Music is a great passion in my Life. I am an Artist and I've been posting my work here since 2007. I now spend most of my time working with my band theTOMTOMS whom are also on this Icomp. I've archived most of my work that has been posted here, I have left what is here for anyone who wishes to listen to my development as an artist over the years. Thank you very much.

God Bless ~ cd

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I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan and moved about 55 thousand times as a child. I'm aware that's a ridiculous exaggeration. I lived in Memphis, Tennessee when I picked up my first guitar. I eventually found myself back in Michigan near Flint. I've been in a lot of groups however two stand out from the crowd which would be "The Madnotes" and "theTOMTOMS". This is a profile of selected pieces that were performed by myself over a period of a half of a decade. I have organized the tracks into three groups, "Joe's Basement" which are the oldest recordings I have and are entirely comprised of cover songs. The second would be the marathon, "Listen to the Rain" session. These were all recorded within the same 24 hour period. The last group would be the E.P. I hope you enjoy listening to what you hear, and feel free to download anything you think you might want to have and I love reading the comments you leave. I also upload new stuff every once in a while. Thank You Very Much and Enjoy!

"I don't discourage Piracy, what could possibly be wrong with sharing?" - cd

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Orgullecida (instrumental cover) Ska/Reggae/Dub Mar 2, 2013 680
You're In Love (E.P. Edition) Pop Jan 28, 2010 4634
The Very Last Love Song (rough cut) Folk Sep 19, 2009 1318
Matt and Crissy's Song Folk Sep 13, 2009 748
In Good Time Rock Jul 3, 2009 811
The Inspiration Rock Jun 30, 2009 899
Bed of Roses Pop Jul 7, 2008 1354
Just Wanted You To Know 2.1 Collab Folk Nov 2, 2007 1419
Liar Liar Folk Nov 1, 2007 1399
Stupid Girl 2.0 Collab Folk Oct 3, 2007 1786
Word After Word Folk Sep 4, 2007 1254
Bed Of Roses (Acoustic) Folk Aug 27, 2007 1318
Say It Ain't So (COVER) Folk Jul 30, 2007 1074
Wish You Were Here (cover) Folk Jul 14, 2007 1008
Rocky Raccoon(cover) Folk Jul 12, 2007 1055
Girl (COVER) Folk Jul 10, 2007 963
Pinball Wizard(COVER) Rock Jul 6, 2007 1611
Across the Universe(COVER) Ambient Jul 6, 2007 4312

Blog rss

Cleaning Up and FREE STUFF October 25, 2011
So Icomp is my home now.
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YouTube Channel January 28, 2010
So I started a youtube channel
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LOVE! (excerpt) October 7, 2009
***This is a small excerpt from a book I've been writing for about 6 months. I really enjoyed this part and i don't wanna wait 20 friggen years before I ever actually finish the stupid book for someone to read this. So I might actually reference something that I don't mention in this note and remember this is just a part of a full chapter on love which goes even more deeply into the word.
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DDBALL has my respect April 19, 2009
This is in my view of reality a VERY honorable thing.
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Why do we call EVERYTHING a song? April 15, 2009
People today call everything a song, even when its clearly NOT a song! A song is much more specific that people(me being one until recently) give it credit i find.
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