I am thouroughly in love with Borris. Yep, I get to go over and record music in the shed...It's pretty sweet. Ya I met Gwen once and Paris there...It was totally awesome. Ya, Borris is pretty cool himself too. It's really really really loud I'd warn you if you want to go over there.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Getting Dressed Fast Electronica Oct 20, 2007 516
Time Funk Feb 18, 2007 665
The Martians Are Landing! New Age Feb 17, 2007 740
Random Hawaiian Vacation World Feb 17, 2007 586
I'm Sleepy Inspirational Feb 17, 2007 847
borris & betty Rock Feb 15, 2007 1143


Title Artist Genre Plays
The Wasted One borris Pop 2012
The Geezer Next Door borris Rock 2973