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The Hardware Behind iCompositions April 26, 2010
iCompositions is powered by a couple different servers, but everything is coordinated by our primary web server. Our hosting provider was kind enough to send us a picture of the hardware that makes it possible for iCompositions to serve terabytes and terabytes of music each month.
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iCompositions' iPhone App April 24, 2010
Last month, we premiered the iCompositions Music Player iPhone app. It's been great to see usage of the app grow over the past few weeks and to discuss the development of the app and its future with the community. I wanted to take a moment to share what could be considered the history of the iCompositions app and the decision making process that made the app what it is.
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Ad Blocking is Devastating to the Sites You Love March 22, 2010
A little over two years ago, I wrote An Impassioned Plea to People Who Block Our Ads. I came across an article today that echoed and expanded on those sentiments and I wanted to share it with our members.
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We've been very busy recently.
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Renamed August 16, 2009
After almost six years, I have changed my username on iCompositions.
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