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DavidAcoustic's 100 Most Recent Comments

Listening by ScottHorwath 6 years ago

Very nice! A great relaxing etude. Very soothing and quite beautiful. I enjoyed it...
Emotional Revolution by DavidAcoustic 6 years ago
[quote="Proliferousrose"]I sympathize with the sentiments and the energy.

Thank you! Just trying to wake some people up...
Emotional Revolution by DavidAcoustic 6 years ago
[quote="Figurochi"]fantastic! awesome songwriting. love the vocals harmonies.
think we do need a revolution sometimes..ha!
Thanks! You say you wanna revolution? Well, you know...
Gimme Water by Figurochi 6 years ago

Gimme water! Or bourbon, scotch or a beer... It'l all work. Great retro sound. Kind of a mix between ACDC and Deep Purple maybe. I dunno. It works though. Great rockin' track!
Laugh Like A Fool by DavidAcoustic 7 years ago
@Mana_Junkie Rapturalicious! And no Raptors too. We were very lucky! Thanks Tim!
America Is Coming For Ya by DavidAcoustic 7 years ago
@Mana_Junkie Thanks Tim!
@pharmakeus I think this song has a shelf life of about a week. As time passes and my eyes open again, I am returning to my peace loving self with a much more worldly view. I appreciate your comments and tolerance.
@olympus Many thanks for the listen and comment. The politics are incendiary on purpose as they capture a unique emotional moment. As time passed and I was mixing this, I thought about adding a heavier element of satire. Alas, my laziness outweighed my desire to make the song more palatable. LOL!
@mfwmiles Thank you! I will put up some more rockers soon.
Ipad by bvogel 7 years ago
Hmmm... I understand the iPad is becoming quite the artistic device. Makes me want one. I think it sounds pretty good. Wish it were longer. You should develop this into a full production. I dig it.
Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? by pharmakeus 7 years ago
I gotta get myself an ebow. That sounds like too much fun. Crazy cool psychedelic tune here. Kind of like a drunken nightmare only in a good way. I see melting clocks, silent screams and giraffes operating machinery. Could be just me.... I dig it.
Kingdom Come (Manowar cover) by irok 7 years ago
Funny thing... I was hearing a bit of David Byrne a la "Animals" off of "Fear of Music". I dunno, maybe I'm just nuts that way. LOL! Good stuff!
Heat Zone by DjBaro 7 years ago

I like it. A cool laid back groove that really moves. Yeah, pretty sweet...
bread and butter please by joecharles 7 years ago

Nicely done! Totally digging the 70's vibe. I dig it.
Dalek City by Mana_Junkie 7 years ago

Oh yeah! Mana Junkie is burning it up! Excellent track again, Tim!
Music For A Clockwork Girl by Mana_Junkie 8 years ago

You've got the beat! A little different offering from you. Lots of sound here and a really cool organic vibe. I like it!
My Guitar by DavidAcoustic 8 years ago
THANK YOU EVERYONE! A fantastic welcome to this site. I think I may like it here...
Got to Know by pharmakeus 8 years ago
Trippy tune here. Love the music. Love the vocals. I might remix to make the music bigger and more "in your face"... but that's just me. This has its own spider web of sound that catches all. Truly cool!
Walkaway by Yankman30 8 years ago
Great composition. Is this transfered from an old tape? Sounds pretty good nonetheless. Cool solo. Very poppy and pleasing to the ears. Good stuff!
Your Thoughts May Be Recorded For Training And Security Purposes by thenownows 8 years ago
Trippy coolness here... This has a little bit of everything. Crazy guitars, spooky voices, arcade machine sounds, a groovy beat. Put in the processor and blend until smooth... which you have done. Makes a fine sauce for any main course, dessert or as a miscellaneous lubricant. Awesome...
Just a little tune to pass the minutes away by Lapskin 8 years ago
Whoa! Mean synths and a great beat. This has an edge that cannot be denied. Very cool...
Is It For Love? by carlajpatterson 8 years ago
This is awesome... I love the harmonies and dreamlike ebb and flow. Very cool stuff indeed!
Piglets in Wonderland by dirigent 8 years ago
I like it! This has a real meditative quality that is starkly contrasted to a whimsical notion. You don't usually hear that. Really cool!