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So here's what I do. I'm a drummer, sort of. I've jammed with people over the years - some college friends, some co-workers, but most notably my old high school buddy, Erik, who once long, long ago came to Hollywood to go to Musicians Institute to learn to be a "real" guitarist. Not me, though. I came to Hollywood to get a job. Rock and roll or money, rock and roll or money. I'm too much of a realist so I went for the money.

Sometimes in the cold and dark I wonder 'what if', but not very often.

Having said that, I have a kit and love to bang on it still. But what I do here is simply all software instruments and/or loops just for the fun of it. I don't play guitar and I don't really play keyboards much, though I had 5 years of piano lessons as a kid... when I least wanted to do it, of course. How I wish I'd paid more attention and learned better... sigh.

I have an M-Audio keystation midi and I'll riff on that a bit, record something and then usually spend most of my time manually editing and reworking it in GarageBand, trying to get it to sound as close to the real thing as I can; changing up the software instruments, tweaking their default settings, mixing and re-mixing - just playing around basically.

I have recently been using EZDrummer's Drumkit From Hell in my tracks. It's awesome.

So in a nutshell, I'm screwing around to entertain myself mostly. And I'm far from prolific. If I can knock out one tune in a year I feel like I'm doing good. If you guys can enjoy anything I do, that's just extra awesome. If you hate it, don't hesitate to tell me that, too.

GarageBand has basically allowed me to actually create my own music for the first time ever - I never played with midis before, or any other software. GB came free on a Mac and I got hooked. (Did I mention I sometimes have a motivation problem?)

Hope you enjoy my simple offerings.


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Pittman Road Metal Dec 27, 2004 1182
Occupational Hazard Metal Jan 17, 2005 993
Groovylusion Metal Mar 20, 2005 912
Fallen Metal Nov 20, 2005 797
Magnitude Metal May 30, 2006 611
Immortals Metal Jun 18, 2007 540
Chasing The Sun Metal Apr 10, 2009 475
Cry Havoc Metal Dec 31, 2009 458
Acedia Metal Mar 26, 2010 427
Dust Witch (West Coast Remix) Rock Aug 20, 2010 413
Devil's Night Metal Oct 30, 2011 494
Mary Celeste Rock Sep 7, 2014 397
Spawn of Echidna Metal Dec 16, 2015 202
Invocation Metal Dec 31, 2015 420
Invocation (Redux 2) Rock Mar 26, 2016 317
Yosemite Rock Nov 21, 2016 372