Archaós are a 4-piece alt-metal band formed by 4 lads from Cork, Ireland after meeting each other during their time at CSN's Music, Management and Sound course.

With influences from a wide variety of Rock and Metal music they began to mold their own original sound. With a passion for songwriting and hard-hitting music with energetic riffs they began to write original material in preparation for their first gigs around Cork. `

Cork's Cyprus Avenue provided them with their first gigging experiences in December 2016 and February of 2017. They have since played in venues such as Fred Zeppelins, An Spailpin Fanach and The Firkin Crane Theater in Cork.

They are currently in the process of finishing their debut original EP and plan to release over the Summer of 2017. After release, they plan to gig frequently around Cork and extend their reach around Ireland to promote it.

This is just the beginning for Archaós!

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Debut Single Coming Soon! June 16, 2017
We will be releasing our first single this coming Saturday the 17th of June, 2017!
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Title Genre Released Plays
Elysium Alternative Dec 20, 2017 179
Dead Light Alternative Dec 20, 2017 144
Awakening Alternative Dec 19, 2017 226
Chains of Cerberus Alternative Dec 19, 2017 179
Quasar Alternative Dec 19, 2017 156
Limbo Alternative Oct 21, 2017 283
The Temptress Metal Jun 16, 2017 316