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I am a percussionist that plays the Afro-Latin musics of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil. Curiously enough, at the moment my bread and butter comes from touring in a large Jimmy Buffett tribute show. When I’m not playing in the tribute show, I enjoy playing Capoeira Angola, Bomba y Plena, Rumba, Samba and Latin Jazz. I also accompany dance classes and teach private lessons and ensemble classes in Afro-Latin percussion.

I have only recently started putting together a small digital studio. GarageBand represents my first baby steps in the world of digital music. I have done a significant amount of recording session work as a percussionist in the past. I am currently trying to get set up to do session work completely from home, where I can record tracks for people’s digital projects right from my own home studio.

GarageBand has been a lot of fun for me. I am very interested in composing arranging and production. GarageBand is a great way to experiment with arrangements and production techniques without having to write charts and then find people willing to play down the charts for no money, just to satisfy my own curiosity. In this way, it has been a great tool for me.

For more pictures and a little more about me you can check out www.changesinlatitudes.com/brandonbio.html.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Novelli no Nordeste Latin Feb 8, 2006 2748
Herbie's Hand's Cocked Funk Feb 8, 2006 1196
Descarga Manzana Latin Feb 8, 2006 1399