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I Forgive You Too (remix) by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Plz visit and vote for my video "I Forgive You Too" @
Can You Hear by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Thxs Chris, glad you enjoyed it. Btw...nice guitar licks on "Smell the Mitt". Have a great one! DA.
Red Moon (Instrumental) by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Thxs, Jeff. Vocal trip ws from Dark Planet VST Instrument Set by Steinberg. DA
Centipede by ffej55 5 years ago

I Love this piece...excellent arrangement with lush voices and well executed! DA.
A Winter's Tale by ihussain 5 years ago

Very lovely melody and a bit George Winston whom I love and admire greatly so this would be a big compliment. My only comment would have to agree w/ Razbaquedirge - the string section sounds a bit more like a reed instrument tone opposed to a bowed string instrument. Beautiful piece overall. DA. smiley
Masterpiece (Cover Edit) by Axelbreeze 5 years ago

Nice work and pleasant vocals from Matthew. DA smiley
Empty Chair by theironsaul 5 years ago

I love and felt this song so much I had to DL it! It's a very moving and heart felt piece. Love it!
In My Sleep remix by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Thank you... smiley
SuperLux by toveco 5 years ago

Great gtr sound you were able to get with the "$46 Condenser microphone SuperLux HO-8"...with that sound and the price; it fits my current budget! Thank you so much! smiley
grace ver3.0 by zarizarikun 5 years ago

cool piece...love the use of the ambient sounds...ck out: http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=175429
Never Forget (remixed) by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Hi Tom, Thank you for your time and tips...I use a one directional cardioid dynamic mic through my Yamaha Steinberg CI1 audio interface w/ Sequel 3 music production software for PC.
I know I need to invest in a Cardioid Condenser Microphone in time. I record the initial vox trk clean w/out fx...usually with just alittle Gate at -30.0 db release 150 ms and no compression. The whn mixing I use alittle bit of Reverb (Plate) 5% pre-delay @ 6 ms. and compression -0.6db. Then whn mastering I just use alittle limter (Input - 1.7 and Output 2.5) ... I also keep the gain on the audio interface set @ the 3pm position...at what levels do you normally record vox levels...?
Never Forget by DavidArthur 5 years ago
Thank's Tom. I remixed the levels; let me know how the remix is. Any sugesstions on getting a cleaner vox trk? smiley
Mong Prodigy by pharmakeus 6 years ago
great work guys...reminiscent of PinkFlyod. DA.
Time remastered by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Thanks for the comments...I went back to the drawing back to the track and remixed it. I hope you like it better. smiley

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Study In 6/4 by Trilobite2 6 years ago

Hi...nice dreamy and charming piece...love the compound meter. DA.
The Castle by Mike_Lynn 6 years ago

Very warm and inviting feel...good arrangemet...keep up the good work. DA.
Time (remastered) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Thank you Mike...very happy you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful musical journey! Take Care...DA.
What Are You Like? by 4arms 6 years ago

Good job...reminded of Randy Newman...DA.
A Touch of Steam by padowan_learner 6 years ago

Love the use of modern technology in a classical mode...thank you for sharing. DA.
If I Could (remixed version) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Hi Kenneth, thanks again for the tips; helped tremendously!
tokyo longing by Stockholm 6 years ago

This took me away! love that....
Life As You Know It by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Thanks for the great comments and tips! Much love back! DA. smiley
Life after School by ffej55 6 years ago

Hey Jeff, love this track!
If I Could (remix) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
For any listeners out there who are skillfull engineers...because I am more a songwriter/composer than engineer...would anyone with sick engineering skills advise me on how I can get this track to pop out more...it still sounds like its coming from the far back of an empty grand hall....any suggestions?! smiley smiley
In My Sleep (remixed Instrumental version) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Hi Tom, I remixed this one...hope you like it...thanks again! DA.
In My Sleep (Instrumental remix) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Hi Tom, I appreciate you looking out...hope this one's less clippin'...thanks! DA.
Mongolian Horse by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Took me away and I almost didn't want to come back ....
In Your Hands (Instrumental version) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Glad you enjoy "In Your Hands"...I enjoyed composing it. Promise the vocals will come soon...plz visit my FB pg @
Hang On (Instrumental version) by DavidArthur 6 years ago
Hi Vixen, I posted the instrumental version for "Hang On" for the moment...will be going into the studio again soon to lay down the vocal track...will post full version in the near futur.

In the mean time, plz feel free to visit me on FB and click "Like" on my band pg...much apprecited....


Afrique by simonlau 6 years ago

A 5 star performance and tune...loved it. Thank you.
Quiet Moments by simonlau 6 years ago

I enjoyed grovin' to the sounds and melodies of this piece...lovely sound...awesome piano work too.
Sunset Bird by zarizarikun 6 years ago

I felt like I was listening to a Lee Ritenour tune... nice piece.
Theme [ SANPACHI ] by zarizarikun 6 years ago

Cool vibe...love the use of sounds to add mood and ambience.
Where U At?- Revised Sample by chrysalisamidst 6 years ago

good vocals...interesting hook...some guitars would be cool...perhaps add a bridge to transition from verse to chorus...good luck...keep it up...Dave.
Dreams (Acoustic Version) by DaveM 6 years ago
Nice work...keep the dream alive! Dave A.
Seven Deadly Sins by DaveM 6 years ago
Nice strong vocals and musicianship...lacks bass in ryhthm section, but I can live with out it since the song melody is strong. Best wishes...Dave.
The Greatest Love of All by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Thank you for the very touching tribute to one of my favorite singers and vocal mentors...Dave.
Farewell Ballad by Fioretti 6 years ago

Jeff Beck...ish ....sounds cool. Tone not bad.