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June 26, 2011 | 1:14 pm

In which I am trying to decide on the best version of the title piece for my new album:

I'm hoping that all you who might be interested can help me make a decision here. I am beginning the process of my next CD album the title will be: Explorers. I have three versions of the title song and I'm having trouble deciding which instrumental accompaniment to use. I've posted all three versions here; I thought you might listen to these older recordings and share your thoughts:

Explorers with piano accompaniment.
2002 concert in the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta
IMPROMPTU, mlpbadarak conducting.

Explorers with organ accompaniment
2007 concert in the Cathedral of St. John, Atlanta
CANTAT, Maxine Thevenot conducting.

Explorers with string quartet accompaniment.
2002 reading at the Pilgrim Church, Minneapolis
VocalEssence, Philip Brunelle conducting

Thanks friends.



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No question in my mind... the version with the string quartet knocks the socks off both the organ and piano choices. I like the organ, but as Stravinsky said,'the monster never breathes'. The piano is nice,but everything in choir music is accompanied by a piano. The string version adds a sense of the human to the music. My choice: strings. How about including all three versions? They all work.
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Thanks, John - this helps me a lot.
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I agree. The strings are simply divine. Though, I like the ominous nature of the piano version too. I think I'm strayed a little tiny bit towards the piano version more. But yeah, they all work perfectly. Each has their own loveliness to them.
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just a thought why not do an EP with all versions? I know not what you asked for but it's a thought...(that way you don't need to choose....)
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I agree, do an EP with all versions, a good idea!
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