Hi there from Southern Europe-Land

I am an English guy living in the stunningly beautiful city of Granada in Andalucia Spain - home of the Alhambra Arab Castle.

Ever since I was a teenager (too many years ago) I have been fixated on black music; firstly it was that Ohio soul sound (Ohio Players, Dazz, Zapp, Cameo etc) and then in 1978 I discovered Weather Report and my life changed forever!!

Now my staple is Weather Report (and all the musicians of), Herbie Hancock (and all of THOSE musicians thereof), Chick Corea - in short, music that is REALLY tehnically challenging. I am also heavily into African music, Arab music and since living here - Flamenco!!!

A word also needs to go here to the 'Raga' - a clasical indian music form which tends to generate music with 'a pulse' - I don't particularly like indian 'music', but the Raga is something else

I am a 'media producer' by profession - TV/Video producer originally but now specialised in large live events. Check out my web site for more -

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Signor Odo Electronica Jun 2, 2004 1294
Muddy Mississippi Electronica Jun 2, 2004 1133
And Why Not? Electronica Dec 8, 2004 1059
Mambo-Cat/Harvest Jazz Jan 1, 2005 2083
Jazz Andalucia Setups Jan 9, 2005 1608
Mike_s_Slapper Explicit Electronica Jan 10, 2005 1026
Wolof to Watahari Electronica Apr 9, 2005 879
Waggahuftemuff Electronica Feb 11, 2006 1470
Slither Away Electronica Sep 16, 2006 739
Waspom Wip Electronica Sep 16, 2006 924
Waspom Nossam Electronica Sep 30, 2006 939
ANother Thang Electronica Dec 16, 2006 708
Somewhere.... Jazz Feb 25, 2007 1450
A-Je-Boom-Gedoo Jazz Feb 5, 2008 797
MentalDrive Electronica Jan 30, 2011 555


Title Genre Released Plays
Yet Another Thang Electronica Dec 18, 2006 1124