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Stop Kissing That Girl by Dorothy_Wilson 1 month ago
Interesting mix. Nice voice!
Ya Dig? by sammydix 1 month ago
sammydix wrote:
Having that strat would have been GREAT. I'll keep note for the future...

Thanks Dorothy!

sammydix wrote:

Now I know who you are. haha. I'll update the OP.

Sorry. Too many aliases.
Ya Dig? by sammydix 1 month ago
Glad you jumped on this Sam. You Da Man! I Dig! I will keep bouncing ideas off you in case you are open for more. I am constantly developing progressions that might interest you! Love the harmonies! Thanks for working with me on this. I do like this mix. No lack of balls on this! A;ways a pleasure!
Notion by Calchas 3 months ago
Love this new mix Mike! You ROCK man!
You'll be Okay. I Love you. by Floppypawss 4 years ago
Cool piece Jonah. Sorry to hear about your Dad.
21st CENTURY LOVE by SISTERS 4 years ago

Love it and yes Anne it plays with no special plugin.
090512 / Demo / Open for collab by JCLeonard 6 years ago
The track is actually quite full now. What could anyone do to add to this? Has a Cure feel to it. I like it but it's quite full already.

Killer mix! great performances!
O, Superman by pharmakeus 6 years ago
This has a sad darkness to it. Does the vocal clip when you hit "automatic arms"? Has a poetic feel to it. I like it!
Don't Pretend by Loob 6 years ago
Thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback.
The Long Road by Loob 6 years ago
[quote="Mike_Lynn"]Excellent song. Great contribution from each of you. Love the vocals & the instrumentations (acoustic guitar solo in particular). Last but not least, I surely recognize that beautiful lyrics writing of Melsi.

Cheers / Mike

Thanks Mike. We have more coming up. Appreciate it!
Don't Pretend by Loob 6 years ago
[quote="Alien8ed"]Nice job guys & yes, like you say, nice to have two different versions inspired by your gr8 track loob good luck to you both.

Well maybe we'll work together on some other tracks. I have others. Thanks Billy.
No Friend Of The Night by Alien8ed 6 years ago
Been a long time since I've heard Billy's version. I like it a lot too! Forgot about that! Cool to have different versions.
No Friend Of The Night by Alien8ed 6 years ago
Oh yeah drums have been reworked on her mix too.
No Friend Of The Night by Alien8ed 6 years ago
Well actually this has been finished by a female friend of mine. New arrangement too. Same song, different arrangement and finished vocals. Have a listen:

Leave My Dreams by liladykt 7 years ago
Ok now you are talking my language with the harmonies! Very nice Katie! Just a drum roll here and there. This sounds great with the voice as main instrument. Maybe some strings, and light guitar.

You have some great ideas. I'd like to throw some ideas at you for this one too. Nice dynamics...

Sounds like you are just using the drums as a sort of time keeper. That's good. It'd be interesting to see how it develops. I'm ups for auditioning ideas if you have the separate tracks. Or make custom mixes. Might be easier just to get the separate tracks and send you some arrangement ideas. I'd like to try it.
In California by liladykt 7 years ago
Less bells and whistles? What too much orchestration? The drums probably could use some changes. It has good potential. I'd like to hear you sing some backing harmonies maybe during the chorus.

I'd like to give it a go.
Bolt Action Reaction by Loob 9 years ago
Just have fun with it Bob. I have some pop and different type of Rock, and some blues to post too, that could use some help with....

We do rock, but that's not ALL we do... Cool! NJoy!
Out In The Storm by Loob 9 years ago
Thanks folks. I don't realy do a lot of country myself. I'm usually a funk-rock person, but I like to delve into all different styles once in awhile. I wanted to pay homage to the men and women in the service. I just thought country-rock would be the best avenue to take for this. Best regards...

Out In The Storm by Loob 9 years ago
I had vocal chord surgery about two months ago and haven't really recovered from it yet. I am wondering if I will. I tried to find a singer but alas none to be had, so I did it in spite of my vox. Thanks...
RMW by Loob 9 years ago
Well not many can sing like him, so I'm not expecting that much. LOL I just mentioned that as the style. Whatever works, like DC or not...