Hello! This is Stephen Coleman. I was born in Nurmberg, Germany on an airforce base on a chilly day in February 1992. I've been around music my whole life, whether it was classical, acoustic, dance music, or anything for that matter. Ever since I was 12 I would play made up melodies on my piano and listen to my mom make up songs on her guitar. See, thing is I got all my talent from her side of the family.

Then one day, My cousin Ross Lara (Also a musician I might add) showed me the amazing world of electronic dance music. I've been hitched to it ever since. I grew up listening to the classics, more commercial style trance. You know? For example: Alice Deejay, ATB, 4 Strings, Armin Van Buuren, Darude, and many more. I've been making music ever since 2006. I love it so much and if it wasnt for the people I've met in the past year/months I wouldn't be where I stand now.

For instance, My good friend Desmond, also known as Pulstate, has helped me learn the ways of Reason. (An amazing computer program I use to make all my music in) I'm here to listen to your music but please return the favor and listen to mine. -Stephen 12/9/07

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December Showers [A Simple Nothing] (Original Vocal Cut Mix) August 22, 2007
New Tune Out Today!! smiley The CD is almost complete!!
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