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Spellbound by JulesBarrow 2 hours ago
Always loved this tune. "Arabian Knights", "Christine" too. Your voice fits the mood perfectly.
Synchronicity II Rehearsal Outtake by artneuro 2 hours ago
Very cool, Art. Vocals are strong, perfect for an astronomical event !
Proletarian Blues by Calchas 7 days ago
Great sound and energy. Love it !
Softly by pharmakeus 14 days ago
The dark tone of the track fits your voice perfectly, Chris. And "tasty" is the good word for the solo. And of course, congrats to the other gentlemen involved smiley
Long Hairy Days by Koltrast 14 days ago
Very cool song. Especially love the mando touch and the back vox
SPRING MOOD by KCsGROOVE 16 days ago
Wonderful, KC. Something about your vocal tones and guitar tones reminds me of a fine performer called Spencer Bohren. Cool tune, really.
Peace Above tweaked. by sammydix 16 days ago
As always, you nail it. That fiddle/slide touch was perfect for the tune. And the vocals are too. One fine fine moment with you guys.
Buckets Of Rain by Dyl 16 days ago
Thank you all very much !
Roadside by Koltrast 23 days ago
Super cool song. Love this much.
She Thinks I still Care by brewchugger 23 days ago
What a cool song... Love your vocals here a lot, and that steel twang...
Verity by thenownows 24 days ago
Cheers, Martin. What a nice way to celebrate.
electronic mist by that80sboy 25 days ago
Silk pop at its best, Mark. Very cool compo and sounds.
Today I started lovin' you again by Boogiecats 26 days ago
Gotta love Merle... This is a wonderful version. Much enjoyed. Thank you for sharing !
We have the light (rehearsal) by JulesBarrow 26 days ago
You have a very powerful and beautiful voice. Cool song too...
Bluebird (Paul McCartney and Wings Cover) by markeaux 1 month ago
I dont know the original, but your vocals are simply amazing on all songs i've heard from you. Pure harmony. Quite fascinating, actually...
The Night Before (Beatles Cover) by Shadownight5150 1 month ago
This is excellent. Guitar tone and vocals are spot on. Bravo.
Bring It Back by brewchugger 1 month ago
Always a pleasure... Really cool song, sounds and vocals ! Bravo u 2
Love's A Chance by stevel 1 month ago
Beautiful song, Steve. I love the acoustic treatment, the structure and this flying ending solo too...
Brushfire by Dyl 1 month ago
Thanks a lot for listening and cool words, nice Icomp people...
A Diplomat's Lament by thenownows 1 month ago
Very cool, Martin. Elaine is right, so talented...
every time we say goodbye [duet] by eagle 1 month ago
Your voices compliment each other so beautifully. Just what this song needs. Bravo to you two.
IT IS YOU by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
That's a love song, no doubt ! Very cool melody line and singing.
Hurricane Boomerang by Wallace_Landreth 1 month ago
Wally's back in town. Best news of the year. I think i remember this track from "back in the day"... Joey's final solo is so cool...
Cowboy Tom Buckles Down That Hatch by sammydix 1 month ago
One thing i love, above your endless talent, about you Sam is this constant curiosity, this adventurous mood about music styles and sounds. It's a joy to follow and listen to... Love this track. Reminds me of some early albums of the band Gomez. Floating.
Runaway by gepo 1 month ago
Very cool moment. Love the guitars too !
When The Circus Comes To Town by Dyl 1 month ago
Thank you all for listenin !
Silk Road Memory by brewchugger 1 month ago
I always admired your songwriting skills, and this tune is another proof... Great lines. I also love the vocals treatment, the organ, and this strange feeling that comes from the floating rythmn in the first part. Groovy stuff...
Slow Movers by Jondinham 1 month ago
Really cool stuff. For some reason, makes me want to listen to The La's (again). Cant be bad (at all) !
Drifting by bingsolex 1 month ago
Feels like you all own it. You sound so good together. Never fails.
Lattice Window by Mike_Lynn 1 month ago
Beautiful arrangement esp. the strings. Enjoyed !
Blue Valentine (Tom Waits Cover) by Larzman2 1 month ago
I remember you did a gordon lightfoot cover long ago, also perfectly delivered. As this one. Very cool work. Bravo !
I Will (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
Splendid version. Bravo !
Stand Pat by Jacalore 2 months ago
Finally, the trumpet is out playing again ! As always,it's a pleasure. And you two work around the smooth better than anyone else...
Ain't misbehavin' by ShortStuff 2 months ago
Super-fine version. Your combo works very well.
I can't even get the blues by w1av 2 months ago
Very cool song, perfect sound for it. Vocals are splendid. Bravo to you all !
La Fa Yet With You by LaFayette 2 months ago
Du velours. Lafayette quality, quoi.
I Like Birds (& Eels) by Dyl 2 months ago
Thank you everyone !
Mr Tangerine Man by EvilFactman 2 months ago
Very cool tune !
Menina Bonita by Ziur 2 months ago
Much enjoyed. Wonderful harmonies here !
Pretend by Naaji 2 months ago
So cool to have new sonic news from you, R !
Thaumaturgical Forest Orchestral Musing by ScottieJames 2 months ago
Field recordings are so much fun... when it clicks ! And that's the case here. Very cool stuff.
Yeller Dress by brewchugger 2 months ago
100 % Brew. Irresistible.
Raven & The Dove by JvG 2 months ago
Wonderful sound and notes ... Love this !
How Deep is Your Love (acoustic Bee Gees cover) by artist08 2 months ago
Wonderful vocal work. It's actually very close to their late 60's sound (Odessa)... Much enjoyed (plus, everyone knows the song by heart...)
every time we say goodbye by eagle 2 months ago
Pure silk to my ears. So beautiful. Your voice is a true gift...
Can't Do That by BigJimSlade 2 months ago
Im almost 3 years late, but the fun is still there. Supercool tune. Love everything here...
Another TIme by RadioSeanovan 2 months ago
The songwriting is really strong. And i really love the delicate delivery, your voice included, of course. A great song.
Ain't Gonna Play Your Fool by brewchugger 2 months ago
A lot of talents involved, for a splendid result. Creative and cool. Bravo to you all.
Exhumed by BlancFroid 3 months ago
I get a very cool Wall of Voodoo vibe from this. Great sounds.
Easy Come, Easy Go by Dyl 3 months ago
Thank you all !
While Time Fades Away by stevel 3 months ago
I love the twists and turns this tune takes... Plus your voice, yes, as always. The solo part/ending is very cool too...
NO TURNING BACK (band version) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
As always, top stuff, with great guitars, perfect ryhtmn section, cool song. Whatever happens, keep playin, folks.
CAN'T YOU SEE (bandversion) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
The thing is, i know, every time i listen to your work, it'll be heartfelt and groovy and cool and pro. Never fails. You're all lucky to have this band together. And we're lucky to be there too !
Just Like Gold by brewchugger 3 months ago
That's great : energy, songwriting, mood, guitars, vocals ! Thanks a lot you 3 for the supercool moment.
Ya Dig? by sammydix 3 months ago
Style/genre doesnt matter, your artistry and perfect vocals always do the trick for me. It's called talent ! Very cool tune. The bass line is magical.
Prine's Ryhme by rcandrews 3 months ago
Splendid songwriting. And delivery. Works perfectly.
See Through You by ScottHorwath 3 months ago
That's wonderful. Perfect melodies for a foggy morning here.
I'll Be Here In The Morning by Dyl 3 months ago
Thank you very much, everyone...
Dollar Dream by Bachthoven 3 months ago
Very very good song. Bravo !
Jule Nickschas Feat. Darius Andreas - Trippin' Waves by Darius_Andreas 4 months ago
This is beautiful. Sounds and vocals. Bravo.
Quiet as a Mouse [Tremverb 86] by pharmakeus 4 months ago
Great song, love the crawling beat/guitars mood. And story. Love this much, amigos !
Bucketful of Blackberries by rcandrews 4 months ago
Pickin'n'grinnin is the way to go. Very cool song.
Grit Stop by nexusone 4 months ago
Gritty as it should be. Great guitars...love it
What It Is by k6 4 months ago
Very nice moment, beautiful mood. Somehow reminds me of some tune by The Kings Of Convenience ("Me In You"). And that's a good thing too !
Bohemian Like You by SteveScott 4 months ago
Always loved this riff, it's a cool song. Much enjoyed your version, juicy and fun.
A Dreadful Moment Of Sobriety by jolofsson 4 months ago
Magic Jolo is back. For real. Fantastic, bien sûr..
Every Dog Has it's Day by Larzman2 4 months ago
Totally fine. Beautiful tune and mood. Thanks a lot for sharing !
Sailing Down the Highway by Taluyaq 4 months ago
Very cool stuff ! Much enjoyed
Jim Cain by Dyl 4 months ago
Thank you everyone for listening !
You Know I Love You by LuxuryofDespair 4 months ago
Beautiful mood and delivery. Really love your vocals.
without any lines by guitardogcar 5 months ago
When talent is involved - like here - there's nothing that can beat the emotion of the one take / one mic recordings. Beautiful songwriting and delivery. Thank you very much for this.
Beneath the waves by jolofsson 5 months ago
Beautiful sounds and ideas, Johan. Give us more music in the near future ! Big hug...
Need Your Love by brewchugger 5 months ago
Great song. Very cinematic...
Why Waste Time..... by ldecarmine 5 months ago
Splendid. Beautiful touch and sounds.
Skulk by sammydix 5 months ago
Yeah. This is it.
Vintage Blues by sammydix 5 months ago
So talented...Always a treat. Thank you for the fine moment.
RING AROUND THE MOON by jibes 5 months ago
And...the uke bass is also a great thing. I went to see The Handsome Family on stage last spring and Rennie Sparks is using one. Sounds very cool.
RING AROUND THE MOON by jibes 5 months ago
Aaah...Greg Brown wonderful songwriting plus you equals pure fun on a sunday morning coming down... Splendid version. Bravo and thank you.
Dead Lights (Existential Blues) by thenownows 5 months ago
Great stuff. Always.
ZEPHYR (Just Can't Stay) by Calchas 5 months ago
Great song. Love the tones in your voice and in your guitars too. Bravo.
You Are the Only One by lena_orsa 5 months ago
Beautiful. And inspiring. Bravo.
What's A Man To Do? by 8MonthMalfunction 5 months ago
Billy Bragg and Ian in the same package, i'm in instantly. Great song. And yes, times are hard. This year's been an economic nightmare here too. You're asking the good questions.
We're Not Gonna Die by MurphyMusic 5 months ago
Great sound. Makes me want to dig my old Buzzcocks, Magazine and Wire records...And to be more precise, a fine band called The Jolt. Speedy and tight. As it should be.
My Pony 2017 by pharmakeus 5 months ago
Frantic. Very good.
Waltzing Gentle by gepo 5 months ago
Wonderful moment. Love this.
Doubt in your eyes by jibes 5 months ago
Beautiful melody and soft arrangements, yes this is what the world needs now. Thank you !
COME ON OVER by KCsGROOVE 5 months ago
Feelin good tune. Beautiful playing and vocals, as always !
Something About This Place by RadioSeanovan 6 months ago
Wonderful melodic work and composition. Love this much. Thank you for sharing.
The Guitar by calebhawkins 6 months ago
Beautiful song. I hear some Waylon here and there and that's just right ! Bravo.
WINTER by RiGee 6 months ago
So cool to hear your voice, Richard. Really wonderful tune.
Refrain by stevel 7 months ago
Steve, i must have told you that a thousand times over the years but your voice, guitar tones and song colors link me instantly - in the coolest way - to Kevin Ayers's solo work (that i love very much). It flows like pure water, and it feels good. Super nice tune...
Grateful Eyes by FreeEarCandy 7 months ago
Beautiful sounds (this violin/pedal steel effect in the beginning is great), mood and playing. Love this much.
Fortunate Son (CCR Cover) by Baboon 8 months ago
"tour de force balls out of boxer shorts brilliance"
Thanks to @BossHook for the ultimate comment. Came back for a listen...So Led Zep, so cool thing. But, once again, Johnny said it better...
Because (Beatles Cover) by Baboon 8 months ago
That's a splendid version, Babs. I've never done any Beatles cover, probably never will (when im 64?)... Your voice can do miracles. And the music bed is migthy fine too, by the way...
gold (alt. version) by ccarling 8 months ago
Your vocal tone (esp. on choruses) is pure velvet. Love this one too...
soon after midnight (b. dylan) by ccarling 8 months ago
Chris, your 'sporadic uploads' are too sporadic. It's always a real pleasure to listen to you perform. This version is beautiful. Really.
Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover) by SteveScott 8 months ago
Very cool version. The world needs more Ramones.
Love Lies Waiting by JeffMcCaskill 8 months ago
This one slipped under my radar ! As always, your songwriting shines like a diamond. Perfect words, and a beautiful way to sing them. A gem. Bravo.
red sun by eagle 8 months ago
Beautiful !
Beautiful tribute. He was an amazing guitarist ...