I grew up in North Dakota, with all the small town midwestern cliches and influences, and have come to the point in my life where I try to embrace rather than deny them. (or am I sounding too Mellencamp-esque??? )
My first musical influence was my sister, who used to convince me to go halfsies with her buying albums. She made some good suggestions: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle..... but I was too young to know any better when she suggested Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.
I do remember seeing my first issue of guitar world at about 14, and it was a scene right out of The Blues Brothers (no, not the car crashes) almost religious awakening. I picked up a bass soon after that, and was in a band almost immediately, not that I could actually play anything, but we sure had fun. That dedication to fun contributed to my long, scenic route through higher education (8 years to get a four year degree) and with the birth of my son, I found different priorities other than the pursuit of the perfect groove.
Somewhere along the line, I started playing guitar, since playing bass by yourself pretty much sucks, (plus it kept waking up the kid while he was napping) and started compiling a nest of songs, some of which were played by various bands through the years, most of which were soundly ignored (some quite justifyibly). I just got into recording this year, and hope to eventually get more than 1 1/2 songs posted here. Please be patient with me.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
First Time (think of me) Rock Aug 3, 2005 936
Once Again Collab Pop Apr 10, 2009 745
You Shoulda Seen Me Last Night Country Dec 25, 2011 497
I Thought It Was You 2016 Country Jan 1, 2016 310