I have been playing music - specifically keyboards - since I was 5 years old. After 12 years of classical piano lessons, plus taking a few years of brass, drum, and guitar lessons, I broke my mother's heart by forming a rock band.

That was 40 years ago. Bands came and went. I got married, moved around the US, working for various companies in the pro audio business.

I never quit playing, nor quit writing music.

All my songs here were performed with a midi keyboards and Apple Logic Pro X and a variety of midi software instruments. I try to avoid using loops, although I have tossed in some drum loops that I just couldn't produce on my own.

Started playing in regional touring bands in Minneapolis in the late 60's. Keyboard player, into computers and electronic music since they first came out. Built my own synthesizer in 1970 as a high school electronics project. Sort of worked.

My family has produced a number of musicians including a world renowned classical composer and a number of rockers. In my early 60's, I still compose and record record. I own a start-up video post production company and often use my music or that of other indie musicians in my projects. My "real" daytime gig is with a major nationwide multi-media, telecommunications and internet company.



Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Jackson's Lullaby (11/20/13) Childrens Nov 20, 2013 389
She Opened Her Arms (11/16/2013) Pop Nov 16, 2013 299
Forever Love (11/14/2013) Pop Nov 14, 2013 269
Changes (11/13/2013) Rock Nov 13, 2013 253
Alter Ego (11/13/13) Rock Nov 13, 2013 517