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Bliss & That releases "Endless Variations, Volume 1" a debut Meditative-Fusion album July 3, 2013
Bliss & That, is comprised of Bryn Braughton and Noah Hornberger and provides experimental and yet graceful music full of lightness and charm.
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Music presents energies of feelings and nostalgic emotions stored in the instruments June 18, 2013
Dasi, a LA-based musical collective of the ambient and meditation styles has just released their first album through the label Healing Chime Audio.
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Mystical 'Carrier Wave Ep' composed on Stonehenge and Easter Island Pilgrimage June 8, 2013
11 11 is an electronic duo releasing Carrier Wave EP, on June 17th, 2013. It was composed by The Ghola at Stonehenge on a laptop and by DJ Adlai while at Easter Island on an iPad.
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7 Tips For Selling Music (or anything) Online May 28, 2013
Here are 7 tips for creating better sales presentations, pitches or ‘squeeze pages’ to sell anything online. I wrote this list after seeing many mistakes people make when trying to sell their music, crafts, or other goods and services online. Read on to find 7 ways of optimizing your content for ultimate impact.
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Be Now – Native America Flute Meditation by Guru Chi April 9, 2013
Be Now is a delightful meditative album, featuring the earth-meets-sky sound of the native American flute. Guru Chi, the playful moniker of Martin Blasick, creates magical airy music to bring balance and focused awareness.
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