Dirk Lind is a songwriter and recording artist working in Neah Bay, Washington. He was the lead singer and songwriter for the east coast worldbeat band Baaba Seth, and is currently finishing up work on his first solo release, titled The Theory of Evolution.

The Theory of Evolution displays Lind's wide ranging talents as a songwriter, from the pulsing, horn-laden worldbeat of Home, to the string-drenched ballad Save Me, to the groove and crackle of All Away.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
We Shall All be Overcome Folk Mar 29, 2008 525
Heart of the Lion Alternative Feb 2, 2007 1055
War on Terror Explicit Hip Hop/Rap Feb 2, 2007 845
All Away Alternative Jan 30, 2007 608
Home World Jan 29, 2007 605