to buy cables, you probably could get them for under $30.

Another thing to consider with using this type of setup though, is that you can only have one input unless you have a splitter or your mixer has stereo 1/4". You may also be able to get a straight XLR to 1/8" adapter although the gain might be a problem.