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Seems by abbeystills01 10 months ago

Very good music & composition!
– Thank you –
A Lazy Day In Summer by falconep 10 months ago

Dreamy and beautiful.
Thank you also for your comment @ "Abysses".

Ripples by Dorothy_Wilson 10 months ago

I enjoy such sound-Collages a lot.
Thanks also for your comment @ "Abysses".
endless ocean by telecaster29 10 months ago

Very wide open, spacy music.
Perfect for imaginative travels, relax or just enjoy.

Coral Joy by DJShadowkat 10 months ago

Good work. Sounds amazing!
Thanks so much for your listen & comment on "Abysses"

The Familiar Scent of Forever by TheGreatSchizm 1 year ago
Good one Anthony! Immersive sounds. smiley
I have also released a new (ROCK) track.
How is your life going btw?


Enigma by AMBRADUNA 1 year ago

Thanks @ FreeEarCandy, Narananda and Arbori.
I appreciate your listen.

Comb the Sky by AMBRADUNA 2 years ago


Balance (A Tribute to Coil) by TheGreatSchizm 3 years ago
I didn't know John Balance. Thanks for letting us know.

Tundra by TheGreatSchizm 3 years ago
Still like it a lot, this is so great.
Again a track full of exciting sounds!

Cheers mate

Protozoan Currents by TheGreatSchizm 3 years ago
What a trip! Well done.

I hope you are doing well Anthony.
Thank you a lot for your letter.

Stay in touch
Failing Gracefully by Liminis 3 years ago

Great music!
Cause And Effect by Liminis 3 years ago


Taste My Sin by Liminis 3 years ago

Hey ya! Very good piece, sounds powerful.
Thank you smiley

Think So (2014 lightning version) by Tony2008 3 years ago
GREAT song! I like the changes and the voice.
Well done. smiley

Galadriel's Dream by ldecarmine 3 years ago

That's a wonderful piece! Very well done.
Thank you smiley
Why by chuckesleeze 3 years ago
Good, original music & fine voice.
Thanks for sharing. smiley

Dirt Rust and Rock by Nuuute 3 years ago
Beautiful music! I bet with a good voice it would be even better.
Why does it end (fade out) so fast?
You should also offer a Aiff or Wav file to download for people who want to add their voice.

Regards smiley

The Southern Star by stebarbi 3 years ago
CiAO Stefano, nice to meet you @ iComp!
Nice music you've made here.

Greeting – Saluti dalla Toscana.

Memories Of Europe by AMBRADUNA 4 years ago
smiley Thank you for your listen & comment dear Kenneth.
All the best. smiley
War Pigs (Cover Black Sabbath) by Tony2008 5 years ago
HOT, HOT! smiley

Planeta Azul by AMBRADUNA 5 years ago
Many thanks for your listen & comment TONY. smiley

Same Place Another Time by AMBRADUNA 5 years ago
Track available @ Bandcamp

Thank you smiley
Serafina by pharmakeus 5 years ago
smiley LOL! Serafino is my real name! smiley
Cool song - thanks pharmakeus!

Ask your self (Preguntate) by Morris 5 years ago
Bravo - me gusta bien! smiley

Well done, nice rhythm. Finally some Spanish ROCK on iComp!
Check also my Tunes & Songs, also Spanish sung.

Thank you

Song for the Day after December 21, 2012 by pharmakeus 5 years ago
Only your VOICE alone would be a great kind of trademark!! smiley
Ah, this song is perfect to enjoy with a cool beer on a hot sunny day.

Thanx mate.

Endless Water by H2O 5 years ago
Impressive Soundscapes! Remembering me STEVE ROACH.....
You should choose better fitting images to your tracks I.M.O.

Thanks smiley

Sea Bright NewAge Chill by Xolv 5 years ago
Beautiful strings & synth sounds in this one.
Lovely music with a touch Brazilian style.
Thank you + A Happy New Year 2013 smiley

and in the end by JoeGooch 5 years ago
Remembers me somehow "Steve Roach"....
Beautiful tunes.

RainFall by JoeGooch 5 years ago
Almost hypnotizing music - well done!
Thanks smiley

Being of Light - for Dorothy Izatt (short version) by JoeGooch 5 years ago
You have a good ear for fine melodies. smiley

Like Spheres Falling by JoeGooch 5 years ago
Very good to listen to. Nice melodies....the drums don't disturb the piece too much. Thanks! smiley

Children of Light (6HZ Theta Binaural Beat Encoded) by HealingChime 5 years ago
Wonderful + beautiful Music! smiley
Balm for my ears....

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Radiant Knowing (6HZ Theta Binaural Beats Encoded) by HealingChime 5 years ago
Sounds very intense, deep. I like it! smiley

Smell the Mitt by pharmakeus 5 years ago
Sounds amazing - I like your voice especially. smiley

Remotely Sad by Twooffour 5 years ago
I join with ihussain. Great piece!
The vocals are just perfect.

Thank you smiley

Past Her Door by Twooffour 5 years ago
Your voice sounds great! Fitting well to the music. smiley

The changes are also good in the piece.


Souvenir de Bordeaux by ByZanz 5 years ago
Nice orchestration and captivating melodies. I like it!

Merci smiley

Origins Of Feelings by Arbori 5 years ago
Good tunes + fine atmospheres! smiley

Chers saluts

The Tenth Door by Narananda 5 years ago
Well, sometimes you need to take a break or an extended holiday. I haven't posted much music here the last months and there's nothing wrong with it.

This track has something i would call hypnotic! Well done my friend + thanks for your comment.

A bientot? smiley
Raggio di Speranza by AMBRADUNA 5 years ago
Thanks for your listen toveco - but i like it mixed as it is.
To mix a ROCK song is not easy at all, especially when it has vocals!

My little Bumble Bee (Cover) by toveco 5 years ago
It sounds too chaotic for my taste! smiley
Restlessness by Stebbo 6 years ago
Good orchestration on this one!
Only the reverb tail on the voice is little bit too long.
Fine melody line though. Thanks.

Manifest by Stebbo 6 years ago
A style with own character - i like it much!
So i'll recommend it my friends.
The recording sounds professional.

Well done Stebbo. smiley

Sunshine by brewchugger 6 years ago
I like it! smiley It remembers me my great time in the Caribbean.

Gracias, Grazie - Thanks!
CiAO smiley

Dread the whistle blow, Remixed by toveco 6 years ago

Relaxed music! smiley

The Acoustic guitar sounds too bold, too present for me.
It mostly covers the voice!

Sure, mixing and mastering isn't easy.

Breath of Fresh Air by LaFayette 6 years ago

Nice song - the voice is great!

- The sound of the snare drum doesn't fit.
- The bass is too low on volume.
- Track sounds flat.

Pioggia e sole by jacoust 6 years ago
CiAO smiley A parte le distorsioni nella voce ed il suono del basso alla fine un po troppo "allungato" questo e' proprio un bel pezzo orecchiabile. Bravo! Spero di sentire una versione missata meglio allora. CiAO, CiAO!

Tundra by TheGreatSchizm 6 years ago

What an immersive, fine tune!
To me one of your best tracks ever published.
The change in the middle part is exquisite!
I like it very much.

Thanks friend smiley

A Pair of Brown Eyes by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Wow! This brings back so much memories.....
For many years i used to listen to the Pogues and other Irish/Celtic music.

Smile! smiley

Dirty Old Town by pharmakeus 6 years ago
That's so good! I didn't hear it before. smiley

Many years ago i have also recorded a cover version of this song,
together with some friends of mine. If i'll find it i will upload it here too.

Thank you Chris smiley
The True and Final Confession of Bob Ford by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Your voice fits well to the song and story behind! smiley
Terry Woods (the Pogues) has a similar voice.

Thanks for your comment on "Clara Luz". smiley

Cominciare da qui by jacoust 6 years ago
Bravissimo - bel pezzo davvero. Uno di quelli che rimane "agganciato" all'orecchio! L'ascoltero' molte volte. GRAZIE! smiley

Fine lyrics, music and deep meanings. Thanks! smiley
Voici la fin du jour by ByZanz 6 years ago
Yes good voice indeed - it reminds me of Alan Stivell somehow.
Nice changes in this music! I changed from Garageband to LOGIC,
because it's fitting better to my needs as Composer and Sound Engineer. Anyway GB was nice too to work with.

CiAO! smiley

overcoming fear by ByZanz 6 years ago
First of all: nice that you're back again here! smiley
Yes, this piece is fine - well arranged.
The speech isn't too loud nor too long, so it fits.
All in one an uplifting, positive piece.

Thanks for your comment on "Promenade In The Sunlight".


Como luces coloradas by AMBRADUNA 6 years ago
¡Muchas gracias Patrizia para su escucha! smiley

Naaji thanks for your listen and comment!! smiley
Te amo mi amor by grathy 6 years ago
The song has a fine rhythm and the violin is splendid.
But the piano is too muddy, the bass too.

All my latest songs are sung in Spanish!
Maybe you wanna have a listen?

Cheers smiley
Imagine a new world by thsantac 6 years ago
Bonsoir Thierry!
Sounds good - but vocals, something human is somehow missing. smiley
LA VIDA ES UN SUEO by chuk 6 years ago
Fine music! Vocals would make it even better! smiley
Profound by Naaji 6 years ago
Wow - sounds so deep and warm!
Well done Ramona. smiley
High Planes Drifter by RevJoE 6 years ago
I like it much! What great atmospheres...
Please finish or extend it.

Well done! smiley
Let It Shine by vavsonka 6 years ago
Wow, this sounds pretty good. I like your voice!
Fine that you kept it simple and direct as it is.

Thanks smiley
Una volta by jacoust 7 years ago
Bella, bella caro amico! smiley
Beautiful song! smiley
The Quiet Memories of a Dying Dragon by TheGreatSchizm 7 years ago
Nice and dark - well done mate! smiley

Hey i recommend you VIR2 Q - it has some brilliant Ambient sounds.
Check it:
Infinitely Downwards by TheGreatSchizm 7 years ago
Yes it sounds dark - but it's positive!
It takes the listeners up to other skies...

I like the cover picture very much.
Dreams of Nature by TheGreatSchizm 7 years ago
Nice and deep music. Good work friend.

Best regards smiley
El pintor del muelle by AMBRADUNA 7 years ago
Muchas gracias Patrizia - estoy muy encantado! smiley smiley

Thanks to all listeners too. smiley
Try This by Fredriksen 7 years ago
Unfortunately i can't see the clip here! On Firefox browser. First it takes very long to load it and then i see only a thin stripe. The music comes though. Sounds good.
Time - A One-Dimensional Quantity Used to Sequence Events - Or Is It? by zagneek 7 years ago
Very versatile music, always changing...though i like the middle part the most, the one with the slow synthesizer. Nice tunes.

Thank you for your comment on my piece! smiley
Cloud Hunter by TheGreatSchizm 7 years ago
Simply structured but intriguing piece. Perfect for meditation or contemplation. That's pure ZEN-Music!

Well done Anthony
Fortis Natural by Miklos_Bajszar 7 years ago

That's magical!
Love Of Life by Miklos_Bajszar 7 years ago
Lovely music really with intriguing melodies. Well done! smiley
Le eccezioni by jacoust 7 years ago
Bella, bella davvero! Con un ritornello da sogno.
Piccio' questa e' una bomba! Per me sinora la piu' bella tua canzone.

Bravissimo! smiley smiley
Tu non sai by jacoust 7 years ago
Una storia simile m'e capitata anche a me! Purtoppo l'amore non fu corrisposto...forse bene cosi? Complimenti per la musica.
Non esistono stagioni by jacoust 7 years ago
Interessante davvero, c'ha sostanza! smiley
Nella seconda vita by jacoust 7 years ago
Bel ritornello, bravo! Fai buon uso della tua voce.

Grazie - Ciao smiley
старый by FyodorDostoyevsky 7 years ago
Nice melodies and fine instruments - good use of the Apple Loops.

A Coalescence of Dreams by videoscore 7 years ago
You've chosen some nice synth sounds for this and what a heavenly melody!

Best regards
Rivers of Love by Naaji 7 years ago
Sounds cool! Nice to hear you're back. I also haven't been recording fresh stuff...have a lot of work to do and rearrange my life.

Cheers Naaji smiley
Some Kind Of Spanish by MaxBalton 7 years ago
Nice idea though there are many errors with the playing tempo!
How long do you play guitar?

Check my song "Vida Libre"
September Song by lilmom 7 years ago
Gentle and beautiful music - i'm glad to meet you here. smiley
( Gentle ) thriller by Narananda 7 years ago
Hi my friend, that sounds very intense but not scary at all. smiley
Move Your Body by Naaji 7 years ago
Very sweet! smiley
Flying South by AMBRADUNA 7 years ago
Check also these links:
A Different Corner For Me by Fredriksen 7 years ago
Wow, sounds nice! The melody has a Mediterranean touch to my ears.
Possibly a text sung in Spanish or Italian would fit nice.

Beautiful music Fredriksen
We Will Go Blind by Naaji 7 years ago
Gosh - after re-listening i find it extremely enchanting!
I can listen to it all the time. A real hit.
Also the text is marvelous!

Thanks for this gem smiley
We Will Go Blind by Naaji 7 years ago
Precious song Naaji! smiley It's nearly hypnotic to me.
I love the synths, percussion and of course your voice.
It's a smooth, relaxing piece. Well done.

Canyon Spirits by JenniferAshcom 7 years ago
Extraordinary! Very interesting artistic work and i like the melodies and instruments choice. Hey, check my site with lots of positive tunes for meditation and relax >

Thanks smiley
I'll Wait by blaising 7 years ago
Lovely, dreamy music! Reminds me somehow the music of some pieces of "Clannad". Nice orchestrated.

Well done! smiley
Abradown by Fredriksen 7 years ago
That's precious music Fredriksen. Amazing tunes!
In 2 Deep by Fredriksen 7 years ago
Beautiful piece really! smiley
Gray Colors by Fredriksen 7 years ago
Love this one too! Great work. smiley
Sweetest by Fredriksen 7 years ago
Cool one Fredriksen! I may add my voice to this one too...
Thank you smiley Best regards
When Love Takes Away... by Arbori 7 years ago
Well done my friend! Love everywhere smiley
Give Me Another Chance by archie7777 7 years ago
Yes beautiful melodies! The mix sounds very thin, volume level is too low and the voice too loud. The content is good - you just have to work on your mixing skills.

Uplifting song!
Kamil Wrona aka cammiloo - Calling The Gods by cammiloo 8 years ago
Great piece bro'! Very good mixed and with exciting sounds.

CDF 90 by sookin01 8 years ago
That's lovely! Very beautiful synth textures here - sounding so good.
In my past i used to work the opposite way: to do a painting with a selected music piece! Now i've found music as better way of expression.

Cave by sookin01 8 years ago
That's very good! It's really like entering into a cave...or at least a sacred spot.
A mystic-sonic journey and a fine composition with great sounds.
Please continue with Ambient music. Good potential here!

Thank you
Before The Storm by pdxflint 8 years ago
Hello Phil - dear thanks for your comment!
It's fine to hear your new creations. Yea, i'm also focusing more on music now. Music helps balancing life.

the show of the sea by colalucaenzo 8 years ago
Bravo - bel video davvero!!
Sono un amante del mare e delle sue creature e faccio tanta musica New Age/Ambient. Dai un ascolto ai miei brani sul mio sito:

Grazie - Ciao