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Shannon's Love by JimiDiaz 7 years ago
I remember using my computer keyboard to play this... time moves too quickly these days.
Gaia's Fate by JimiDiaz 7 years ago
Can't believe it's been six years since I did this one... time...
Lost and Found by JimiDiaz 11 years ago
Nocturne in G minor by mapmak 11 years ago

Loved it
Whatever it will be by Mystified 11 years ago

OMG are you FN kidding, I am with-out speech! Way to go!
A Clearwater Revolution by JimiDiaz 11 years ago
Much thanks.

I need more. Who has the flow? I got the beats.
G. Coast Breakout by JimiDiaz 11 years ago
The G Coast is The West Coast of Florida (Gulf Coast) and this is the G. Coast Breaking-out. "lets go"
Shannon's Love by JimiDiaz 11 years ago
No Comments? smiley

Come on, tell me it sucks or something.
Revolution (A Cappella) by Digital 11 years ago

The flow is Great so I had to put beats to it. I laid down some baseline and strings with an M Audio keyboard.

Give me more!
Nothing is Trivial (A Cappella) by HayleyDeakin 11 years ago

New Born by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Thanks JacobYour right it does have a strange sound, but I like strange. Working on a few more.JimiD
New Born by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
I love the Delano Hotel comment.

You are all too kind

Havin' Fun by music_man 12 years ago

holy plucker Batman, That's some serious bass. My song "New Born" could use that bass...think about it.

New Born by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Considering I don't play anything...it's the only way I can.

...not even a good typist.

Thank for the comments

I'll Soldier On (The Good Soldier Mix) by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Thanks dude. I never get tired of hearing this one.
Ybor Nights by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Guavaween, Ybor City-Tampa - This Latin-style celebration is held each year in Tampa's historic Ybor City which is known more for its cigars than its guavas. The legendary story behind the celebration is as much fun as the celebration itself.

The inspiration for all this madness comes from an old Ybor legend. Papa Guava was a debonair monster, a smooth dance freak who wowed the ladies. One night, however, there weren't enough virgins around, and he roared, threatening and foaming, through Cigar City.

Mama Guava, a dangerous sexpot in her own right, shook her hips from a balcony and hollered. Papa Guava looked up. She smiled. One can imagine a saucy wink. A howling Halloween love ripened like an October pumpkin patch, and the virgins of Ybor City were saved.

Every anniversary since (see sidebar for a guide to this year's festivities), Tampa has dressed up to honor the carefree hedonism of Mama Guava and the liberation she represents.

This huge street party draws more than 100,000 people. The all day fun for all ages fills the streets between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Party goers not only enjoy the parade, but a costume party and concerts. After 3:00 p.m. Mama Guava welcomes her adult revelers and the party last long into the wee hours of the morning.

Dual Core...The mighty New Server..Thank you by woodguy32 12 years ago

Nice Job! Take a bow
A Funny Bird (The Cuckoo) by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Yea, the more I listen to this one, the more i like it. She does sound great.
A Funny Bird (The Cuckoo) by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
That's Lisa DeBenedictis. She has a great voice. This is the second song of her's that I have put to music. "I'll Soldier On" is another.


I'll Soldier On by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
Thank you,
I love the voice too, but it belongs to the beautiful and talanted Lisa DeBenedictis. I just wrapped it in my twisted vision.

It's easy with a voice that releases musical inspiration the way her's does.

Thanks Again

Jimi D
Gaia's Fate by JimiDiaz 12 years ago
still looking for comments on this one
One Day at a Time by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
I'm hoping to find a female vocalist
as well as a Rap artist who will do it.

Any takers?

the journey out by j0j0 13 years ago

I think it's Harmonicanizing.

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, whatever you call it.

In Memoriam Tsunami by rex 13 years ago

This is fantastic. The military drum line, the strings, the chants everything comes together to tell a story. You touched my heart.

You should be very proud.
Perfect by steevix 13 years ago

Very nice. Perfect for the middle of the night. Great mood.
TechnoRage by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
i am truly flattered

Thank you
Cinnamon Rolls by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
Tripodelic XTC by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
Yes all these are loops twisted and hacked for your listening pleasure.

First Year (For The Band) by steevix 13 years ago

Nice voice dude
Good strumming...Nice bass line.
Good Sh(t
Going to add my own to this category but I'll have to put up the melody and post the lyrics... I have no mic. smiley

Sympathetic Vibrations of Inspirational Isolation by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
I used only loops, like all of my songs so far. Try putting the same sounds on two different tracks, you can play alot more with panning and effects that way.

BTW, why no rating?

Lost and Found by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
Come on. Somebody give me some feedback here?!
Is there anyboby out there? (to the tune of Pink Floyd)
By the way which ones Pink?
Monkey Business by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
I thank you for the kind words.
I love this one.

I didn't know you could run out of tracks in GB but I guess you can.
Shark Bait by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
This is one of my favs!
Southern Slow Slide by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
Yes sir, all GB loops. Thanks
Electric Revival by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
ok I see your point : )
Brain Dance by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
I got this comment from another on of my postings
"Opening buildup is too long. I was expecting something to happen in the first 30 seconds, and it left me hanging. Where is the beat? Where is the rhythm? The whole song seems to be a build up to something that will never happen. Ok, just got to the part with the drums. Should have come in 2 minutes ago".

I can't understand why there is so much resistance to things that are not of the ordinary. I would dare you to listen to Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, and even King Crimson to find the direction I was going. A lack of drums does not ruin a song, just ask Johann Sebastian Bash. I guess I'm just sick of all the songs that song exactly the same for 3, 4 or 5 minutes. I need for music to be remembered for good or bad.

I thank you for your input. smiley

Brain Dance by JimiDiaz 13 years ago
That's a good question. I was wondering about that myself.

What would you suggest?

BTW Thanks for the marks!!!
Inner Illuminations 3 - Contest Winner by AtommikBoy 13 years ago