Welcome to my crappy 4-tracks or, as i liked to call them (4-cracks)
All of these song were recorded by me in the late 1980's and 1990's
Everything was played by me, unless noted.
This is the first time most of these songs have seen the light of day.
They've been tucked under the bed on cassette tapes, for years.
Well, now thanks to the internet, they can finally be heard.
i have hundreds and hundreds of old cassettes tapes loaded with the sounds of my weird-ass youth.
Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and thought "What the hell am I wearing"??? Well these are the same thing. What was i doing????? I have no idea.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Chinese Bells Other Jul 12, 2007 592
E-Bo Magik Other Jul 12, 2007 498
Spyfunk Funk Jul 12, 2007 515
Bob Marley's-- Hammer song Ska/Reggae/Dub Jul 12, 2007 872
Pimpbot 5000 Hip Hop/Rap Jul 12, 2007 736
Leave The Leader Rock Jul 12, 2007 452
Harder Than Counting Sheep Other Jul 12, 2007 475
Bed of Crumbs Other Jul 12, 2007 860