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Agatarco's 100 Most Recent Comments

nope by irok 2 years ago

Sucks, no creativity at all.

horrible, always the same cords!
ˇOh que luna! by Agatarco 8 years ago
Take Your Time by Colombo 11 years ago
i like it!!!
very peaceful indeed.
Désolé by Colombo 11 years ago

very relaxing.
Pianoblues by Agatarco 12 years ago
yes, i mostly use loops!!!! i'm not a musician!!!
Silkyway by Agatarco 12 years ago
thanks!!! yes I should make them longer...
Taking Over (finished version) by TheTruth 12 years ago

it's not my type of music but sounds good. Didn't really like the lyrics... but sounds cool.
Silkyway by Agatarco 12 years ago
I uploaded in AAc format, is it the same? or maybe better mp4?
I was told to upload in AAC or mp3

Please, analyze it!!!!!!
Pianoblues by Agatarco 12 years ago
Almost everything! thanks!!!
Pie Pie Pie by davajonah 12 years ago

Cool song! I see the simpsons eating pie!!!
Growing Grubs by The_Red_Roach 12 years ago

don't know the poem, but u use quite good the effects and the orchestra loops!!! very interesting
India Calling by Reinholt56 12 years ago

sounds good for a film!!!
Mozatarco by Agatarco 13 years ago
It's a variation of a phrase from a composition of Mozart, that's why. It's the theme of the only glassharmonica composition that Mozart composed.
King Prawn Madras by mikecreamer 13 years ago

sounds pleasant!!!!!! remainds me of the Buddha bar chill out music. I think if Claude Challe would have listen to this piece....mmmmmm who knows.......
I like it!!!
Peace Round by ssstebbe 13 years ago

Makes me smile....sweet.
Difficult job to direct a children chorus
Awesome God by BrettCummins 13 years ago

Second Movement (from December Suite for Guitar) by atwood1956 13 years ago

I love guitars, this theme sounded spanish, a very old style one. Nice job
intro_karl by floor 13 years ago

At the begining it sounded like Wagner's Lohengrin.
The loops are too repetitive, I think. After a second time it starts to be boring. But you gave a form, an idea and it souns very nice. I also thought it could be right for a historic soundtrack film...like a hero movie.
Cayman Night Revised in D by PupDoc 13 years ago
by the way....I read your post about the cayman video after i wrote my post...so your idea of the underwater works perfectly.
Cayman Night Revised in D by PupDoc 13 years ago

Listening to your muic I imagined dolphins diving at sunset and then swimming together in a dark sea. Interesting and peaceful piece. Good work!!!
Lina's Song1 by atmirage 13 years ago

Interesting work!!!! I olny found the rithm of the drums a bit the same, but the piano melody was fantastic. Very sweet too. I like it!!!!