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Dark Ritual by DJ_Rais 6 years ago
[quote="pharmakeus"]Cool! Interesting sounds ... lots of middle eastern sounds? ... Given the "muslim" flavors, is the title really appropriate?

Never really looked at it like that. Just worked on this one when I was depressed. It seemed pretty dark to me... Hence the name, the repetitious, what someone might construe as "chanting", made me think of some sort of ritualistic chant of some strange cult, sect or something that I know nothing about hence the name. If you have any ideas, I'm open to changing the name.

The instruments used that give it that middle-eastern feeling are actually koto's and japanese guitar work.

Glad you like it though. I have 7 or 8 more that I am working on in order to make this set of tracks complete smiley
A Song by jl 12 years ago
This is tight and makes me happy to listen to! For me it is very relaxing and chilled out...Like the artist doesn't have a care in the world and is like "Yeah, this is where I am and it's groovy just the way it is"...-=DJ Rais=-
Alive by jayman 12 years ago

Wow! This is beautiful! I love it!!!! Fantastic job
BBF:06 heroes (bowie cover) by ponkey 12 years ago

This is pretty cool. I like this.
The Fugitive Part I by mccello 12 years ago

Not a big jazz fan, but someone plugged this so I came to listen. I dig this. Very good, pleasing to my ears and just plain rocks!!!

-=DJ Rais=-
Your Song by TeddyC 12 years ago

I really dig this. Very interesting take on this song to be sure. The download button got clicked smiley

-=DJ Rais=-
King_Hush by Hush 12 years ago

This is hella cool!!!!
I Funked Up Again! by DelMurice 12 years ago

This is funking cool bro...keep up the good work!
Nouvelle Danse by DelMurice 12 years ago

Hell yeah!!! This is S-I-C-K!!!!!!!!
Ambient Noise Machine by Matt Granz 12 years ago

I dig this a lot! Very cool sound...
MOODSWINGS by Bampot 12 years ago

Nice sound, I like this. I could sit back and groove to this at work or at home.

-DJ Rais
Frag Rock (Hard Guitar/Tech Rock) by ivanjs 14 years ago
Very Nice!!! I like this a lot...Didn't care for JamJam personally, but everyone has different tastes smiley Keep up the good work....