Jana Foley (aka Jana Sais Quoi) is an independent Canadian artist who resides in Toronto, Ontario. She has a degree in classical music from the University of Toronto, and plays flute, piano, composes, and produces her own material. Jana is influenced by many different styles of music, and this is reflected in her stylistically diverse repertoire. Jana loves the community here at icompositions because it allows people from all over the world to collaborate on music, and share their creations with a truly global audience.

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From Redd To Yellow July 22, 2013
This is the story about a band. A band called the Lemon Wedges. We are the Lemon Wedges.
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Cross-Promo September 29, 2011
Like me. I'm charming. smiley
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Stop The Press!!! August 22, 2009
MissRedd (& iCompositions) exposed...
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Tumbleweed Tales (And Other Live Disasters) April 17, 2009
This is the tale of two roaming troubadours, who saved the world from drunken farmers...
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Byrne Burns Down The House! October 30, 2008
This is the story of how I met a legend...
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