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OXJAM- Root Down by JD 1 year ago

This is such a cool track! You had me moving from the get-go. I apologize for being so late to the party (10 years late - yowza) but I like old tunes getting recognized, so I thought maybe you would, too. You were always so kind to me on my songs.

This one is just so darn fun!
Fever by grathy 1 year ago
I've always loved this one. When I first started recording, I had several people tell me I sounded like Peggy Lee, this song in particular. So it was with delight that I listened to your version. So much fun! I hope all is well with you. You sound in good form!
Popsicle Toes (cover) by grathy 4 years ago
Mary, this is great! I'd never heard this song before, but what a blast it must've been to sing. You'r sounding wonderful as always. Some day we should do a duet.
Side By Side with Dadai by Joanna 4 years ago
Thank you, all of you, for such kind comments. I had such fun doing a little singing again. And Dylan, any time you want another voice on one your productions, just ask. I'm always up for some vocals.

Special thanks to you, Jack. It was such fun!
20 Years by Joanna 6 years ago
lol, it filtered out the name of a literary great? That filter is a wee bit nutty.
20 Years by Joanna 6 years ago
Ooh, a **** ens fan! Although I didn't have Great Expectations in mind while singing, it's a darn good reference.
20 Years by Joanna 6 years ago
Thank you Carla and Jester, I'm so happy you found the song and were kind enough to let me know what you thought. It's always fun to know there are others out there who are fans of improvisation, even though it isn't as polished and perfected as most projects.
20 Years by Joanna 6 years ago
Mike -- thank you very much!

Vixen -- Since I moved I've had a very difficult time finding a way to record. I was looking through old songs when I found this one. I knew it needed to be redone, but decided to post it anyway. I will have a little time to record in August, and that's why I was trolling old songs. I found a couple of pieces that might be ok with some work.

ShadowofNine -- thank you!

LunaBleu -- wow, thank you! I'm honored to be added to your list of favorites. And such kind words, thank you!

toveco -- thank you, Tom, what a lovely thing to say!

Baboon -- I hadn't thought about Eleanor Rigby, but you're right. It does have that sort of feel. And absolutely you can cover this. I can't wait to hear what you do with it.
Can't help lovin' that man of mine by Vixen 6 years ago
Gorgeous! Really enjoyed your performance on this old favorite of mine. Wonderful understated performance that leaves lots of room for those subtle nuances that I just love to hear from a vocalist.
Nature Boy by grathy 7 years ago
This is so delightful, Mary! I'm only passingly familiar with this song, but you made it very memorable. Thank you!

I'm still sad we never managed to meet (my fault due to my somewhat hasty exit from California). At least we can still listen!
Stay With Me by grathy 7 years ago
Excellent, Mary! Great collab featuring your wonderful jazzy vocals.
The Man I Love (with Igor!) by grathy 7 years ago

I love this song and you two have done a wonderful job with it. Gorgeous vocals as always, Mary!
Let It Snow by carlajpatterson 7 years ago
It's way too hot right now, so I thought I'd indulge in a song about snow. Wonderful texture to this song. Light as snow.
Kom som ett barn fram till mig (Come to Me Like A Child) by carlajpatterson 7 years ago
This is really lovely, carla! I took a semester of Swedish in college, but didn't get to use it much so I lost most of what I learned. However, I was able to read some of the lyrics and delight in your pronunciation. This is beautiful.
By the Sea by Joanna 8 years ago
Shadow --I'm just Joanna, so no multitude of names. You might be thinking of Jo (a name I've never used, so it's easy to tell us apart. My screen name is my only name).
By the Sea by Joanna 8 years ago
Thank you all for your comments! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!
The Tin Box by Joanna 8 years ago
Thank you all for your kind comments. They mean a lot to me.
Little-Red-Corvette by grathy 8 years ago
You're sounding great, Mary! Love the vocals on this. Catchy, too!
Sailor Boy by Joanna 8 years ago
Thank you all so much! I miss that guitar, but I can't make it reappear so I've been learning the ukulele, hoping to become a better player.

These old songs really are a time machine. I was so much younger then. I'm so happy there's a way to share them.
I Love My Ukulele by Joanna 8 years ago
Aw, thanks Dylan! And thanks for the link. I looked at electric ukuleles, but I'm an acoustic kinda gal. It was sure fun to hear it in that clip, though!
I Love My Ukulele by Joanna 8 years ago
Thank you all so much! I really appreciate you all dropping by. To respond to some comments: Lagu, I will keep practicing so that I can get better, I promise. The new uke deserves a better player. Omnicel, yes, I've heard Izzy -- he was amazing. Pharm, thank you for the compliment to my new best friend (overboard? A little) -- I always appreciate your comments. Artist08, hey, nice to see you again! And what a coincidence that we have the same uke. Cool! Dirigent, you are always so generous with your comments, thank you.
Good Bye My Friend by JodyGrenier 9 years ago
Aw shoot, Jody, I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost such a valued member of your family. The song is wistful, with both grief and gratitude for the life lived and now lost. I know this loss all too well. My heart goes out to you.
Nowhere Man-(Beatles cover) by grathy 9 years ago
ooh, very cool take on this Beatles classic! I love the Beatles. Your vocals float like cream on this song, really nice, delicate touch.
White Trash Blues by pharmakeus 9 years ago
That is some sweet guitar! I got really lost it in while listening. Although there were some pitch problems with the singing, you enunciated the lyrics cleanly enough that their message came through and I love that. I'm a big fan of lyrics and am always happier if I can understand them. Although the guitar was the star, I liked a lot of things in this wonderful blues song!
Outstanding by Merlin 9 years ago
This is excellent. Has a very cinematic feel. You paint a mood quite well, slipping from one emotional shading to another.
I Heard It In The Bass Line by thenownows 9 years ago
I love the theatricality of this tune. It has an almost burlesque feel to it. Great job!
Eviction by Joanna 9 years ago
Thank you Hiphop, Ruby, Moe, and Pharm! I really appreciate you all stopping by for a listen and a comment! Ruby - my hands were too involved playing the uke to put a finger in my cheek. I do it a weird way: I flick my tongue against my upper lip. It gives me far more control (I can "pop" a song by changing the shape of my mouth) than with a finger on the cheek and it leaves my hands free. I am so weird!

Thanks again to you all!
My Brother's Song by JodyGrenier 9 years ago

I sang an original song at my brother's wedding, too. I know how important it is to fit the song to the couple. I don't know your brother, but I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house, including the groom. This is beautiful.
" Who Burned My Chile"? Piano Blues by JodyGrenier 9 years ago

Oh, this was so much fun! I sang along, doing my bluesiest burnt chilli kinda thang. I adore you, Jodi! This is just so sweeet.
Papa, Can You Hear Me by Keedee 9 years ago
I'm a big Streisand fan and loved Yentl. You sang the heck out of this song, Keedeeg, wow! this is a really tough song to sing (I used to sing it accompanied by my guitar). I don't have anywhere near your range so you were able to go to all those places I only wish I could go. Wowzers, what a voice!
Everytime I Try to Get Close to You by pharmakeus 9 years ago
Great job, guys! Gonna need a ladder to get out of those blues.
9/11 PART 3 (anchormans´ last words) by dr_elvis01 9 years ago
I like the message you're sending. More and more people are agreeing with the lyrics of this song than the messengers of war. Great work!
Think I Can, Know I Can-(Olympic Spirit) by grathy 9 years ago
I, too, love to swim and was in many a meet in my youth (and I wasn't very good so the Olympics never even entered my mind, but the spirit of hoping to achieve even in the smallest of meets was there).

You did a great job on this and I liked the idea of the mantra as opposed to complex lyrics is a great one. It was on the faces of all the athletes as they waited for the gun/tone/whatever to start the race.
Home Town, song for a warrior by bama 9 years ago
It's got a sort of country twang to it (though I'm far from a country expert so I could be totally wrong). Maybe it's the homespun message, though the lyrics fit beautifully with your source material. Great delivery on this.
Run Away by bama 9 years ago

Another endearing piece of music, bama. A good improv track (I have more than my share of those up, too). Nice work on the lyrics for an improv piece!
Beloved, a capella version, 3 voices by bama 9 years ago

I must agree with the others, this is a lovely song. I love harmony and you did it very well. Excellent work!
Mother by MikeRC 9 years ago
The phrasing and choices almost exactly mirror the Streisand version of this song. It's not easy to do Streisand so kudos to the vocalist!
The Hidden Agenda by Everine 10 years ago
Funkalicious! As others have said, I like the layers. Some nice harmonies in there, too.
The Silly Things I Didn't Do Today by Joanna 10 years ago
Thank you to those who played this for your kids! I really appreciate that as they are my primary audience with this song.
24/7 by Joanna 10 years ago
I adore Sergio's work and the man himself was a true sweetheart. Thanks everyone for listening! Man, I love this site. I get to play around with a microphone and then let anyone who wants to, hear my goofy fun.
Justin Case (a Dedication) by Filmscorz 10 years ago
Yowza, that's some great jazz trumpet there, my friend!
Save The Day by CronicFortune 10 years ago
Nice! Love the pop vibe on this one. Good arrangement. I'd love it if you gave a little more info about the song (I love reading that stuff) and post the lyrics so those of us who love lyrics can read them.

The song itself is great. Congrats to your cousin, too!
Lucky Silver Dollars by KeithPetrower 10 years ago
You did a great job on bass and drums, Keith. I'd love it you guys would post the lyrics. I like to read along, to get a sense of the poetry separate from the music and then see how they work in combination. Cool song!
Simple Twist Of Fate by Dyl 10 years ago
Beautiful performance, Dylan, very passionate. Bravo!
Mrs. Dyers by Leesa 10 years ago
Wonderful, character-filled vocals. So passionate. Stellar performance.
Someone To Watch Over Me (Cover) George and Ira Gershwin by JodyGrenier 10 years ago
Gorgeous! Now that iComp is back, I'll get you the vocal asap. I didn't forget, just got busy.
Time Traveler by Ignoramus 10 years ago
I'd forgotten about the innapropriate collab thread and that I had suggested Mysti singing heavy metal. Imagine my surprise when I found out it actually happened. Myst, I would've loved a little thrashing from you -- totally let loose -- but the result of the collab is an interesting blend of your oohs and his raging guitars. It rather defies a label (metal ambiance?) and is a fascinating idea, this blending of styles into something totally new. Great work both of you!
Misty (cover) by JodyGrenier 10 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Man, I would LOVE to be able to play the piano like that. Beautiful arrangement, carressingly played. Bravo!
Two Sides by 8MonthMalfunction 10 years ago
Great job on the collab! Nice driving beat, the song is propelled forward by the instruments, the vocals, etc. As others have said, dark.
When Tears Rain Down (a collaboration) by rcandrews 10 years ago
Hey Rob! I forgot about this song but I'm glad I found it. You've really fattened up the production on this. Sounds great! I played a small roll but had a lot of fun. I'll happily re-record if you ever need it.
save the girl by that80sboy 10 years ago
Love all the superhero references. Great song for comic geeks like me.
The Stars Are Missing by NinaGiampaolo 10 years ago
Wonderful song, Nina. Excellent vocals -- great pitch and the harmonies are right on the money. Be very proud of yourself!
Aliens Are Dancing on the Milky Way by Joanna 10 years ago
Thank you all for such great comments!

bhar - I'm not familiar with the song to which you refer but I can say that this song is all loops plus vocals, so it's not surprising someone else chose the same loops. This was written in the summer of '04 three days after I discovered Garageband on my computer. I didn't even know there were music sites back then. I was just playing with new software and having fun singing into my pinhole mic. It's a very simple song - just a bass and a drum loop stretched the length with different drum loops dropped into the appropriate spots.
Christ and Pilate - Jesus Christ Superstar by icanzilb 10 years ago
I am a huge fan of JCS and your Pilate is dead on! Fantastic, spirited performance. I truly enjoyed this. Left me with a big grin and yes, I sang along. Couldn't help myself.
Twinkle Twinkle My Little Star by nealbowen 10 years ago
Wow, what a gorgeous arrangement of this song. Absolutely beautiful.
Beat the Devil by Joanna 10 years ago
I posted this and wondered if my lyric search was off a bit -- perhaps the lyrics were under a weird title. So I went back and sure enough, I found the lyrics. I'm sorry I presented it as an improvisation when in fact there were some lyrics. I changed the intro and figured it was so late at night, no one would listen. I love being proved wrong! Thank you both, gentlemen, it's awfully nice of you to come here, listen, and leave a comment.
Racial Harmony by rex 10 years ago
This would be great music underplaying a scene of that outdoor market in a film. Very nice piece with lots of energy and movement.
(Meet Me) Halfway (3rd pass) by AaronTodd 10 years ago
Fantastic song with amazing vocals. The production is great. This song really hangs together supported by your fantastic voice.
Glimpses by ScottCarmichael 10 years ago
This is gorgeous! Very professional sound, wonderful lyrics, great vocals and a really cohesive sound. This is dead center in the "wow this is good" scale.

-- Joanna
I'm Going to Shangra-La by mfwmiles 10 years ago
Very catchy song with an excellent chorus. Your vocals are quite good but it sounds like you buried them a bit in some sort of effect. Either that or you need a better mic. Still, the quality shines through. Great job!
SIMPLE LIFE by wal4uJR 10 years ago

Love the vocals. She's fantastic!
Promo Teen by vegetal 11 years ago
Good work, Veg! You should post the lyrics so we can follow along. Good job on the instruments -- very toe tapping!
Another Ugly Day by Boris_the_Bull 11 years ago

Fantastic song! Has such a jaunty sound that belies the lyrics making it both intriguing and a lot of fun. Wonderful counterpoint. The vocals are terrific on this one; you really have such an appealing sound. Love it!
Rainy Day by mbehar 11 years ago
I want to join my voice with Mori's and Ilya's thanking all of you for such wonderful comments. I also want to sing the praises of these two fine musicians for their talent and craft. This was a joyous project for me.
MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Version 1) by Filmscorz 11 years ago

Beautiful production. Mary, fantastic, controlled vocals that weave beautifully through the jazz arrangement. I love this song; sing it around the house all the time. Thanks for doing such a stellar job, all of you!
WALKING MY GOD by Barretok 11 years ago
I have to echo the rest -- great collab, guys! Very strong, original lyrics, Barr.
A GLIMPSE OF YOUR EYE by Barretok 11 years ago
Very interesting approach. The singsong voice over, stylized speech over gives it an exotic touch. Beautiful music.
BARRETOK'S 113TH SMOKEY DREAM (Cough Mix) by Dyl 11 years ago
This was a lot of fun! Great parody. Well done, gang!
How High the Moon by grathy 11 years ago
This is great! Wow, that piano is soooo good. And Mary, love the laid-back vocals. Very smooth. Wonderful collaboration!
Fable by Choirbox 11 years ago
Lovely work, Choir. The vocals have an innocent quality that fits perfectly with the subject.
SOMEWHERE IN MEXICO by Barretok 11 years ago
Very moody, edgy piece, Barr - great job on this one!
I didn't want to do it by lilichi 11 years ago
Great job both of you - very interesting VO work, Lili, with or without a cold it worked very well.
>Ballad of the Boo Hag by DavidBowles 11 years ago

Great job on this one, David! I love the lyrics -- written in authentic patois. Your performance fits the lyrics and musical bed beautifully. Wonderful work!
Blues 4 a New World-Collab. Time! by Filmscorz 11 years ago

Great job -- so much talent! Sweeet jazzy blues.
Damsel In Distress by Joanna 11 years ago
Thank you so much, Barretok, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Seven Men by Joanna 11 years ago
Thank you, Barretok and David! It means a lot to me to hear such kiind words.
Dance New York Away by JodyGrenier 11 years ago

This is gorgeous! Love the orchestration, the brass, strings, piano -- beautiful. Sweet vocal, old-style jazz ballad. Wonderful!
Humblah by Euphoria 11 years ago

This is really cool. Love the concept and the execution. It's very engaging -- brings up lots of images with its rhythmic cadence and musical vocals. Great!
A Final Moment - Video by drakonis 11 years ago

Great job, Drak and Futz! A beautiful, serene blend of talents in this one.
When Monsters Want to Dance by Joanna 11 years ago
Thank you everyone! To me, there's nothing quite as fun and freeing as writing a children's song. The kid in me easily shoves the adult aside. All hail the monsters!
CHASE YOUR BLUES by Wallace_Landreth 11 years ago

Fantastic job, Wal! What a talented family you have. Amazing.
Pirahna Beach by Baboon 11 years ago

Great job, guys! Baboon, those are some amazing vocals. Incredible range and great harmonies. The whole song is just too darn much fun.
The tSUNAMIS-Diamond Head by PiranhaLake 11 years ago

I have a soft spot for surf music and this hits the mark dead on. Fantastic! I'm thanking JD for his shout-out because that's how I found this.
Aching Heart Blues by Barretok 11 years ago

Plenty of talent showing on this track! Love those passionate vocals and driving instrumentals.
A Night In Tunisia by enicholsIC 11 years ago

Fantastic jazz, guys! Love the guitar in this. So cool. Great vocals, too.
Brother by Didier 11 years ago

I don't know who 40 is, so I can only comment on the song as a song. It deserves all the positives its gotten. Great sound, with unexpected and entertaining transitions all layered with fantastic vocals and harmonies. This is extremely well done. Whoever 40 is, he should be very proud to have a song this in tribute.
Wine Into Water by enicholsIC 11 years ago
My gratitude to everyone who said such kind things about the vocals on this piece. And a special thank you to Ed and Paul for letting me hitch a ride on this journey of theirs. It was a real joy working with these two talented brothers. Their vision and muscianship shines in these songs, as you can hear. Thank you, Ed, Paul and iComp for a great experience.
If our souls by n2groove 11 years ago

I love your vocals on this song. So much passion -- it's both affecting and infecting. I would only ask for less reverb. There is no reason on earth to hide that voice behind effects. Put it out there and let it shine; it's gorgeous. Beyond that, really like the lyrics and the rest of the soulful production. This is just a fantastic song and I thank JD for putting it in his shout-out so that I could be led here to enjoy it.
Autumn Song by mapmak 11 years ago
I love jazz. You have a lot of talent. I've always wished I could play jazz piano.
Look to the Horizon by itiswotitis 11 years ago
I'll admit that I don't know a thing about the genre, so I can't really comment on that. But I do like vocals and I thought you did some nice things in there, Jo. Very powerful in the build.
Straight To Hell by GumboStu 11 years ago
Love it! I always love your voice, and it's fun to hear getting a little gravely.
Straight Man In A Gay World by Dyl 11 years ago

Great production on this one. Wonderful performances from both of you. Now that's a trumpet! Loved the vocals.
Whiskey On The Rocks (piano and voice) by teddyelliot 11 years ago
Lovely! Love the harmonies. You have a great voice and excellent pitch.
Blomgren 472 (old version) by Ale 11 years ago
Hejsan! This is a wonderful song, energetically and lovingly played by all involved. Loved it!
Pulp-1-Lady Greystoke by DavidBowles 11 years ago

This is a wonderfully complex, well imagined piece of music. Love the blending of Tarzan's parentage with his eventual homeland. Great job!
The Greatest Show by Joanna 11 years ago
Thank you, Julian, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm sad that I had to delete the file and start over because I had 3 comments on here. I took a screen grab, though, and want to thank colalucaenzo, teaks, and clausjordan for their remarks. Teaks alerted me to the problem with the original file, so a special thanks to him for letting me know that I forgot to trim the end.
The Ballad Of Alpo by Dyl 11 years ago

A wonderful piece of work by both of you. I love storytelling songs and this one carries on that wonderful tradition beautifully. Dylan, your vocals are mesmerizing -- fabulous job, full of pathos and grit. Fantastic!
Around The Rainforest by archie7777 11 years ago

Love the jungle rhythms and primal soundscape. The etherial guitars are wonderful.
Yummy Universe with Kitty Cat Land on the side by pete 11 years ago

Love the pan flutes in this one. Great primitive feel. I felt like I was in the rainforest.
9/11/01 by MCP 11 years ago

Intensely moving piece of music. I keep typing things and erasing them. I'm without words. What you said musically -- I agree.