hi ... im a 39 year old musician from the south lakes ... i play all sorts of instruments inc. bass guitar , acoustic guitar , electric guitar , drums/percussion , and a little keyboards (but not brilliant) , i also sing and can harmonize well with both male and female vocalists and can hit falsetto if needed .. ive been in the music industry since i was 11 but started playing guitar much earlier at the age of around 4 years old in my bedroom , ive played in various bands playing various instruments even fronting a couple of bands so not much scares me !!!, gigging and recording a wide range of music from original tunes , covers of hendrix even country !!! .. im currently playing drums/percussion in a local band called "even lennie" ( ) and we are banging out original material in the style of pink floyd / radiohead but currently recording some promo c.ds and some video work and have had active intrest from several small labels wanting to grab us while were hot ... suffice to say that all our tunes are fantastically written by simon day our frontman vocalist but hopefully some of my tunes will make the grade and they will be on the set list .... anyway , i have just recently took hold of sonar 6 pe (cakewalk) by the scruff of the neck and built up a small studio at home and i am dabbling in songwriting for myself ... theres no particular style in my songs but i suppose there is a strong laid back sense in my work and some are quite bluesy , some are country and some quite rock `n` rollish , but i write what i feel and thats the main thing ..... all the featured songs are written/composed by myself (except misty blue in which i arranged), all instruments and vocals (except vocal on misty blue) are performed by myself too and oh yes - recorded , engineered and produced by myself in my studio ....hope you like em , im open to comments and they would be appreciated ....thanx for you time ... oh by the way i have a myspace site with more pictures and stuff .....


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
leave me alone Pop Sep 23, 2009 673
to get away from you Pop Sep 23, 2009 661
decir a mi (say them to me) Pop Sep 23, 2009 633
what you want Blues Sep 23, 2009 630
walk before i run Country Sep 23, 2009 535
every little thing Blues Sep 23, 2009 882
pictures of time Country Sep 23, 2009 562
you cant tell me Pop Sep 23, 2009 636
fathers pride Country Sep 23, 2009 708
misty blue (cover) featuring my mother singing ! Country Sep 23, 2009 983
no one cares Collab Country Oct 1, 2009 1632