Thought I should update this bio .... I haven't had much time in the past year to contribute to this site .... as most of my tunes are posted at ( ... um ... the "other" place) .... I tried to keep up with two sites ... but working full time and being a single parent has made this difficult for me time-wise ... however I may return here from time to time ... thank you to all who continue to listen to the tunes that I have posted here.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Lonely Hearts Hurt Blue Surf Collab Rock Apr 16, 2006 3771
Sweet Amber Liquid Blues Apr 16, 2006 1354
Walls Explicit Metal Apr 24, 2006 1316
Emotional Vampires Rock May 7, 2006 1390
Touch me There Explicit Other May 14, 2006 1500