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Hello iComp!

I grew up playing violin, I loved being in the orchestra. To be surrounded by 50 other musicians playing their hearts out was always the highlight of the day during my school years. I played oboe for a short time also. Being in an orchestra gives you a good musical foundation. Harmony, timing, dynamics, pitch (ear training), and a sense of emotional attachment are the musical skills I massaged and tried my best to soak in.
Around 14 or 15 I started going to rock concerts. I quickly found a friend who played guitar and joined him with a bass in my hands. By 17 our band was rocking every weekend in front of hundreds of hippies, high school students, and eventually to the bar scene. Our band became quite popular locally. Several bands later, I formed a duo and we worked in restaurants and bars for 14 years. I grew disinterested in that lifestyle and the bass, so I moved away from the area to eventually become a teacher.
As a reward for finishing my first year as a full time teacher, I bought a low-end Martin D-1 R 6 string and began the adventure again. The time playing music with children always put a big smile on my face. I wrote my first song shortly after 911 and I have really enjoyed writing music ever since.
I'm retired now and looking back, I loved my time as a first grade teacher. Both careers brought me great joy and satisfaction. I admire this community and the many talented artists who are here. Thanks for reading about me!
John Karl

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