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Sound Patchwork - Part 2 by thsantac 1 month ago

It has been a while since I spent time on iComp. But there is no doubt that when I finally felt like listening here again your music would be the very first thing I listend to bcause I know it will be excellent.

And indeed it is. Brilliant work that keeps me excited from start till finish. Bravo.

I need to spend some time on your symphonic work.
No Presha by Neumuzik 1 year ago

Super piece of music. One of your best. I really like it
These are the days by jibes 1 year ago
You hit this cover right in the bulls eye. Beautiful version. You sing it so very well. The guitar play is super. Well, it is all super.
Georgy by Dadanaut 1 year ago
Brilliant use of strings with the in your face drums. I love the tension and the rhythm. Lovely work
Sweet Dreams by JonCSebastian 1 year ago
Beautiful, thoughtful, calm music, full of love and tenderness. Very nice. So well played. Uh, that piano..
In You (Everything Sank) by Mike_Lynn 1 year ago
Very nice upbeat song. Good melody-writing.
The Mermaid's Purse by Beatle128 1 year ago
I love the lyrics. Fun and wise. Very earwormy melody. Brilliantly performed.
Flutes by Dorothy_Wilson 1 year ago
This was very cool and fun to listen to. The mix of south american inka flutes and Irish folk worked quite well. Nice work
Funky Mae by kpenson 1 year ago
I like the funky groove and the jazzy instrumental expressions. Cool work. Well played. Nice tempo changes
The Hammering Man by Narananda 1 year ago
I like your experiments into new musical territory. I really enjoyed this high energy track. Cool. Very cool
Last Sketch by Gadzooks 1 year ago
Sad story. I am sorry for your loss of a friend. Great tribute. I love the song
Seafood on a Monday by RazbaqueDirge 1 year ago

The acoustic bass and the delay on the guitar/mandolin sounding lead. I love it. Fantastic track. The simple acoustic percussion and perfectly measured synth pads rounds it all off perfectly.
SWEET ALMOND EYES by Lagusaya2 1 year ago
Fantastic song Stan. I love the harp.
Clash by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
I know how difficult it is to make sampled instruments sound like a real orchestra. Even with the finest tools and most expensive libraries it is still hard work. Well. I can only say it was worth it. It sounds very real to me.

I have still not been willing to cough up the money for the East/West universe. I must say that when I hear this I get tempted.

Fantastic composition. Great great music. I love the brass work and the choirs. Wow. Bravo!
New Air by Komit 1 year ago
Very nice melody. Lovely progression. Nice sounds. Cool retro sound.
The prophet online by MetropolisGorai 1 year ago
Very nice work. Love the wah pedal work.
Song for Grace by Robmo 1 year ago

What a beautiful melody. Wonderful memories.
Impathogen #1 by DJShadowkat 1 year ago

Fantastic music. I am a fan
Impathogen #2 by DJShadowkat 1 year ago

Uh, I love this groove. So cool. Great sound. Great build-up
My China Girl by Kaverley 1 year ago

I absolutely love this song.
Beautiful melody. I love the way the notes go in both verses and chorus. Lovely. Beautiful words. And you sing them so well.
Super piece of work. And great sound.
The Miracle of Space and Time (Ennead #8) by mfwmiles 1 year ago
Fantastic piece of work. I can hear that you put a lot of work in this and it has been worth it. A complere EP. A small world built up. A travel in time. Super!
Dawn Arrives (atmospheric underscore) by MikeMarino 1 year ago

Beautiful build-up.
Very fit for a company presentation video.

I understand what Thierry means. When it ends you long for more. Take that as a 100% compliment. As a commercial, even 1.5 minute is very long. So you got the best out of the frame you work within. Bravo
WHEREVER YOU GO (#3) by KCsGROOVE 1 year ago
The hit maker trio strikes again. Really good song with a nice melody. Well played and cool sound
Unremarkable by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Great collab guys. Enjoyed the listen
Chew It Up by maestrodog 1 year ago
I get in really good mood listening to this well written, well performed, happy song. Very nice
Just Another Love Song by artneuro 1 year ago
I like this song. Cool instrumental backing with an interesting sound and vibe. Does not sound like everybody else which is always good. Cool lyrics. Good singing. Cool long guitar solos.
Ricochet Moonlight by revoltington 1 year ago
Again I enjoyed your unique style and great skill on the guitar
A Peaceful Morning Moment by Zzyzxx 1 year ago

Beautiful music. Lovely piano play and nicely arranged orchestra backing.
Apocalypse by Narananda 1 year ago
Very pleasing listen. Well done again
I Won't Last a Day Without You by zincshed 1 year ago
What a fantastic song. Lovely melody. Nice reggae rhythm. Clear sound. And above all a super vocal performance. Thanks for sharing
Dysfunctional by Tony2008 1 year ago
a really good song. Great lyrics
Big Data (2016) by Tony2008 1 year ago

Great huge room in the sound. Great clarity and separation of the instruments. Great use of the stereo.
The song is great and unique. I love the vocal work and the temposhifts. Really cool work
UNMASK (Remix) by toveco 1 year ago
In short: WOW!

It sounds so good. Even when I started listening on my iPad Pro it sounded so well mixed. And on the speakers, .... Again. WOW

And what a cool vocal. Beautiful. And the music so well played. Not too much noises. Just perfect to balance the vocal and hit the groove. Super track.
You Can't Always Get What You Want by geoff_wales 2 years ago
What a nice and honest version of this great song. I love the mandolin.
Help Me Make It Through The Night (cover) by RickWillingham 2 years ago

A wonderful song. You have done it justice. Wonderful singing and lovely guitar play. I enjoyed every beat.
Go Away Little Girl by cacciamai 2 years ago
Cool rock track with a retro sound
Unwetter by hyacinth 2 years ago
A true soudtrack. Painting pictures with music. Very cool to listen to
1980s are back by irok 2 years ago
Cool track. Ready for a Rockmamma or Rockpappa to do further work on. I like the variation between the A and the B and the C piece. Good sound.
In Communication by RazbaqueDirge 2 years ago
Cool music. Lovely beat. I like the pattern played by the plucked instrument. Lovely ambience. Good work
Death and the mother by sookin01 2 years ago

I have lived in or around Copenhagen for 51 years and I have never been at Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark). I guess I should make an effort to go soon inspired by this wonderful music. Well composed and performed
I'm To Blame by Cinderella 2 years ago
As a musician that loves to experiment with different genres, it is fantastic to the country girl turn into a real rock-Mamma. Cool song. Love it
This Broken World by JonCSebastian 2 years ago

I sense a lot of pain and hurting in this music. There are strong feelings in motion here. The advantage of beeing an artist is that one can often take the pain in life and move it from the soul to the piece of art - like a piece of music, or a painting. And then it is lighter on the soul. And the true wonder is that the spectator or the listener is enriched by the same piece of art. Like if you learn something. Or maybe we just make our life more complete because a full life is a lot of joy and happiness as well as pain and loss. The art has the ability to share both happiness and sorrow. Wonderful listen for me.
Lucky Luke {Why I'm at War} by pharmakeus 2 years ago
I like the way you pick up Simon's cool rock tracks and make it even cooler. You got a really nice song out of it.

Fantastic lyrics
Night Vision by Gadzooks 2 years ago

Excellent drum and bass playing. The percussion adds a really cool groove also. Lovely guitars and other sounds. A lot is happening and you have my attention all the way through.
No Moon (MP) by becwil 2 years ago
Great soundtrack music. It really tells the story well while still also be cool sounding music on its own. Very well done.
Lucky For You by jrahn 2 years ago

Great high energy rock piece with a lot of development and cool details. Mix is cool. Lots of dynamics and transparency. Cool
Halloween by toveco 2 years ago
Wow. This is beautiful work. What a well written song. Moving. Well sounding. Well performed. Bravo guys.
RELAX by Morris 2 years ago

Very good music. I like the way you split it two. Both first and second piece are very good. Super sound. Very well played on all instruments. Lovely work
Magic Land by MicheleLagioia 2 years ago
Very well put together. Sounds really good
CALL MY NAME (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 years ago
A really really good song. Really well written. I love the crisp live or livelike sound. Cool playing. The layering of the guitars... love it. Great bass figure. Very good vocal work.
MEDS (Oh!!! Doctor...) by cacciamai 2 years ago
What a fun piece. Describes well a really nasty Man Flu.
Swell Times at the Bottom of the Barrel by revoltington 2 years ago
I always enjoy your guitar playing. Cool fast bassline.
When The Sun Rose by ScottHorwath 2 years ago

Beautiful piece of music and as always so well played on the piano
Love Lies Waiting by JeffMcCaskill 2 years ago

This is a great song. Wonderful melody. Wonderfully played on the guitar. Very well sung.
And I can really relate to the lyrics, when I met my wife in Montreal December 96, me returning to Copenhagen, got married in Montreal May 97, and till we finally lived together in Copenhagen August. That is 20 years ago and the love is still strong. Yes, I can relate to the song.
Sitting Bull II by Narananda 2 years ago
Cool idea layering the beat and chant with your beautiful synth sounds
I'm Just Me 2 by Dorothy_Wilson 2 years ago

Beautiful piece of music. I enjoyed it very much.
Deep Down by gepo 2 years ago

I have no whiskey in the glass as I listen to this. But I have a nice fresh IPA in the glass and goes very well with your very fine music. Drums sound pretty cool to me. Great music
Jamaican Cruise by sprkymrt 2 years ago

I love latin rhythms. A very cool track you have built from loops.
Raven Runs by artneuro 2 years ago
Punk was mentioned in the comments above and, yes it has the punk energy to it, but much more refined and intelligent. Wonderful guitar work.
full moon shadow by Neumuzik 2 years ago

Very nice track. Unique arrangement with a cool sound. Lovely melodyline by the bowed string instrument. I like the groove.
Impulse by MetropolisGorai 2 years ago
Fun track with some interesting ways it is harmonized. Cool work
Took My Eyes off The Ball (Track 1 of Piranhas In Pyjamas) by JimTheObscure 2 years ago
I like this weard factor average stuff. Unique song form that does not sound like a pop hit manufacturing line product. I like the guitar playing.
The acoustic guitar is mixed and processed very much to be in the front. The vocal is mixed to be very much in the back or in another room. I would try and bring then a little more together.
From Nowhere by thsantac 2 years ago

I had already decided to favorite and download this track after a minute or so. I am listening a second time and typing as I listen again.

Wow what an intro in a retro J.M. Jarre analog synth mood. I love the dreamy sound, the chorus. I like the melodic theme. And when the fuzzed electric guitars and heavy drumming sets I am a big smile on my face. What a transition. Crazy and mad! The good way! And we continue in a heavy progressive rock style with a massive wall of sound. Fantastic drumming around the 5-6 minutes. And I love the lead guitars after the 6 minutes when the drumming pauses. And then back to the choirs and utter beauty. The fade in of the hard rock again. Brilliant! The lead guitar melodic motives are really well placed in the whole piece. Fantastic masterpiece. You have done it again. I still have a little more than a TB on the NAS so keep them coming.
Old Friends by KennethLavrsen 2 years ago
@toveco Thanks for the nice words and critique is always welcome on my music. As I write in the description the piano and guitar patches do not sound authentic and I guess John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl (PluginGuru) intended that because it is not a reverb plugin but a 1 seconds release on the ADCR envelope that adds the long tail. The sound is built from a single sample of a piano which is then stretched and processed to give this spacey dream sound. He actually layered some random robot mumbling on top which I finally removed. The piece evolved from being two synths and then I later added more and more classical instruments. I finally removed the original synth stringy thing. I did consider replacing the "Android" piano with a real one and the Stratus M patch with a real acoustic guitar patch but I decided to keep them as they were. I am sure it would have sounded great with the acoustic patches making the whole piece an all acoustic piece. But I like to experiment. Even if the result becomes a bit odd to the naked ear that hears it the first time. It is easier when the music is pure electronic. But when you layer electronics and classical acoustics you play with people's memory about how things normally sound.

Thanks for taking the time to give critique. I really like that.
A Fine Young Man by geoff_wales 2 years ago

There is nothing like a song that has its roots in real feelings. That kind of songs touch our souls.

This is really powerful and beautiful and so honest. It moves me.
Hula Girl by cacciamai 2 years ago
Sweet song. Lovely tune. And your singing makes us believe in the words. I like it
DANCING ON A CLOUD AT DUSK by Bowman 2 years ago

Wonderful music. Really well written and performed. And the painting of the clouds with music is clear and detailed.

@becwil - that must be the most brilliant comment to a song I have ever read anywhere on any site. Those words fit the music 100% and it enhanced my experience as a listener reading the words.
STOP FIGHTING by Lagusaya2 2 years ago
Agree - stop that fighting.

Really well written song.
In Fields of Dandelion by Lagusaya2 2 years ago
I am cathing up on the past 2 months (public holidays here) so I finally came to this song.

A beautiful composition. Fantastic work my friend.
Vinegar Joe - Stan's Version by Lagusaya2 2 years ago
Great song Stan. Both melody and lyrics.
90 degrees Fahrenheit by SebastienGabriel 2 years ago

Very well done reggae song. Really nice reggae bass. Lovely vocal work. Well mixed.
Mahashakti by Narananda 2 years ago
Very well sounding wall of sound
Puerile Disintegrations by revoltington 2 years ago
Very good work. Lovely way the song is built. Nice the way the electric piano talks to the lead guitar. It works really well.
Spaceman II by Narananda 2 years ago
Fantastic soundscape. I really like the vocal loop and the way you integrated this into the wall of sound

Beautiful well sounding music. I love the melodic figures and the deep deep sound.
Cherry Blossoms by guitar55 2 years ago

Brilliant piece. I love the mood. It reminds me about some of the best jazz albums I have that were sent out on the ECM label. Wonderfully played
Rainy Day Walk by Zzyzxx 2 years ago

I really like this piece. It builds up so nicely and I love the melody line played by the piano.

And when we reached that cool piano solo in 2nd half of the song I hit that Download butten. A keeper. Bravo. So well played
Good-Bye by LaFayette 2 years ago
Another really cool piece from you. Great groove. Fantastic bass work on this piece. Fantastic sound and guitars and keys so well played
GONE, GONE, GONE by jibes 2 years ago

You are not alone in beeing too busy for music. It is the first time I have listened to iComp since March. We all live a full life and sometimes we have to put put attention somewhere else. But then it is even more nice to return to the music.

I love this song. Wonderful melody and lovely chords with it. I like the live sound. Both mix and the instrument playing. Lovely vocal work. Really nice
Silently silently silently by Dorothy_Wilson 2 years ago
It works for me. Makes you listen to the beautiful words.
Lay Me Down Easy by brassgospelguy 2 years ago

Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL song. Lovely words and very good melody
Perfect arrangement and playing. Great vocal. I love the hornsolo.
Bravo. A keeper
Imperio by MicheleLagioia 2 years ago
Nice ideas. Cool listen. Lovely grooves and original sounds.
I Rather Leave While I'm in Love (Cover) by Mike_Lynn 2 years ago
Very nice take on this song. I do not think I heard it before.
Your vocal fine. I always enjoy listening to it. Tender and unique. There are plenty and enough of "screamers" out there smiley
So It Appears by Jacalore 2 years ago
I enjoyed the walk. Nice view of a wonderful bass line, and cool guitar work. I love the congas, the drumming. The organs sets a nice tone. That trumpet comes in as a happy surprise. Super piece of music
Heartbeats by gepo 2 years ago

Yes. This is love from the very first note. Warm and nice. As always.
Lokis Day with irok by dalerandle 2 years ago
I like this. Very cool riffs and figures. The sound is cool and I like the rhythm patterns that you create with the guitars. Really cool
Pow Boom Bam Punch! by pharmakeus 2 years ago
Fun idea executed very well. Cool piece of music.
The water ?Is Wide by AlHughson 2 years ago

Wow. What a gem of a song. I absolutely love it. Wow. A keeper for sure. Beautiful work
Kyo Knew Gumbo by artneuro 2 years ago
I really like this piece of music. Really cool
Blue Monday by ffej55 2 years ago

I love this kind of music. Fantastic composition and such cool sound. Very well performed.
It's Hot by grathy 2 years ago

Wow. Happy surprise to hear this style from you two. And the result is perfect. What a happy cheerful piece of music. I love it.
Cloud and Cuckoo Land by Kaverley 2 years ago

Beautiful song. Lovely melody, progression, and words.
Very well arranged. You play everything very well.
I love it. Great
The March Of The Empire by thsantac 2 years ago

As always, fantastic sound and arrangement. Things sound fantastic from start till end.
Super dramatic music which most people would think is the soundtrack to an expensive Hollywood production.
Really well composed. I love the chorus work and the mix of synth and full orchestra.

In short. This goes straight to my NAS. It is an other keeper from you. Bravo

It is the first day I listen to iComp for two months so sorry for the late review.
Some shopping to do by hyacinth 2 years ago
My thought started flying as I listened to this. Very meditative music. And nice
37th Street by toveco 2 years ago
Great music. I really like this style. Wonderfully played

You have done a really good work with the mix. All the instruments stand clear and well played in the room of sound. Great work
DRIFTIN' (again) by KCsGROOVE 2 years ago
Fantastic acoustic guitar production.
And a very good song
I like the vocal harmonies.
Nice lyrics
Psychedelic Connection (The Rock & Roll Show Mix) by Neumuzik 2 years ago
Nice song with nice melody line. Nice mix. Cool sound
Pray For Lorraine by AaronTodd 2 years ago

This is pro level work.

That mood set with the guitar, cello, piano, and the fine emotional vocal

Bravo. This is really good
Lift Off ( Jasper: ) by THE_K_TEAM 2 years ago
Very good song. Well performed. Nice production
Poor Creatures by BlancFroid 2 years ago
Started with good intentions ...
And ended up with a very good result. I like this music. Original, interesting, well sounding, and kept my attention all the way