I used to be a regular on this site many years ago but I ended up losing sight of why I loved song writing and recording my music and as a result havent been writing or recording for a couple of years.

Recently one of my oldest and dearest friends reminded me of some of the music we'd done together with some great people on Icompositions. That got me listening to some great music on here again.

Some of the "old" artists from 7 or 8 years ago are still making music on here which brought a smile to my face. I've been so inspired since coming back to Icompositions that hopefully some new tunes may come to light!

My main influences are the Beatles, Stones, Who and Neil Finn. So it wont be too hard to spot them when you hear my songs.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing and recording them.



Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Butterfly 2 Pop Apr 24, 2018 183
Gained a lot of wisdom Rock Feb 10, 2018 296
Zebra Pop Jan 20, 2017 539
Reckless Soul Pop Oct 26, 2016 363
Random acts of kindness Pop Oct 23, 2016 361
A Chance encounter Pop Oct 14, 2016 326
Ghosts of the past Pop Oct 7, 2016 413
Mixed Metaphor Pop Mar 14, 2016 401
Goodbye Girl Pop Jul 21, 2015 714
Baby Blue Alternative Jul 10, 2015 437
Di Lorenzo wine Collab Alternative Jul 5, 2015 429
Fairweather man Alternative Jul 2, 2015 397
Counting down the days Alternative Jun 27, 2015 532
Fallen Angel Alternative Jun 24, 2015 517