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Unbridled (Promotional Video) by JoelIrwin 5 months ago
For those of you wondering why this track was created the way it was and have access to www.stage32.com, check out:

Row Of Sparks (sample test version) by JoelIrwin 4 years ago
definitely not with the typo I made! That's why I call it Sax! smiley
Gazebo Breeze (ensemble version) by JoelIrwin 4 years ago
"Gazebo Breeze" was my "warmup" piece back in June before I sat down and wrote the commissioned piece "Elegantia". Hence they were both speificially waltzes since Elegantia is going to be danced to in a dance recital in Dec at Houston's River Oaks School Of Dancing (adult dance studio) and that is what they asked for.

The end of "Gazebo Breeze" is used in the end titles of the soundtrack to "Elegantia" which won 8 awards in a music video competition including best music video (top prize) - http://youtu.be/jXfajMVeT54
And Then I Found You (lyricist demo) by JoelIrwin 6 years ago
Bree Noble wrote the lyrics and sings on this version. The contest has deadline tomorrow (it's a songwriting competition for songwriters whose works have not been produced on Broadway yet). As I got the vocal track yesterday, I had no time for another vocal take or to add a multi-instrument arrangement. This track uses a softer Yamaha piano. I am about to produce another version with a sharper Steinway (though I will not post that one here) and we'll pick which one we can to use for the competition and for the song reviews. As you may already know, when either of the person in a songwriting team which does not normally perform their own material, does a demo, the objective is to get a singer/performer, A&R, producer, or studio executive/filmmaker interested in re-recording the track. It does not make sense to put too much production into the demo since its going to get re-recorded/produced anyway.
Houston Hoedown (2011 Houston 48-hr Film Festival Version) by JoelIrwin 7 years ago
I am making it longer right now - you'll see a full version probably in early July. This piece ran with the Houston credits for the 48 Hour Film Festival and was required to be exactly 50 seconds.