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PedroBossa by MusicLeft 9 years ago
All I can say is "______!" I have no words to I can put in this post on how well this was produced and played. Downloaded this tune after the first play.

Awesome job. smiley
supply the suplier [Rough Draft] by impaqt 9 years ago

Rap was cool but would of been better, if beats came from you and not a loop from snoop.
still crazy by pyrofly 12 years ago

Great flava, but missing something I just can't put my finger on.
the rise and fall/ end of may by ipimpala 12 years ago

THs could of been great but the chous vocals of her's seem too low and seem to fight against the rap chrous.
I Wanna Be On Fire (vocals) by SlimGirlFat 12 years ago

great tune, just I felt like I hade to flip the LP over to get the rest of it but had no other side.
other_new_song by pyrofly 12 years ago

A great feel to this tune. yohmar has it right it is a Pyro/Santana fusion.
Only thing was seemed like playback is too high, sounded distorted even at low levels.
Other then that awesome tune.
as_i_slept by pyrofly 12 years ago

I'm with Fortunato, awesome, awesome sound!
The Dons by DJMarvel 12 years ago

It seem to me that it's a tune missing something (other then Nas). Also at some parts just seems to cut off.
3am Jam (hi-bitrate version) by themactech 12 years ago

Smooth and nice clear sound.... burning to CD as I type this! smiley
A Wordless Ode To Garageband by ponkey 12 years ago

It is annoying smiley
Mac Daddy by CG5Addict 13 years ago
Thanks for the positives and yes, I figured most people who have played with garageband have heard them a lot. I'm trying to get to learn more on tweaks and making my own unique sounds. THX again. :d
Mac Daddy by CG5Addict 13 years ago
post your comments here smiley
Club Speedy by johnnyo 13 years ago

really funny, just needed (to me ) a better ending. (but what do I know? I new to garaband) smiley
The Finder by CG5Addict 13 years ago
My First Garageband Creation :d