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All the Malcontents by jobu 13 days ago
astounding as usual. is that a flange and compression on the main vocal.
Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) Ver. 2 by C_Man 1 month ago
over the years this has become my favourite version of this song
Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) Ver. 1 by C_Man 1 month ago
over the years this has become my favourite version of this song
011 (Elle's Theme) from Stranger Things by dcoscina 1 year ago
well done and beautiful. which patches and which soft-synths?
Mother 32 by sookin01 2 years ago
ya wish I could afford
Hold On by calebhawkins 2 years ago
love your stuff. This song helped me today.
'Daredevil Theme" by PaulOwenMusic 2 years ago
well done
Elephants (Band Version) by jobu 3 years ago
your singing just gets better and better. sounds tight.
Synchronicity II (The Police) by Tony2008 3 years ago
Singing is exceptional but a bit too close to original. playing is tight. I think you should have explored a completely different take on the song. Maybe an acoustic with rolling reverbs for the sppoky factor of the comparison themes. For what you did though is was well done.
Halcyon Days by jobu 3 years ago
mmm nice saturday surprise
Kids with ideas by Lapskin 4 years ago
No hat?
Follow by Anamchara 4 years ago
more people should hear this
Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus cover) by LemonWedges 4 years ago
The count!
Analog Friends (Band Version) by jobu 4 years ago
Subdivisions (Rush Cover) by RayLaVeau 4 years ago
nice. impressed. IF you personalize this and make it a little less like the orig... nah you could sell this. make a nice vid and boom. I actually had to go watch the live in holland vid version and I'm always always always floored by Neil Pert's drumming. Its probably fair to say Rush is the greatest rock band in history...ever.
Right to be Nervous by jobu 4 years ago
Something I've noticed. Ever since you became a dad your songs are longer than 1 minute. So good to hear from you. This was beautiful.
my soul by voodooheadguy 4 years ago
reminds me of a Jharley track. nicely done. Only real critique is itsssss to esssssssy. Other than that its a nice production.
Inflated by UvsU 5 years ago
Glass flowers by alanatomic 5 years ago
thanks for the video Tom It was nice of you to do that for me.
Tom Sawyer (Rush Cover) by RayLaVeau 5 years ago
VERY great and respectable cover. Did you use a moog minitaur for the bass synth? I think Geddy actually uses a full on taurus pedal synth.
Basic iPad MIDI Music Station... by woodguy32 5 years ago
looks like a minimoog. well done. I wish you the best in your battle sweetie. how much are you selling them for?
Orange Dreams by Sproj3ct 5 years ago

I don't rate stuff often.... almost never this made me happy
I Said I Observed by jobu 5 years ago
still sounding sexy.. and wow. THE WHOLE SONG. great ambient track riding the background. I think I love every aspect of this track. Best work to date. Beautifully produced.
The Fate Of Starbase 7 by RevJoE 5 years ago
go rev joe
Hunt Of The Season (Radio Edit) by Axelbreeze 5 years ago
holy top 40 great work
Atlantis (Revision) by SkySentinel 5 years ago
post a version without auto tune. I love it otherwise.
damien by UvsU 5 years ago
10/10 for photo
nice shiney new toys by Lapskin 5 years ago
did you get any shiney new toys?
too fear is to feel by Lapskin 5 years ago
Only Place For Me by RandyBenjamin 5 years ago
my mother loves this song. I think there is an abundance of talent here. Song itself is not for me though. Too much 70's easy listening. On the other hand I would kill to have her singing for me.
is this your life crises by Lapskin 5 years ago
well I like it
what i love reaktor mix by Lapskin 5 years ago
fun with reaktor
Consider me gone (jazz ver.) by w1av 5 years ago
smooth. this is one of the most ridiculously well done productions I've heard here. The vocals are outstanding. thanking Pharmakeus for posting a link to it.
DEMUndT FaST few second taster by Blacklilyorchard 5 years ago
trying to find a choir for this piece. It needs it. Whole thing is planned out. Don't want to use the synth for the choir part.
Dr. Who Theme (Irish Style) by doobiedoo 5 years ago
I laughed. that was fun
Going to Ground by JHarley 5 years ago
the drums are projecting a player perspective as opposed to the audience. 2 hi hats on one on each side which is a weird choice. Maybe bring the effect of the guitar a little more to the opposite. I hear it creeping over when the chorus effect (in the chorus) kicks in but it is a tad off balance for me. You might be able to throw some ambience in there instead to counter it. love the choice to slow the tempo at the end.
Going to Ground by JHarley 5 years ago
i listened to this while sirens were blaring from just a few blocks away for the first bit of the song. was a perfect pairing... in a good way
Just a minute, Irwin by JHarley 5 years ago
I see the J and M Chain-ness of it but when you start talking I INSTANTLY thought of a band called "Its Immaterial" Look them up on soundcloud if you don't remember them. There is a remix of Driving Away From Home. I gotta be honest... For the longest time I thought you were the singer.but they are from liverpool i think. ( I love random punc.Tu:ati!n )
Push by JHarley 5 years ago
you are so british you out brit the other brits. great song... but relegated to the b-side. (best songs are often on the b-side. b is for best) Think I'm going to redo a j&m chain song. ....when i get paid I should have enough for the new interface.
Saturday Night (it's not really me) by JHarley 5 years ago
this made my night. it was everything I would do in a rock song. only better than I would do it.
Just A Man (ElectroHouse Mix) by C_Man 5 years ago
Well Done Sir. great song for remixing.
The White Horses (Revenant) by JHarley 6 years ago
Tons of drudgery everyday from this website and then this drops. I had just finished listening to the dukes of stratosphere and it was like a continuation. I think you are actually friends/workmates/co-producers/in some way affiliated with with andy partridge. (when I say friends I mean acquaintance because I hear Andy is a bit of a **** ). Regardless .. I LOVED IT!
Nightengale by Demamix 6 years ago
talented boy
Jumping someone elses train. by painfaker 6 years ago
my band and I use to cover this back in the 80's along with A Forest. Nice version. good job.
We're Not Gonna Take It (Cover) by Cinderella 6 years ago
cinderella... the 80's metal band?
let me down (easily) by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
without trying to sound like I have a music pole up my arse, I sometime feel that music needs to transcend format and become more of a sound sculpture. Stuff like this has a heavy influence from artists like Talk Talk/ Mark Hollis in the latter days. Bringing emotion without interpretation. similar to the technique/style used in Drunk Girl Crying. And the above mentioned Song that saved the world.
I Robot (cover) by thsantac 6 years ago
unfortunately I have a bit much on my plate at the moment. keep up the good work though.
I Robot (cover) by thsantac 6 years ago
well done indeed. I loved this. got me in the mood to listen to some alan parsons now.
garageband for iphone demo by Lapskin 6 years ago
why did you even post this?
NCT (Abelton Live Fidget House) by olympus 6 years ago
Negativland - RhythMix (Neu! cover) by robby_reverb 6 years ago
Boys don't cry [Cover] by jolofsson 6 years ago
Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n Stuff (Rome's Remix) by Rome 6 years ago
well done. was it all done in FL with a mouse or were you using pads and keyboard?
Analog Friends by jobu 6 years ago
been a while. fantastic. lol you aren't mad cuz I'm doing electronic stuff now? this actually made me cry. mind you i'm a bit emotional atm so a cereal commercial could probably set me off. anyway hope you and the family are well.
this is not flash dancer by Lapskin 6 years ago
great track.sounds like you stopped using your mouse to control ableton finally
Autobahn (19 Minute Kraftwerk Cover) by GaryHunter 6 years ago
we are sooo old. great homage. I loved KW.
Truth (N.O)-take 3 vocal OD by naboo 6 years ago
heh reminds me of when my first band covered transmission back a long time ago. good job.
WE WANT TO ROCK(tainted love) by moffFROMyork 6 years ago
i like this
For Lapskin on Halloween by alanatomic 6 years ago
this is nice tom
An Unremarkable Man by JHarley 6 years ago
An Unremarkable Man by JHarley 6 years ago
dude you know I have amazing respect for you and am probably your second biggest fan but you did something thats a no-no in my books. ripping off velvet undergound is uncool. the chorus for femme fatale. being that you are my age - ish or older( lets say older to make me feel better) i should think you would have recognized it.

im guessing you caught it though just now and are in the works to fix it. in that case... forgiven

i'm only heavily critical because you are one of the best artists on iC and it caught me off guard. its such a good song so at least acknowledge it.

i am part of the cult
About to Fall - (another day). by Konrad_James 6 years ago
HEAD BACK TO CALGARY by toddbrown 6 years ago
i like this...
Class of Glass by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
too soon?
Law Breaker by Ben_Jackson 6 years ago
wah pedal made me happy
She sells sanctuary (cover of The Cult) by Project__S 6 years ago
awesome job guys
Class of Glass by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
? why wouldnt it belong to me
Superhuman Man by JHarley 6 years ago
stop being so amazing
atmos3 by Lapskin 6 years ago
time is on our side by Lapskin 6 years ago
a leap in the right direction
Idiot Machine by JHarley 6 years ago
glad you worked this out. great song. nicely produced.
Emergency (Resuscitation Remix) by Sabine 6 years ago
howd i miss this
Greater London by JHarley 6 years ago
mmm badge's a**. yum. great stuff as usual. i could imagine this on jules. or totp
Mixology The Vid by alanatomic 6 years ago
hey so are you busy with video production?
glass flowers by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
Ya I made the mistake of not buying the whole studio version of live when I had the money. Instead I had to buy a at the lawnmower. I really like the extra instrument you get in studio. Boo at the extra cost for the upgrade.
Starlight (Space Oddysey Mix) by C_Man 6 years ago
Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) Ver. 1 by C_Man 6 years ago
love your production value
Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) Ver. 2 by C_Man 6 years ago
strong urge to re mix
Fan noise from my macbookpro... cringing under the table by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
going to rerelease this as dubstep
who's that girl? video by that80sboy 6 years ago
who did the vid
Semtex by Lapskin 6 years ago
dubstep..... hardly industrial. but fun
You're Such a Mess! by JHarley 6 years ago
sounds fab
timbuck tooo by Lapskin 6 years ago
well done. sometimes less is more
unleashed cyber dime mix by Lapskin 6 years ago
a little too midimacman-ish for me no context.. no continuity its like you just grabbed a bunch of loops from the ableton library and jammed in a mix. Must be one of those 5 minute compositions. I don't normally come down on people i enjoy listening to but you can do much better than this.


i'm never going to mince words with you.
glass flowers by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
i'll put it on the ep as a bonus
Filthy ****ing Dubstep by TomKendall 6 years ago
A Star by JHarley 6 years ago
john... I heart you. your music is inspirational. greatest respect. That being said....

not what I was expecting as a revision. The low end vocal harmony was out of place and it seems like a mashup of 2 songs. It went from dramatic to violent without context. I say this to you because I know you have the chops to understand what I mean. Its almost like an argument between 2 married people that inexplicably turned violent and ended tragically with the survivor left in a puddle of tears and possibly blood wondering what the hell came over them. Mind you... that could also describe most football matches.

bring some fluidity back to the song. I know you know you aren't done.

Draft Junk by Narley 6 years ago
that you singing? if this is your music. hats off. I might wanna try a remix.
LOST IN PARIS by moffFROMyork 6 years ago
ableton is fun
let loose by Lapskin 6 years ago
hey lap can you play piano? I always wondered. one thing I'm going to do is try and influence you to do is never use the stock apple loops unless you modify them beyond recognition.
let loose by Lapskin 6 years ago
how long before logic shows up
Promised Land by jennyLYNN 6 years ago
more fun. i am willing to bet your life is full of non stop drama.
Dance of the Mad Pipers by jennyLYNN 6 years ago
woah... hey... wow. this is fun
Uneven Days by RevJoE 6 years ago
that your mixer? nice
I'm Not a Star (part) by JHarley 6 years ago
simply unspeakable. seems more like the end of a song than the beginning. Its a trick I learned. When you can't move forward.. work from the end and reconstruct in reverse. then maybe just tag on a sustained note with a single word right at the end (same note as your first in this but a higher octave with some falsetto) of this to punctuate. you always have so much drama in your songs.
day three by Lapskin 6 years ago
[quote="Lapskin"]@Blacklilyorchard it is already on order smiley
word of warning.. some plugins and AUs have not been fixed to work in Lion but most 3rd party still work in logic oddly. Also some DAW controllers do not have updated drivers. You may have to boot with 32 bit enabled along with 64 bit (holding the 3 and 2 down when you hear the boot chime and hold until you see the spinny circle of dashes then release)
day three by Lapskin 6 years ago
so does this mean you are going to pick up a copy of logic studio?
Party is skull by Demamix 6 years ago
nice instructional
day three by Lapskin 6 years ago
not bad for a GB track. uh wait.. you just get a new mac? I thought you worked in windows
It's so hard [bit chomper] by Demamix 6 years ago
i always enjoy your stuff