When I was a kid I found an old guitar someone left in a closet in a house that we moved into in Wharton, Tx. My mother bought me a Mel Bay book and I taught myself a few chords... that's about as far as my musical "book learnin" goes. The guitar was a right handed guitar and I learned to play that way, even though I'm left handed (whew! dodged a bullet!). I've never had the patience to learn to read music unfortunately, so I play by ear almost exclusively... I say almost because I can read TAB if I'm in the mood to study. My vocal range is about half an octave so don't expect much outta me vocally. Anyway, somewhere along the line we moved to California and I taught myself the bass guitar, mandolin, drums, piano and a few others. Being that I'm self taught (and have the attention span of a circus monkey) I don't play any of them very well but it's fun to play.

That's about it... thanks for checkin' out my page and for listening to the tunes I have up here... ya'll be cool!


Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Folsom Prison Blues (JC Cover tk #2) Country Nov 16, 2015 324
Brothers In Arms (unfinished cover) Rock Oct 29, 2015 589
Little Red Riding Hood (cover) Alternative Mar 10, 2015 518
Sinkin' Soon Folk Oct 11, 2014 495
Alley Oop (Hollywood Argyles cover) Comedy Aug 27, 2014 929
Cover Of The Rolling Stone (Cover) Rock Jul 11, 2014 347
So Far Away (Dire Straits Cover) Rock Jul 20, 2013 616
Suspension Pop Jun 2, 2013 331
Long Ride Home Folk May 20, 2012 523
Spaghetti Western 2.0 Country Aug 5, 2011 4586
Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (Collin Hay cover) Folk Jun 2, 2010 523
The Long Way Home (cover) Folk Dec 2, 2009 868
Wonderwall (Cover) Rock Nov 22, 2009 828
I Don't Want To Grow Up (Tom Waits) Folk Oct 18, 2009 887
Can't Let Go Rock May 26, 2009 716
Lucille (Cover) Country Mar 12, 2009 863
Cast Away Alternative Dec 12, 2008 1108
Iron Hand Rock Dec 11, 2008 734
D'yer Maker (cover) Rock Dec 11, 2008 859