I'm an average musician that likes to play Rockabilly, Surf, Ska and Garage (sometimes FOLK!). I have a recording space where I mic most of my instruments. I play Guitar mostly, but I also work at Drums, Bass and Keys. I'm not super digital, but I do like to have digital instruments at my fingertips.

My take on music is that it should be fun. It should be fun to play, listen to and preform. Now I know I might be coming off a bit rigid and I know that music does ALOT more than that (for different people and different reasons), it even does different things for me personally. But when I attempt to compose something (sometimes poorly...I'm definitely no expert) I like the result to make everyone happy.

I'm a super good participator, and I always like to be part of something bigger. Let me know if you need anything!

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Calling Out the Great Quinn Collab Surf Jun 16, 2017 300


Title Artist Genre Plays
DAYDREAM mediadad Surf 618